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Small, powerful audiophile earbuds with an in-ear microphone that excludes ambient noise so your voice is always crystal clear.
RippleBuds is now available on InDemand.Please click below!
Small, powerful audiophile earbuds with an in-ear microphone that excludes ambient noise so your voice is always crystal clear. RippleBuds is now available on InDemand.Please click below!
5,834 backers pledged $750,374 to help bring this project to life.

We Reached $1 Million!

Posted by Team RippleBuds (Creator)


Thank You for Helping us Hit Over $1 Million

Thank you SO MUCH to our amazing backers who have contributed to the RippleBuds campaign and helped us reach over $1 Million!

Please take a moment to share the campaign with your friends and family before time runs out!

The RippleBuds Look 

In the last few weeks we've made some packaging and product development progress that we wanted to share with you! Our team has been working hard to create an amazing case and user manual to pair with your RippleBuds. Although this is not the final packaging, we wanted to show you what we've been working on.


Hold tight, your RippleBuds are coming!

Good news, Backers! Shipping is still on schedule for the end of July and early August. We'll let you know if anything changes - keep your eyes open for future updates!  

We are so pumped and excited to see everything coming along! We really cannot thank you enough. Hold tight- your RippleBuds are coming soon! - Team RippleBuds


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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      It's almost August, any update on when we can expect to get our Buds?

    2. Missing avatar

      Leonid M on

      Did they ship out my Ripple Buds? What about anyone else?

    3. Missing avatar

      Dovydas on

      Please comment when first deliveries are out!
      Cheers for responsible backers!

    4. Josh Carlson on

      As anxious and eager as I am to get my Ripple Buds, I have complete and udder most respect and trust that you delaying the time is best for both you and us the consumers. I trust your judgment and will stay waiting happily knowing that when I receive the RippleBuds it will be the best well-rounded pair of earbuds you could produce. From my opinion feel free to take your time crafting these fine pair of earbuds.
      A Happy Backer of RippleBuds

    5. Missing avatar

      Rod Brace on

      Has everyone else gotten theirs? I haven't.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jim. Chamberlain on

      Great update so according to some another delay big deal? No ! They indicated improvements that I will benefit from . So I wait . Love it thank you for this update . Patiently waiting!

    7. Missing avatar

      Dovydas on

      Tech is only as "HOT" as its good timing. iPhone was super HOT in 2007. But just think now, would you agree to pay 800$ in October, to receive your iPhone 6S in July? It would be too old by then! If I would expect my Ripple buds in June and receive it in May, I would be super excited. If I expect my Ripple buds to arrive in June and it comes in August, I will be extremely disappointed if it is anything less than perfection and you should be too!

    8. Norbert on

      This looks great, can't wait for my own set. Thanks for the update!

    9. Matthew Cook on

      If they mean to make a good product, I mean to wait for it. If that means delays, so be it! If it's a Tech project, there are going to be delays and many different versions. Chill out, y'all, it'll get there! Hasn't even been 6 months yet!

    10. hien on

      Congrats! Please just adjust the time if it's needed to create a high quality product.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kel Duncombe on

      Ripplebuds looking good fantastic job people kel Duncombe Aussie land

    12. Missing avatar

      Reese henschen on

      Are we getting stereo by July August or is this just for mono if so this is becoming a lot like Earin..... Here we go again!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Lee Heon Joon on

      Are you kidding me, the second delay message you are so easy to say like this?? History says that who don't bother his friends never get the another chance. whatever $1M ? Shame on you!

    14. Missing avatar

      Barry Hestermann on

      And another month delay, the anticipation is killing me!