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This book shows how to build a rocket mass heater, so you can enjoy overnight comfort from a brief evening fire.
This book shows how to build a rocket mass heater, so you can enjoy overnight comfort from a brief evening fire.
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July DIY - and family emergency

Posted by Erica Wisner (Creator)

Hi again folks,

With shipping almost complete, we've been looking forward to getting back on digital rewards delivery.  I've been working on a DIY update for you, a solar dehydrator from the AT course.  And we also had a really wonderful time signing books and giving talks and hands-on demos at the Mother Earth News Faire in West Bend, WI

However, on our long-awaited arrival home, we got the news that Ernie's mother is suffering from a serious new downturn in her battle against cancer.  So now we are away from home again, trying to connect the dots so she can have enough in-home care to keep going, and in pretty sorry condition for professional business.  Apologies to those still waiting for rewards we intended to send out this month.  I do not think I will publish a DIY update about home care for cancer patients - it's not that fun.

Today I'm sending individual messages to those backers affected by unsent or returned books.  I have asked for help shipping the last couple of cases to our long-suffering Canadian and International backers.

I am also going to send out those DIY plans, even though they're not as polished as I might prefer.  We look forward to your comments.  Please keep an eye on your email inboxes for another email from that newscpt bulk-mailing service.  I will put it out as soon as possible this week.

Additional digital rewards, including the Greenhouse plans and other as-built drawings for those who ordered them, will be next on my list.  I'm looking at using our online store,, for those deliveries since it is easier to customize for individual purchasers.  So please white-list that email as well.


Erica W

Simple solar dehydrator
Simple solar dehydrator



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    1. Nancy Sutton on

      Haven't got book yet, but, am in no hurry... gives me time to say a prayer or three for Ernie's Mom... and his surgery. Take your time... I'll let you know if have any questions :) ox

    2. Tanya McSwain Boylan on

      Hey Erica,

      Just wondering if there's some way to track the books that are sent to Canada or if you can let me know how long ago mine was sent? The prediction for an extra harsh winter and the extra hot, dry summer we just lived through has us wanting to get prepared. Birds are hustling to prepare and I usually take their endeavors as a warning to do likewise, LOL. It's looking like late September here already. Thanks and prayers for Ernie's mom and the rest of you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gianfranco Peano on

      Hi Erica
      sorry to hear about your problems with Ernie's mom
      I have contributed to the release of your book "The Rocket Mass Heater Builder's Guide"
      I received an email about a month ago through Kickstarter where it' said that the EU edition of the book will not be printed , and you will send me the US edition
      At the moment I have not received anything, and I would like to be updated on the issue

      thanks and best regards

      Gianfranco Peano
      via Vocaturo 7
      12016 Peveragno

    4. Tanya McSwain Boylan on

      So sorry to hear about Ernie's mom, Erica. We'll be praying for you all. It's great to hear what's been going on with you otherwise, thanks so much for the continued updates. Looking forward to putting your hard work into practice and being warm on the mountain this winter!

    5. Christopher Kendall on

      Do what ya gotta kid