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This book shows how to build a rocket mass heater, so you can enjoy overnight comfort from a brief evening fire.
This book shows how to build a rocket mass heater, so you can enjoy overnight comfort from a brief evening fire.
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More Digital Deliveries on their way

Posted by Erica Wisner (Creator)

OK, we have those first-edition books out the door (yay!).  With a few exceptions for back-orders in Europe and those who didn't provide a valid mailing address.

Now we are sending the next round of your digital reward items.  Today's reward deliveries are from some of the higher backer levels - if you selected a reward tier below $50, you don't need to take immediate action.  We'll add a comment regarding the video items for ALL backers, shortly.

Digital Plan Rewards:

Our online store  at will be sending out INDIVIDUAL download links this afternoon, for the following reward items. 

Greenhouse Heater Plans - for backers at the $51 and $52 "Book +1" levels, and those EU backers whose books are being sent from the UK.

Digi-Data Plans (6-plan set including the greenhouse heater plans) - for backers who selected any Digi-Data reward level ($99, $110, $150, $240 and up).

Each email will have "Kickstarter - RMH Builders Guide" in the subject line, and be sent from "". These download links will be good for 30 days, so you can collect your reward items anytime throughout the month of September.

If your reward tier did not include these items, you can still purchase them individually from our online store:

Video Reward Items:

We are also getting things set up to release your download links for the following video items.  I will post a comment to this update when I know the exact release time and sender details.

EVERYONE - the Care & Feeding of Rocket Mass Heaters, streaming mini-video.  (This may just come as a secret link directly from Paul Wheaton - his main email addresses are at or

Backers $3 and up - the Fire Science Theater video, online access.

Wood Burning Stoves 2.0 - Online access, for backers of the Book + 4 (one of the $50 tiers) and Patron Bundle ($240). 
(Please note, not all $50 tiers include this item.  If you want access but it's not part of your original rewards, you can click _here_ to buy them directly from Paul's Scubbly store.)

Before reporting a missing email:

Please check your spam folders, and make sure your email service is not blocking messages from Kickstarter,, newscpt*.de,,,, or other bulk email providers.

We double-checked the backer report to be sure we have everyone. If in doubt, please check the email address(es) you use to sign in to Kickstarter.

Tiny Ad:

New videos from our workshops at Wheaton Labs
New videos from our workshops at Wheaton Labs


Did you hear that Paul's NEW rocket mass heater DVDs are out at last? 

Many of you already ordered these during Paul's 2014 Kickstarter. They include footage from 10 different projects, including the 8" cob-style heater that is the centerpiece of our Step by Step layouts in Chapter 4 of your Builder's Guide.

If you did not already reserve your copy, here's where to find them:

New 4-DVD set, "Better Wood Heat," download digitally from Paul Wheaton's Scubbly store:

Original 4 + New 4 as an 8-pack download:

Yes, these are affiliate links - we get a little kickback if you click this link and purchase. 

Physical copies of these DVDs will also be available from us, or from Paul, if you prefer a snazzy plastic case to keep on your shelf.  (Send me a message, or email me at - we're taking pre-orders and eagerly awaiting our case of loot.)

Thanks everybody!


Erica and Ernie W

In other news, Ernie's mother has been having some good days lately. Our district is staying mostly on top of this year's fires (more car fires this year than wild fires, which is... sort of a nice change?) And Ernie is gearing up for a long-awaited surgery that may reduce the problems with his mangled leg.

Stay safe out there. 

And enjoy the lingering heat of summer - fall's coming soon enough.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Larry Heidkamp on

      I received the email titled "Kickstarter Rewards - RMH - Greenhouse Heater Plans" from pm 9/8. The email was just the header with no contents. Could you resend it?

      Larry Heidkamp

    2. Erica Wisner Creator on

      OK, you should see those plans NOW, for the digi-data and book-plus tiers. Ian reports all sent, and I've gotten my test links. Thanks for understanding!


    3. Missing avatar

      Cory Dochow on

      I just received the Greenhouse plans email from Scubbly and was able to download the plans. Thanks for looking into this and resolving the issue!

    4. Erica Wisner Creator on

      Well, shucks. I had the lists right, but I didn't send final confirmation to our Scubbly admin, so he's been waiting on my go-ahead.
      (And then I got distracted with fires and chores and rearranging the house for Ernie's recovery, so I didn't notice that my confirmation email was missing, either.)
      I will post one more comment when I have actually received my download email (I'm last on the list, so when I get mine yours will all be complete). Sorry about that.

    5. Erica Wisner Creator on

      Everyone: Please check your inbox for those video download emails! Every backer should have received an email with a link for you to access the "Care and Feeding of Rocket Mass Heaters" mini-documentary, this afternoon. The smaller group whose tiers included online access to Paul Wheaton videos should have a second email regarding those.

      @Cory and Bernard: I will check with Ian at Scubbly regarding the greenhouse plans. (I will also double-check my own lists first, as the greenhouse plans were offered to more than one reward tier, plus some individuals, and I may have made an error myself.)

    6. Missing avatar

      Cory Dochow on

      I also have not received the email from scubbly for the greenhouse plans download (I pledged $52). I checked my spam folder and also confirmed that I had already white listed the scubbly domain. Can you confirm if the emails were sent to backers on the afternoon of September 1st as mentioned above? I have received all of your other emails so far w/o any issues. Thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      BernardW on

      Just wondering were the 50+ rewards sent out? I had upped my reward to the greenhouse RMH plans but i have not seen the reward email. I did check my spam folder too.