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"It's Just a Plant" is an illustrated children's book that explains the complexities of marijuana in a fun, thoughtful, fact-oriented manner.

In 2005, I self-published It’s Just a Plant - a children's book of marijuana.

Children are targets of misleading anti-marijuana propaganda - I thought an entirely new form of teaching was needed. The fact is, despite our best efforts to restrict, ban and otherwise hide it in every way we can... children learn about pot. Whether in the schoolyard or the classroom, kids are inundated with info about it. But most "drug facts" are more frightening than educational, and parents have few sources of scientific information about the plant that puts the safety of their children before politics.

After being rejected by a dozen publishers, I decided to publish the book myself. It was a crash-course in an unfamiliar industry. Fortunately, the story struck a nerve, and began to gain national attention - both good and bad. Parents, teachers, congressmen, David Crosby, and Bill O'Reilly all had something to say about the story. You can see some of the press the book attracted here:

Five years later, the book has become a minor children's classic. It sold out a first edition (hardcover) and I've just sold out the second edition (paperback). For 2011, I want to publish a new hardcover edition of It's Just a Plant, with new illustrations and an updated narrative to reflect the sea change that has happened in marijuana politics since the book's initial release.

Like all Kickstarter projects, this is an all-or-nothing effort. If funds are raised, I will print an edition of 3000 books. The money will go directly to illustration, production, printing, and shipping of a new edition of It's Just a Plant. If I don’t receive the minimum pledges in the time allotted, the book will go out-of-print. You can support this project knowing that you will only be charged if I raise the total budget goal.

I'm also soliciting feedback from readers on changes they might like to see in the book. To contribute suggestions of your own, please visit:

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