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This book shows how to build a rocket mass heater, so you can enjoy overnight comfort from a brief evening fire.
This book shows how to build a rocket mass heater, so you can enjoy overnight comfort from a brief evening fire.
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EU backers - update

Posted by Erica Wisner (Creator)
Image credit: Arend van Dam
Image credit: Arend van Dam


With apologies to our international backers, we just received word from our UK publishers that they regretfully will not be able to do a dedicated EU edition.  This is due to a combination of factors including Amazon re-selling the North American edition in the territories reserved for them (meaning they don't have enough pre-orders to go forward), and of course Brexit doesn't help.

What we are doing to move forward:

Our UK publisher has offered to help us ship out printed copies of the original edition, under our arranged shipping rates.  All UK, EU, AU, and NZ backers will also receive a digital download containing the additional metric diagrams and international builders' commentary that we had planned to add to the EU edition.  

We appreciate your patience, and apologize for the unintended delay of your rewards.  Still hoping to get them out on our original estimated timeline, but please give us a little time to get the details hammered out!

Many thanks,

Erica W

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    1. Erica Wisner Creator on

      Thanks for letting me know.
      Our almost-publishers in the UK are graciously sending out your Kickstarter books along with their pre-orders. These orders are being filled from the one, only, original, North American first editions.
      The books first had a healthy sea voyage, but apparently some of them partied too hard before boarding, and missed the first boat. They now are arriving in multiple lots.

      The UK folks tell me they were able to ship 24 of the 40 EU packages last week. So there are still 14 to 16 people waiting for orders that will be shipped with the next load of books. I have asked for names, if possible, so I can give individual updates - but if your book hasn't arrived yet, you're probably one of these people.

      I also have a small handful of Canadian orders that our assistant wasn't able to ship, which are coming back to me for personal attention. And a few returned books from earlier shipments, that I have to confirm addresses and re-send within the USA.

      The sheer variety of shipping methods, prices, and handling procedures involved in this project has been staggering.

      There has got to be a simpler way. I'll know better next time.

      But I get the impression that it's also a very confusing time in the publishing industry, worldwide.
      The family emergencies don't help my concentration any, either. But I feel like I'm finally starting to make headway again.

      Thanks again, everyone, for your patience and support.
      Further updates as I find out more!

    2. Missing avatar

      Gianfranco Peano on

      Hi Erica,
      I have contributed to the release of your book "The Rocket Mass Heater Builder's Guide"
      I received an email about a month ago through Kickstarter where it' said that the EU edition of the book will not be printed , and you will send me the US edition
      At the moment I have not received anything, and I would like to be updated on the issue

      thanks and best regards

      Gianfranco Peano
      via Vocaturo 7
      12016 Peveragno

    3. Erica Wisner Creator on

      @Lewis - Yay, good to know!

      @Kyle - welcome [back] to the States. I should still be able to pull you off that list. Could you please send me a private Kickstarter message with your new address?

    4. Missing avatar

      Kyle Lewis on

      Hi Erica,

      I have moved from New Zealand to the US and have been trying to figure out how to change the address for where my book is shipped, but Kickstarter won't let me do this because I have the EU edition. Would you be able to help?


    5. Lewis Brightheart Headrick on

      Got my signed copy of the book in the mail here in Colorado today!