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Small, powerful audiophile earbuds with an in-ear microphone that excludes ambient noise so your voice is always crystal clear.
RippleBuds is now available on InDemand.Please click below!
Small, powerful audiophile earbuds with an in-ear microphone that excludes ambient noise so your voice is always crystal clear. RippleBuds is now available on InDemand.Please click below!
5,834 backers pledged $750,374 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update!

Posted by Team RippleBuds (Creator)

 We Promise It's Worth The Wait

We wanted to reach out and let you know our engineers have been working extremely hard to complete the software development of your RippleBuds. Our endeavors have been targeted toward enhancing the voice quality of your RippleBuds so you can truly be heard anytime, anywhere. Because our team strives to deliver the best possible product, we are going to have some shipping delays for all backers.  

Check Out Our New Shipping Timeline

With our new shipping dates Mono RippleBuds will ship October 2016 and Stereo RippleBuds will ship December 2016. To learn more about the development process, please see the timeline below and keep and eye open for future updates!  


Our team apologizes for the delay, however we truly can't wait to get the best possible RippleBuds in your hands. Thank you for your patience while we make this a reality. - Team RippleBuds 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Eugene Sim on

      I have yet to receive my ripplebuds even after numerous emails to the company. It has been 6 mths frm the promised delivery date. Disappointed!

    2. Missing avatar

      Lucas Coutts on

      Is anyone else concerned about the call audio only coming from a single ear bud, not both? I backed this project for the noise cancellation in calls, and expected audio would be delivered via both buds at the same time. Surely this could be addressed via software? Ripplebud, please consider. Thank you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Lucas Coutts on

      Is anyone else concerned about the call audio only coming from a single ear bud, not both? I backed this project for the noise cancellation in calls, and expected audio would be delivered via both buds at the same time. Surely this could be addressed via software? Ripplebud, please consider. Thank you.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dan Murphy on

      Funny how angry people get when kickstarter says explicitly that they are not a shopping destination and that sometimes (almost every time) your product will be delayed. That is kind of the excitement of doing things from kickstarter. If you weren't expecting this then I suggest you buy already released product from Amazon and not Kickstarter.

      Continue on refining the product as I would rather have something good than something rushed!

    5. Missing avatar

      FBeyens on

      no refund, you can get 76% of your money back and receive nothing for the other 24%. At least that's what's they told me in June..

    6. Missing avatar

      Scott Kvitberg on

      I thank you for the update. Really nice. A little disappointed to be honest, but hey! Shit happens and software takes time. You can't rush software. I won't let you rush that part. However.. I've missed two travel opportunities with the buds already. I'm not taking a long haul flight without them in December. I'll give you to the end of November to have them delivered at my place, otherwise I'm claiming my money back. Keep up the good work.

    7. Missing avatar

      tikone on

      Any response from the team??

      I see similar product in the street already

      What the fuck of ur delay?

      Pls let us have ur excuse before we sue you from cheating and refund

    8. Missing avatar

      Julian on

      Will this be early December or late December? Depending on that, I would need a change of shipping address. More specifically after December 16.
      Thank you! Can't wait to see the finished product!

    9. Missing avatar

      Chad Asada

      Will those who have purchased both the mono and stereo buds have to wait to have all shipped with stereo buds release in December or will they be sent separately?

    10. Missing avatar

      Ferris Akel III on

      I can understand a delay in the development of a new product, but I would guess that many people are disappointed and looking for refunds because we were told led to believe that the development process had been completed, and that the trip to China was for PRODUCTION purposes. Instead, we are being told the delays are for "software development". With all the promotional materials and videos, and updates we had previously received, one would reasonably believe that all such work had been finished. This IS very disappointing, and it certainly has me wondering if this is a product that will ever be shipped.

    11. Missing avatar

      Dovydas on

      Can anyone update me on how refunding works on kick-starter?

    12. Missing avatar

      Hassan Chatila on

      The is very disappointing. You continue to push/delay the delivery date!
      Could you pls elaborate further on what is causing these delays in shipping?
      I won't be surprised if the delivery gets pushed to 2017!

    13. Lee Robin on

      3-4 months delay !!
      If the sound quality really good, then is worth for waiting.
      Recently I had received 2 set WayCap - Refillable Coffee Capsule....."Disappointed"

    14. Missing avatar

      Dougal on

      Not particularly impressed by the delay but understand they can happen with startups. My biggest issue is with lack of detail and infrequency of it. Already had to pay additionally for postage to uk via what looked like a spam email (poor English, badly written etc) and with this latest update, I now see my product will be shipped in December (that's indeed if I ordered stereo - I can't actually remember there being a stereo & a mono version! - I def would not want mono, it being 2016 etc!)

      Come on chaps - I think it's time you upped your game!

    15. Missing avatar

      Lee Heon Joon on

      당신들 회사 때문에 킥스타터에 대한 이미지까지 안좋아졌습니다. 양아치 회사가 아닌 이상 기본적인 약속과 이해를 시켜 달라는게 무리한 요구는 아니라고 생각합니다. 무조건 이 회사 두둔하는 사람들도 웃기네요. 그냥 늦어지는 걸 뭐라고 하는게 아니라 후원자들만 늘리는데 혈안이 되어 있어 보인다는 겁니다. 그건 아니죠.

      It was evil until the image of the kick starter for your company. Thus, not the company, I think that is not a unreasonable request because I want you to a basic commitment and understanding of the above. It also laughs at people who protect unconditional company. Just not 's My God be slow is that it seems to be in a frenzy to increase only sponsor. It is the difference.

    16. Missing avatar

      Austin Wenger on

      Ripple Buds: please don't be discouraged by the people asking for refunds and complaining at the setbacks. I've seen this on most projects I've backed after the first delay. Checking profiles, many people here have only backed one or two projects and seem to be under the impression that Kickstarter is a store, instead of an investment into a long-term business. Anyone with much Kickstarter experience knows there are delays and setbacks in every project. I've backed several projects and have experienced huge variations in successes and release speeds among creators.

      The most important thing to remember is that backers want to stay in the loop; we want to know how things are going, why setbacks occurred, what will be done about them, and what to expect from the future (we like details!). I appreciate that you've been more upfront than many other projects I've backed, and hope to continue to hear from you. Thanks again!

    17. 이선학 on

      I really disapoint for delaying.
      I want to my money back.
      Please let me know how?

    18. Missing avatar

      tikone on

      This is 4 months delay, pls explain and dun fool us

    19. Missing avatar

      문지민 on

      우리는 리플버즈의 약속과 리플버즈에 대한 좋은 기억을 샀습니다. 제품의 성능향상을 위해 노력하고 있고 실제로 이를 달성하고 있다는 결과를 업데이트로 제공해주셔야 기부자들의 마음이 돌아서지 않을것이며 시장에서도 이를 더욱 좋은 모습으로 비춰지게 인론에 나올수 있을것 같습니다.

    20. Missing avatar

      Marco Lopez on

      I think is time we go through the agreements with a lawyer to see if we can get our money back.

    21. Jason Wallen on

      I have backed a few random products in the past. I REALLY appreciate the updates even with the delays. Thank u all for being honest thus far,

    22. Aik Keong Koh on

      I think we need more than just a schedule of events. We need photos, updates on the management and some production process hiccups. It shows more than just a series of events lining up. I've backed two sets of stereo buds and all I have is a sentence that says "Dec 2106: Shipping!" Com'on, I need more than just that line...

      Let us know how is the process, are you guys even have some tooling process or mechanical issues you can share and for stereo buds backers like me, putting a month as a dateline is very vague. 1st Dec and 31st Dec makes a whole lot of difference in the shipping process and time received, noting that 31st Dec still is a busy period for the postal and delivery services.

    23. Missing avatar

      Patrick Sim on

      #christopher - get a life!

    24. Missing avatar

      Patrick Sim on

      I have been in hitech product development and manufacturing for 35 years - telling your customers aka backers of a 3-4 month delay this late is BS and poor management !

    25. Missing avatar

      Marco Lopez on

      Until December now? Yet you claim to be working "extremely hard"? Is this a joke? How can I get my money back? I'm done waiting for this product that will end up disappointing me when I first use them, just like every time the backers are let down with your updates just to let us know it's going to be delayed again.

    26. Missing avatar

      John Winn on

      I am just a disappointed and gravely concerned that I have pissed away my money. I would love to know, in detail, what in the past fourteen days has gone so wrong? How, during the last update was this information not known? Moreover, If it was known why lie? I know that while my disappointment will not change a CLEAR understanding of WHAT in the process went wrong would make me feel better about pissing away my cash. Even a "We F-ed up" would be preferable to nothing. leeds me to think the developers are incompetent.

    27. Missing avatar

      SHAWN BRAY on

      This is truly becoming a HUGE waste of time and money, you keep saying it will be worth the wait, Well when will the wait be over already... You wasted NO TIME collecting my money.. Send the product or refund my cash..... Let's go!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Lee Geyong Sik on

      밑에 사람 말 처럼 늦으면 늦는 이유라도 좀 알려줘야 되는거 아닌가요? 기술적이슈라 일반 사람들이 알아듣기 힘들다면 설명하려고 노력이라도 하는게 모금 받은 회사로서의 의무 같은데

    29. Missing avatar

      Dovydas on

      I am sure that a lot of backers will be angry and rightfully so! You just can`t procrastinate and think "OHH PEOPLE ALREADY PAID SO WHO CARES WHEN IT WILL BE DONE". I wonder would you procrastinate that much if half of your proclaimed "1 Million" would ask for a refund as Ripple Buds fails to deliver?!...

    30. Christopher Garby

      @patrick sim, you can't unless they decide to be nice, but you donated your money. you are not obligated to get it back just because you are getting antsy

    31. Lance Johnson on

      Delays are integral to startups and most backers know that. However, your backers deserve a better and more specific explanation for why the delay is appropriate. We deserve to know what unexpected problems have arisen and how they are being handled. We appreciate your "promise" but we deserve details.

    32. Missing avatar

      Patrick Sim on

      How do I get my money back?

    33. Maxwell A Yenk on

      I have no problem with the shipping change or about the product itself, but in the future can we get updated more often?

    34. Missing avatar

      ccarus00 on

      Cant say im shocked at this news..... Dont mind the wait as long as you keep in touch @ripplebuds