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This book shows how to build a rocket mass heater, so you can enjoy overnight comfort from a brief evening fire.
This book shows how to build a rocket mass heater, so you can enjoy overnight comfort from a brief evening fire.
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Spring DIY and Other Good Stuff....

Posted by Erica Wisner (Creator)


- Getting ready for another Montana adventure... this one will be on film, but not on DVD.  (200+ hours of permaculture would take a LOT of DVDs....).  If you like Kickstarters with gobs of stuff in the rewards, and like our team, please click through to support this next Kickstarter from our collaborator Paul Wheaton.
(yes, we do get a small affiliate commission if you pledge using this link.)

- A lot of good trainings and team development at the Mt. Hull Fire Hall (OCFPD12, now on Facebook).  If you live in the Okanogan Highlands, come to our Fire Wise public info night, this Wednesday May 17th, 6pm. 

Barbara's place shows a house can survive intense fires... with good prep and good neighbors
Barbara's place shows a house can survive intense fires... with good prep and good neighbors


 As often happens after wild fires, spring rains are causing unusual erosion most places.... but we are VERY happy to see our pond and swales filling up at last.

Pond filling exceptionally this spring
Pond filling exceptionally this spring

Spring DIY: 

As I'm thinking about fire prevention, flood mitigation, and other emergency-responder geeking out, I just put together our Spring DIY newsletter. It's a little different.  

It's not a project, but a self-study guide for Emergency Preparedness. 

I figure a lot of our readers like to look at big-picture, work-smarter-not-harder, and like to be part of making things work better in general.  This 1-page document is attached near the bottom of this month's DIY newsletter, which is already going out as I write this. 

Please check your email for the Spring DIY reward delivery.

Yay water returning to the pond!
Yay water returning to the pond!

Email Delivery Questions:

A few of you reported you did not see our Scubbly Last Call email. 

Basically, here's what it said:
If you did not already get your Fire Starter downloads, or if you are missing any digital items you may have purchased directly from our Scubbly store, their servers will not be up much longer. Please contact me at if you need a chance to re-download something.

Thanks for sticking with us,


Erica Wisner

p.s. More about Email Delivery Issues:

97% of people seem to be getting these emails OK, but about 3% are bouncing back, probably due to settings on your email service providers.

Please check your email (including spam folders) for a delivery from Clever Elements,, where the XX is a one- or two-digit number. Some servers get grumpy about bulk emails, you might need to adjust settings to let us through.)

We will be putting out those last few bonus eBooks using this same email delivery system, unless/until we find something better. I don't have an easy way to attach files to these Kickstarter updates, or to release free-yet-exclusive documents online.

So if you did not receive our "Spring DIY" email, please do some troubleshooting, or send us a better email address to use for your remaining downloads!

The other option might be to do a very limited-time posting onto a free download space, such as, and then change it to a sales page after a week or two. I personally would find that annoying. I don't always check my "fun" emails promptly myself, and I would feel like it was a bait-and-switch if I now had to buy it instead of getting it for free. But I also don't want to give away our supporters' exclusive rewards to everybody who stumbles on the link.

So I'd rather keep delivering your goodies privately, direct to your inbox.

What do you think?

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    1. Erica Wisner Creator on

      @Christopher: No problem.
      Hope to get at least one more bonus item out before we head to Montana next week!

    2. Christopher Hill on

      Direct email is the best for me. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.