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Small, powerful audiophile earbuds with an in-ear microphone that excludes ambient noise so your voice is always crystal clear.
RippleBuds is now available on InDemand.Please click below!
Small, powerful audiophile earbuds with an in-ear microphone that excludes ambient noise so your voice is always crystal clear. RippleBuds is now available on InDemand.Please click below!
5,834 backers pledged $750,374 to help bring this project to life.

New Comparison Test Videos!

Posted by Team RippleBuds (Creator)

Hi RippleBuds Backers! We wanted to share with you the progress we've been making. We've once again made some advancements with the voice clarity and we wanted to show you what RippleBuds sounds like in comparison to the competitors. Check out the video below!


Here are our updated comparison test results in heavy noise environment (about  95dB ~ 100dB).

Here's our test script: "RippleBuds develops and manufactures wired and Bluetooth earsets. We developed a world’s first special earset not using Noise cancelation technology but Noise blocking technology. It is also differentiated from the Bone conduction technology." 






Thanks for taking a listen! Keep and eye open for our next update! - Team RippleBuds

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    1. Glyn Townsend on

      I think those commenting on the 'sound' quality miss the point that this is an in-ear microphone - not the sound being tested. the idea is an ear bud that can record your voice through resonance. pretty amazing, and if it works - cool. That said, I am getting increasingly fed up of the delays here - november? really? an email asking for my address when I have already provided this in a survey? Kickstarter need to look at this project!

    2. Missing avatar

      tikone on

      We only need you to refund. Thanks

    3. Missing avatar

      HOWARD on

      The developers of this project are no longer providing any realistic date or timetable for delivery. Why do the developers not feel it is just as important to provide their backers with a realistic and HONEST target delivery date as it is for them to provide a realistic listening experience? The lack of communication regarding a true delivery date is antithetical to the ethical business model on which Kickstarter is founded. How does one go about getting a refund for a product that seems unlikely to be delivered any time soon? Bottom long are backers expected to wait for a product that is already delinquent and one with no current target date for shipping? This entire project gives Kickstarter a "black eye" and a bad name. Kickstarter needs to investigate and report back to the backers as to the "status" of this project. Anything less is unfair, unethical and probably illegal.

    4. Jerry B. Collins on

      any word at all about shipping would be nice. Thank you

    5. Missing avatar

      Dovydas on

      I am surprised that Kickstarter do not start some sort of legal action against Ripple Buds. It was promised that deliveries will be made in October. When are we getting a fully refined, finished, and 100% working product? I demand exact date!!!

    6. EnricoC on

      tomorrow im getting a pair of Bose... please refund my pledge as im not anymore interested

    7. Missing avatar

      Sigurd Blom Rossel on

      Hi, in the waiting time, ive gone and purchased some headphones that fulfills my needs, could you make a refund as its not needed any longer.

    8. Justin Young on

      I really need to learn my lesson of the bait and switch on Kickstarter. "Working prototype" on Kickstarter just means "We've spent a lot of money on a slick video switch no way of backing our claims."

      This last quality sample was just plain awful. And it will not at all even compete with your direct competitors.

      I suggest you just stop wasting your time and close up shop. It was a nice try. But you should take this project behind the shed and shoot it. Save yourself and us the pain of the final product that'll be useless.

      Nice try though. But you've only been failing.

    9. Missing avatar

      Harold Estey on

      Sound quality is obviously better than products A or B.... but my Plantronics bluetooth earbuds headset (with neck connection/yoke) is superior on phone conversations to what I heard of the "Ripplebuds example" .... You didn't include radio or music playback examples. What is the latest update on "Delivery Dates?"

    10. David Hunter on

      In your Kickstarter campaign promotional video, it was stated that Ripplebuds would be "clear" and implied through imagery that the microphone quality would be much better than that in Apple's wired headphones (which, frankly, are quite good).

      Frankly, based on these tests, the audio quality is terrible, and nothing like what was suggested by the promotional video used in the Kickstarter campaign. I was only able to discern three or four words from the recording, and only when I had read the test script and knew what words I should be hearing. I listened to the test recording before having read the script and couldn't decipher any words at all, which means the Ripplebuds will be useless in the real world.

      You also claimed to have a working prototype that was ready to ship in the campaign video, which made people think that your claims regarding microphone and audio quality were plausible. However, we are now finding that - in fact - you most likely did not have a working prototype that was ready to ship, as you keep making changes without actually shipping anything.

      I find your management of this situation very dissatisfactory.

      I expect the quality will match what was implied in the promotional video before my Ripplebuds ship. Otherwise, I will be making a complaint to Kickstarter.

    11. Missing avatar

      Hassan Chatila on

      Hi RippleBuds team.
      When will you start shipping our RippleBuds to us?
      Excited to get mine & start using them.

    12. Missing avatar

      Reese henschen on

      I am requesting a refund please please send all or whatever money at this point that you can not screw me out of at this point thanks I'll be smiling with my apple air pods thanks

    13. Max Davenport on

      Sound comparison tests should have been done before you started asking for money. If you didn't already have the tech in place, then what were we backing? Send us our product or refund our money. This has taken way too long.

    14. Missing avatar

      Maxim Bezrukov on

      When are we going to get our products?????????

    15. Andrea Curtoni on

      Hi RippleBuds, thanks for the update! Keep it coming!

      A few comments:
      - it would be very useful to share a similar recording in case of 1. No background noise 2. Low background noise. My guess is you are doing a great job in heavy noise environments but could have a low quality also in silent environments due to the kind of noise blocking tech you are using
      - we need at least a tentative schedule or more frequent progress updates and...
      - ...share your concerns too if you have! Maybe most of us are not able to help but sharing and getting feedback is good on Kickstarter projects. We all know this is not a shop but a very tough challenge and we want you to succeed!

    16. Missing avatar


      내돈 돌려줘요

    17. Missing avatar

      Victor on

      Was that recording in English? I can't figure out a word of what she was saying.

    18. Missing avatar

      Hamada on

      How could people be respectful and considerate on here
      it's almost like thinking that Hillary or Donald Trump are going to be respectful and considerate to each other

    19. Missing avatar

      Hamada on

      who really likes these updates do they work for your company because wasn't this the last update

    20. Missing avatar

      Hamada on

      Is there anyway I could get my money back please
      this product comes out and it's going to be outdated
      You know why it's going to be outdated product
      shipping going to be in September ?
      So in October so I don't think this is going to come out anytime soon so so can I just have my money back thank you very much

    21. Missing avatar

      John Winn on

      Should I assume the shipping timeline you provided in your most recent update (7.28.16) on the matter is incorrect? I'm sorry to say that the audio recording provided today sound terrible. To my ear, it goes from completely unintelligible to every third or fourth word is understandable. Communication with your backers is key to alleviate distrust. Try it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Nathan Burget on

      Wasn't voice clarity your last update? Perhaps a production update would be useful. Your already going to be beat to market by apples earbuds.

    23. John Booth on

      When are we going to get our products??

    24. Ed N on

      I think that's pretty impressive. I mean, they all sounds like crap but, the Ripple Buds certainly gets rid of the ~90-100dB background noise. But, I think even the wired Apple earbuds do a fine job of isolating voice on a phone call in noisy environments. It may not be noise blocking or noise cancellation but, voice sounds better than any of these. Oh, and the phone call comes through both earbuds, not just one. So, I'm not impressed. I've been burned by Kickstarters before and I should have learned my lesson. This is not a store. This is much, much worse.

    25. Jason Burt on

      I should have learned from the "smart watch" I backed a few years ago that kept getting delayed. I smell a rip off

    26. Jason Burt on

      There's already earbuds on the market that sound better

    27. Lisa Boban on

      Well, I guess that's some improvement. But seriously not great. And what were your comparisons? Because I have an $80 set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds now, and they sound better than all your samples.

    28. Lisa Boban on

      Well, I guess that's some improvement. But seriously not great. And what were your comparisons? Because I have an $80 set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds now, and they sound better than all your samples.

    29. Missing avatar

      Reese henschen on

      Yea.... after this I'm probably gonna cancel this sounds like Ass..... not what you had showed in your videos hyping this product good luck though your gonna need it.