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This book shows how to build a rocket mass heater, so you can enjoy overnight comfort from a brief evening fire.
This book shows how to build a rocket mass heater, so you can enjoy overnight comfort from a brief evening fire.
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August DIY and shipping update

Posted by Erica Wisner (Creator)

Hi again!

We've just sent out your August DIY update. 

Woodshed ready for a Highlands winter
Woodshed ready for a Highlands winter


August DIY: Great Wood Sheds

With all the crazy in our lives, we cut ourselves a break this month, and just gathered you some awesome links to some of our favorite DIY woodshed and outbuilding construction resources. 

For your convenience, we've made this update available two ways.

You should have already received a copy right in your email inbox, from our newsletter service.  Look for "newscpt" in the sender name, or search for the "reply-to" address,

If you don't see it, you can read the same thing this month on our blog:

But please check those spam filters anyway, and make sure you're receiving these updates.  We will be sending out a lot of the stretch goal materials the same way, including files too large or too valuable to post on our public blog.  If you want those files, please get your inbox configured to receive them, and/or give us a better, valid email address for bulk mailings.

It is a beautiful problem to have 901 supporters who all want to read our work.  Most of you are getting the updates just fine.  But if your workplace or email service automatically rejects emails that have been sent to multiple recipients, it makes it hard to reach you.  While we do our best to make things available to everybody, we can't deliver to a locked mailbox.  Nor can we be responsible if you don't receive our messages because your electronic "mail slot" metaphorically serves as a chute straight to your basement incinerator. 

Thanks for understanding.


Erica and Ernie Wisner

Shipping Update:

eBooks: If your order included the digital book, and you missed our window to download in June/July, you will need to contact ROB at NEWSOCIETY.COM to ask about a second chance to download.  (These include the $24, $56, $99, and a few other reward levels or add-ons.) 

Printed first-edition books:

We have 14 European and 5 Canadian books still to ship out.  If you are one of these people, I have just send you an email. The Canadian shipment will go out this Thursday.  The back-ordered EU shipment will go out in a few weeks from our UK publishing house.

Bad/Late Addresses: If you send us a new address after June 1, I may not have spotted it yet. I'll keep looking.  (Scott, I did see yours.) I will send as many as possible of these on Thursday as well, along with any returned packages that we have new information to re-send.  I've sent personal messages to most of these folks.

If you have not yet received your book, and you write me a note to say your book has not arrived, please include your address.  This helps me find the correct tracking numbers for some of our shipments.  You might even enter it into the post office website and make 100% sure that it is correct and recognizable, especially if you have had problems with past deliveries.

Barbara and Dee - I pulled your books for personal attention, which turned out to be in short supply this summer.  Will get them to you ASAP!

Wrapping up the physical shipping, I am feeling excited to return to writing and editing for the next few months.  Your feedback helped us create some marvelous ideas for new eBooks for our stretch goals, and I can't wait to see how they turn out. 

I realize I didn't put any particular time line on most of them, but I originally intended to have everything out to you by the end of the year.  I'd love to get out at least a couple items before the end of summer (Sept. 21), if I can maintain focus well enough while Ernie's getting ready for his next medical adventure. 

Any preferences for which bonus items should be top priority?


Erica Wisner

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    1. Erica Wisner Creator on

      Update: Wednesday (boxing and labeling day) our mountain caught on fire, and most of our volunteer fire crew (including me) was still helping put it out and re-set the trucks on Thursday. I discovered another 6 Canadian folks and some re-sends, and did not get all the boxes done in time to make the post office Friday. So now it's Monday, and I have a nice crate of boxes to ship, and I am DOING IT.
      (It's not that I'm an irresponsible person... it's just that the variety and urgency of my responsibilities vastly outmatches my ability to predict time frames.) Thanks again for your patient understanding.