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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 23 2015

Real Life First Person Shooter - Level 3 (Canceled)

You saw Level 1. You saw Level 2. Now it's your chance play Level 3!

Real Life First Person Shooter - Level 3 (Canceled)

You saw Level 1. You saw Level 2. Now it's your chance play Level 3!

pledged of £1,000pledged of £1,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 23 2015


You saw Level 1. You saw Level 2. Now it's your chance to play Level 3...

We have been overwhelmed by the support shown for Level 1, and have taken things to a whole new level (both literally and figuratively) in our most recent episode - moving from zombies in our back yard to creating an alien spaceship in an abandoned power station

With Level 3, we won't just step up the production value, but also hugely increase the levels of interactivity. All of our backers will be given an account at which gives you access to behind the scenes and voting rights in pre-production, and the opportunity to join the community in controlling the interactive live prologue to Level 3. Furthermore, rather than finding players on ChatRoulette, our 50 final players for Level 3 will be randomly selected from our backers! 

We're crowdfunding here on Kickstarter, and on our own website to raise the funds to create Level 3. Whichever way you choose to support us, the money will go to the same place and you will receive access to the same content and privileges.

If you don't want to pledge then just sit back and wait - you'll still be able to watch the Level 3 video on YouTube just like you've watched Levels 1 and 2.

 Level 1

 Level 2

 Since Level 1, all we have heard is ‘How can I play?’ and ‘We want to put this on VOD’, but nothing was a good fit. Then it struck us - through crowdfunding we have found a way to keep it on YouTube, keep it free to watch AND allow people to play. So, starting with Level 3, it’s no longer a prank on the internet, it’s no longer random strangers on ChatRoulette - we are going to build a community.

Your £1 pledge won’t just give you the chance to be chosen to play Level 3, it will also give you access to an account at where you can become part of our creative community, with exclusive behind the scenes access, and voting rights on pre-production.

You’ll get to collectively choose anything from character names, to costume designs, to setpieces - when our props team come up with designs for a new weapon, you will be able to vote on which design goes into production and gets built!

You all come together for a massive playable live stream of the prologue to Level 3 - this is where it gets really cool…

From Level 3 onwards we are doing away with the genre-hopping and creating a consistent universe - so you will follow the characters and the plot across multiple levels of the game. The story picks up right where we left off in Level 2 - with you and the other survivor piloting the escape pod.

The prologue for Level 3 will be broadcast live, and controlled by the voting of all of our backers simultaneously, just like ‘Twitch does Pokemon’ - except with the actors reacting live to the results of all of your choices. You’re in charge of staying alive, and trying to find somewhere to land the escape pod - all of your decisions will have repercussions that will echo across Level 3 and way beyond.

Once the prologue is finished, it’s time for us to start playing the full level - and instead of going to ChatRoulette this time, we’ll be selecting 50 players, at random, from all of our backers. Each of the chosen players will play through the five chapters of Level 3 - as long as they make it through alive…

If you aren’t picked for the full game, you’ll still be able to watch the events unfold. We will be live streaming from the webcam of each player as they face the challenges, but you won’t see what they see - to keep everything spoiler free!

To keep the game as interactive as possible each account on will be granted a number of tokens which can be gifted to a player during their stream - similar to the ‘sponsors’ in The Hunger Games. If you are rooting for one of the players, or perhaps you even know one of them, gifting them a token when they need it most will give them a game specific boost and help them along.

If you choose to donate more than £1, your name will be entered into the hat multiple times, increasing your chances of being chosen to play Level 3, but no matter what your donation amount you will have access to all of the exclusive online content.

Can't use Kickstarter? Visit our site to pledge via Paypal

 We would love to tell you all about what we have in store for you for level 3 - we’re bursting at the seams to let you in on the surprise - but we’re just not gonna spoil it. Here is what we can say….

No more genre-hopping from zombies to aliens and so on - we now have an opportunity to invite you into a vivid, consistent universe with characters and storylines that span multiple installments. We anticipate that the full game will take up to one hour to complete per player, broken up into shorter chapters, probably five 12 minute sections.

Now that the end goal isn’t a YouTube viral film, the gameplay can slow right down to give you a chance to really explore the world and your options. There will be a heavy focus on interacting directly with other characters and actors in the game, rather than just talking to the guy in the helmet. If you have a great idea for how to solve a problem, convince them to help you.

Budget allowing, there will be much more interaction that just voice - there are so many new things being developed here, it will leave Levels 1 and 2 in the dust.

The team here are more fired up than they have been in years - and we are ready to deliver a rich, living world for you to explore and interact with. We have the best Artificial Intelligence in the industry - because it’s not artificial - there are a dozen real people reacting to each of your decisions in as you make them.

Ultimately the world we can build for you in Level 3 is determined by the number of backers - but trust us when we say, there is a $10m version of Level 3 that would change the face of gaming. The sky really is the limit, and of course anything we don’t get to do with Level 3 will be carried over to Level 4 and beyond.

Realm is about breaking the rules, and combining cinematic production value with high-concepts on a low budget. It's the unforgettable ideas and stories that get us out of bed in the mornings, and the resourcefulness we have picked up over a decade of indie filmmaking that allows us to pull it all off.

 From the moment we came up with the concept for Level 1, it was clear that our friends at Red House Mysteries would be the perfect collaborators for the RLFPS concept. Their experience in creating immersive narrative experiences and passion for innovative storytelling makes them the ideal partner for a project this ambitious.

Risks and challenges

We are well aware that this is an exceptionally ambitious project, pushing the boundaries of technology and interactive gaming and attempting something that has never quite been done before.

Here at Realm we have a decade of filmmaking experience behind us, and with the highly skilled team that delivered Levels 1 and 2 coming together again to create Level 3 we are confident that we have the capacity to solve any problems that may arise during production

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