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BEWARE OF CHRISTIANS is a documentary about four college guys who seek to gain a more accurate perspective of Biblical Christian living

BEWARE OF CHRISTIANS is a feature-length documentary film about four college-aged friends who seek to gain a more accurate perspective of Biblical, Christian living. The film chronicles their journey through Europe, where they pose questions both to each other and to random people on the street about God and how He fits into their lifestyles, or doesn’t. They tackle tough issues relevant to young adults such as alcohol, sex, and materialism, all the while sharing their own struggles, offering a relatable perspective on these topics. Our hope is that if this project is successful, it will be the first of many films that glorify God and spread the good news of Jesus.

Brief History:

Over the past year, we have shown the movie in sneak previews across the country to overwhelmingly positive reviews. During that time, we were negotiating with several prominent film distributors. In a decision of whether or not to continue pursuing a third-party distribution partner, we decided that it was best to distribute this film ourselves. Self-distribution allows for full quality and image control of our products, as well as the opportunity to implement Name-Your-Own-Pricing for our films. These methods fall in line with Riot Studios’ overall mission.

Our Mission:

Our film can be used as an important teaching tool for young adults and college students, but we need some help getting it into their hands. BEWARE OF CHRISTIANS will be hitting the road this spring on a tour across the country. The goal of this promotional tour is to screen and distribute the film to young adults who are in desperate need of a teaching resource that is relevant, real, and also entertaining.

In order to make this message more accessible to our audience, we are offering Name-Your-Own Pricing on our products. For example, instead of paying $15.99 for one of our DVDs, you will have the privilege of determining its worth after the screening by naming your own price for the DVDs. Please note that any and all donations we receive on tour and on Kickstarter will allow us to distribute more DVDs and go to more places. Your donations toward this tour will allow us to deliver the message of Jesus Christ that our film encompasses, as well as reach out to schools and groups that are looking for a current and modern approach to biblical living for young adults.

Ways YOU can help!:

1. DONATE- There is no amount too small. If you make a generous donation on Kickstarter, we are offering some pretty legit rewards, such as a copy of the BEWARE OF CHRISTIANS DVD, original music from one of its stars, autographed posters, and even the chance to be in our next movie! We only get the money if we reach our goal, so pass it along so we can get as many people involved as possible! You can also support us on our website

2. HOST A SCREENING- Think this film would be good for your town, college, church, or bowling team? Go to and click on the “Bring it to Your Town” button. We are currently booking dates for our Spring 2011 Tour. We really want to meet you, watch the movie with you, and answer all of your questions.

3. TELL EVERYONE- Post our Kickstarter link on your friends’ Facebook walls, write a personal message to a relative, or bring it up in conversation at dinner. The more people who know about it, the more places we can travel, and the more people we can reach with this message.


Alex, Matt, Michael, and Will have grown up as Bible-believing Christians who did all the right things. As they’ve grown older, they’ve realized that the Jesus in the Bible doesn’t exactly look like the healthy, wealthy, American Jesus they’ve all been trained to know and love. They soon realize that their biases and allegiances to worldly things have determined their views on Christianity. So, in a search for Truth, they decide to leave the United States for a while, posing tough questions to both each other and to lucky passers-by, to reexamine what Jesus teaches about certain topics.

Their travels feature ten European cities including Barcelona, Rome, Budapest, and Munich. Beginning in London, and moving about from city to city, they tackle tough topics such as materialism, sexuality, alcohol, and entertainment. As the journey progresses, they build a deep bond with each other and discover a new meaning for the words, “trusting in Jesus.” By the end of their adventure, they truly begin to understand the joy and redemption that comes from giving up the world to follow Jesus.

More from Riot Studios:

While on tour, we will also be distributing DVDs of One Nation Under God for "NAME YOUR OWN PRICE", Riot’s first feature-length documentary. It tells the story of Michael Allen, Will Bakke, Lawson Hopkins, and Austin Meek, taking a journey around the U.S. asking the questions, "Who is God? Where is He? and How is He influencing America?" The film has won several awards including Official Selection at the Tacoma Film Festival and a Judges' Storyteller Award at the Redemptive Film Festival. More Info:

"An exhilarating, often funny, very enlightened new documentary...One Nation Under God has a wicked sense of humor. It's slightly irreverent, and it's right on the mark."
- Gary Cogill, award-winning film critic for WFAA, Texas




On behalf of all of us at Riot Studios, we thank you for your support thus far. Without you, we would not be able to do what we do. We encourage you to contact us with any questions, concerns, or just to say hi.

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"Beware of Christians"
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Writer/Director: Will Bakke
Starring: Michael Allen, Will Bakke, Alex Carroll, Matthew Owen
Produced by: Michael Allen & Alex Carroll
Director of Photography: Andrew Hudson

Writer/Director: Will Bakke
Starring: Michael Allen, Lawson Hopkins, Austin Meek, Will Bakke
Produced by: Michael Allen & Alex Carroll


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