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LexOccultum  - 
AWARD WINNING GAME about occultism, mysteries and secret societies in an 18th century setting. Load your flintlocks!
LexOccultum - AWARD WINNING GAME about occultism, mysteries and secret societies in an 18th century setting. Load your flintlocks!
1,437 backers pledged SEK 1,121,760 to help bring this project to life.


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LexOccultum - Role Playing Game

SEK 1,121,760


Load your flintlocks, light up the lantern and step into the crypt: this is LexOccultum! Awarded "Game of the Year” in Sweden, the roleplaying game about occultism, mysteries and secret societies in an 18th century setting is here! (Previously known as Götterdämmerung.)

"Monsieur, mademoiselle, do not deny yourselves. Come now, step into the warmth, or what little is left of it. Perhaps I should say, “welcome to the bone chilling cold darkness.” 

"Oh, comme ça, do not be shy; you can lay down your barking-irons on the shelf over there. You will find no enemies in this room, even though we both know shadows lurk just outside. The flintlocks will be of no use anyway, a cross would serve you better" The old servant said with a grim smile on his face.  "I have been told that you are a most curious soul, eager to know more about “the other side”. You will not be disappointed. Step into the chamber and have a glass of wine, the best in all France! Feel at home, maître will soon be here and then he shall tell you everything that he knows to be true. Have patience; for it is a long story about vampires, occult rituals, secret societies and not least, all the lies you have been told all these years..."


Some would say that truth is a thin veil, like makeup upon a scarred face, silk clothes upon a tormented body, pretty words on a sickly longing, or perfume upon rotten flesh. Truth is not more accurate or more deceptive than anything else. It just is.

There are many “truths” about the darkness and the occult. Countless prophecies, texts and tomes about the unreal and the bizarre that pierce through reality and leave dismembered souls and withering minds in their wake. However, there are few insights that cover it all, and the certainty can always be questioned. Often they are a small part of a great mystery, or a conspiracy in a greater context.

Shrouded in darkness and buried for a thousand years in lies, the “truths” come through from time to time. Facts, built upon dogmas, institutions, science, rituals, covens, only God knows what. The fundamental principles that are considered so true, that the bare thought of them being exposed would bring down dooms of death.

Conspiracies are boiling beneath the surface, the covens gather in dark rooms, knowledge switches owners and occultists dig deep into the mysteries to uncover the secrets.

This is the twilight of the gods - welcome to LexOccultum, an 18th century horror, mystery and occult role-playing game.

Our goal with this Kickstarter campaign is to translate and launch Sweden’s ”Game of the Year" game into English.  First and foremost, we want to deliver the core rules - but also a number of stretch-goals filled with game-material should we be successful!

In this Kickstarter campaign, we hope to fund two core books (all you need to play the game, aside from dice) and one full campaign.

Lex Libris

Lex Libris - Game Master Guide
Lex Libris - Game Master Guide

Lex Libris is the core rules for the Game Master to run the game, including the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Combat
  • Health and wounds
  • Fear and horror
  • The Secret Arts (Dark arts, Scientific arts, Holy arts)
  • Campaign play (mysteries, occult, secret societies)
  • Experience
  • Wilderness- and city life
  • Beasts and monsters

The book also include the following chapters concerning the world setting:

  • 18th century play
  • Tips and ideas
  • Timeline
  • Major Countries
  • Major Cities
  • Locations
  • Society
  • Law and Beliefs
Softback or Hardback (stretch goal), approx 170+ pages.

Alter Ego

Alter Ego - Players Handbook
Alter Ego - Players Handbook

Alter Ego is the book dedicated for the players including the following chapters:

  • How to create a character
  • Character traits
  • Secondary abilities
  • Areas of Influence
  • Vanity and Vouge
  • Skills/Disciplines/Specialities
  • Gear and equipment
Softback or Hardback (stretch goal), approx 126+ pages.


Roi-de-Rats - Adventure Campaign
Roi-de-Rats - Adventure Campaign

SPOILER: Roi-de-Rats is a major campaign and source information about Paris. We uncover the truth about Cour des Miracles, the underworld of Paris and the myth about the "Lost king". In Roi-de-Rats the heroes will face Cult Mortis, the assassins of Theatre de la Morte, the royal puppets, the secret society Pacte du Solei with the former influencers of Louis XIV, and discover the truth about the Poison affair. This campaign will take the heroes from the streets of Paris to Versailles, to southern France and all the way to the hidden chambers of the ultimate secrets of all, what's hidden inside Mont Tombe. Roi de Rats, is a zoologic phenomenon also called Rattenkönig (german) whereas a number of rats whose tails are intertwined and bound together form an entity. The campaign is not for the faint-hearted or hack-and-slashers, it's complex and demanding for both players and the game master.

Softback or Hardback (stretch goal), approx 150+ pages.

Our goal is to deliver the core rules along with the campaign Roi-de-Rats at the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018, depending on how long translation and printing take.

Please note that this is a funding campaign, and portions of the work are set to take place after we know if we are successful in the funding or not. This means that we have to engage writers, editors, printers etc, after the campaign ends. The delivery date is therefore an estimate, not a fixed science.

Europe, 18th century. The church is losing its grip on men struggling with old beliefs and dogmas. Alchemists, occultists and secret societies dig deep into old mysteries and ancient obscurities. Enlightenment is not only about breaking free from old institutions and structures, but also about discovering what has been hidden for hundreds of years, even millenniums. Illuminati, Freemasons, the old Templars and other secret societies hide in dark chambers plotting for a new world order, or to just uncover the dark arts and ancient wisdoms.

The nobles and aristocrats is a dying breed living in full decadence and excess while the common people suffer in poverty. This is the era of Enlightment, but also ignorance. Few know anything about the growing darkness; the vampires and offspring of the devil, and while conspiracies grow under the surface, kings and priests preach about submission and obedience. But who is to save men from the twilight of the gods, from falling into the darkness and be consumed by evil? Is it true that the apocalypse is soon to come?

LexOccultum takes place in a fictive historical 18th century, where the occult and supernatural is real but not yet in full bloom.
This is a game about flintlock pistols, filthy grave diggers, lanterns, werewolves, wine and decadence, secret societies, conspiracies and mysteries too dangerous to uncover. It’s a game about explorers battling the raging seas, the truth about the Templars, holy bloodlines, a quiet war between men and beast. Discover the corrupt Paris, the smoke filled London, "gin craze" and alchemists search for the Philosopher's stone. Dig deep into the cabbala system and ancient mysteries of old Egypt.

”Listen up, ya dragger-tails and butter-bags, our friend is to be stabbed with the Bridgeport dagger and will hang in the morning together with all blue-tape drinkers and innocent game pullets. So grab ya flats and sharps and let’s walk down to that crown office and snab those red hats.”

Inspirations building this property have been:

  • The movie Brotherhood of the wolf
  • Solomon Kane
  • Quicksilver
  • Holy Blood and Holy Grail
  • Assassins Creed
  • The perfume
  • Dracula
  • ...and all the templar-secret-societies-horror-vampire-books-and-movies, out there!


LexOccultum is a skill-based BRP-clone (basically the same game-engine as Trudvang Chronicles) with archetypes such as Occultist, Highwayman, Vagabond, Soldier, etc. and a set of Character Traits (Health, Charisma, Perception, Intelligence, etc.).

Skills are divided in ”General skills”, ”Disciplines” and ”Specialties”. General skills are broad and general, Disciplines are more focused and Specialties are a very specific expertise. Total skill value is measured from 1-20 (1 low, 20 max). A Skill measure between 1-10, and then Disciplines and Specialities can raise to a maximum of 20.

Example: Natural Philosophy (Skill). Transmutation (Discipline). Alchemy (Specialty).

All skills are built upon a D20 system (roll below your Skill-level to success).

Combat mechanics center around actions and modifications for difficulty and Skill level.

Combat example:
A character that has Skill value 7 in the skill Combat, level 2 in Discipline ”Close combat arms” and level 3 in the Specialty ”One handed weapons” (right hand) has a total Skill value of 15 (7+1+1+2+2+2). This value is ”dynamic” and can be distributed for the number of Action(s) the weapon allow. If the character carry a rapier he/she can attack and/or parry with the rapier 4 times in one Action round. The Skill value of each attack or parry is up to the character to decide as long as the sum is not higher than the total Skill value.

The combat system includes, initiatives (taking turns), actions and hit points. System is quite deadly and mortal. Wounds are divided into different blocks. Once entering a higher block modifications kick in. There are five levels for physical damage, and five levels for mental damage.

Rolls for damage is “open-ended”, meaning if you roll 10 you roll again.

Even though it’s unusual and difficult, characters can learn “magic” from the Secret Arts, divided into: the Dark Arts, the Holy Arts and the Scientific Arts. Every "spell" or "ritual" requires individual skills and learning and there is no rule system cover them all. Some "spells" and "rituals" are very powerful, some not.

Influence in areas such as: Underworld, Politics, Military, Occult etc, plays an important role in the game. The more influence a character has in a specific area, the more likely to get power and credibility that can be used in the game. Influence is gained thru play and can also be acquired thru Adventure points given after fulfilling an adventure.

Vouge (meaning clothing and appearance) and "first impression" also play an important role in the game. Characters with high Vouge value are more likely to be helped and listen to than those with a low value. There is a set of rules deciding the Vouge value of clothing pending on how old and up-to-date with fashion they are, as well as the quality and detail of the clothes.

This will be the 3rd version of the previous Götterdämmerung rules, updated from the latest version currently online in our online RPG service.

LexOccultum is an easy game to learn, but has the depth to attract the experienced gamer.

Sample Archetypes
Sample Archetypes


LexOccultum is an existing game. We have eighty percent of the artwork in place, most of the texts are written and the design is largely set. Should we succeed in this campaign, the funds will be used for:

  • Translation
  • Additional artwork
  • Printing
  • Editing 

Design, look and feel and mood have always been important trademarks for us here at RiotMinds. We’ve developed worlds such as Trudvang and Götterdämmerung with the absolute best artists out there. We've spent hours and hours on research, digging into archives to create worlds and settings that feel real and "organic." Together, we’ve created inspiring settings and designs that make the worlds unique.

Artwork from masters
Artwork from masters

RiotMinds work closely with renowned international artists for this setting, including:

  • Justin Sweet
  • Vance Kovacs
  • Alvaro Tapia
  • Ola Larsson
  • Peter Bergting
  • Niklas Brandt
Sample layout
Sample layout
Future plans include a book about Secret Societies, a Bestiary, a setting book about the New World and many more:

Sub Rosa - Secret Societies
Sub Rosa - Secret Societies
Sub Rosa is the complete book to all the mysterious-, occult- and secret societies. The book will be filled with all the secrets about the Freemasons, the Witch Cult, Illuminati, Odd Fellows, Sodalitium, and many more. And remember: this is the true version, not the one you’ve been filled with before.

Charta Monstrum
Charta Monstrum - Bestiary
Charta Monstrum - Bestiary
Charta Monstrum is the monster-book for the game, including detailed info about vampires, werewolves, golems and many, many more.

If you have a hard time convincing yourself, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, pet, bank account, shelves already filled with nice games… whatever, to help us with this project . We have listed some good reasons below:

  • This is an award-winning game with a truly unique setting
  • 3, packed Roleplaying books for 70 dollars! PLUS stretch goals should we be successful.
  • Just the art alone is worth the bucks!
  • Paris, decadence, 18th-century, flintlock-pistols, just to cool to miss out!
  • I’ve seen the movie Brotherhood of the wolves.. Loved it!
  • ...did we say flintlocks?

Anyhow, super-thanks, high-fives and our humble bow (and scraping our foot in the ground) to you, should you decide to support us.


With some help from you all, we can make this campaign even more amazing.

Stretch goals as follows:

350.000 sek - 4 Color map over 18th century Europe (UNLOCKED)

(Approx. $ 38.000) 

We add a 4-color map over Europe, LexOccultum-style with symbols and borders.

400.000 sek - Extra fluff Ribbon marker, embossed logo on cover and glossy paper. (UNLOCKED)

(Approx. $ 44.000)
We add the extra fluff that makes the books even greater.

450.000 sek - Character sheets (UNLOCKED)

(Approx. $ 50.000)
As a supplement to the character sheet in the core rules we produce designed 20pcs, 2-sided character sheets in color to use playing the game.

500.000 sek - Hardbacks (UNLOCKED)

(Approx. $ 55.000)
We make hardback covers for LexLibris and AlterEgo.

550.000 sek - Game master screen (UNLOCKED)

(Approx. $ 61.000)
We produce a designed 4-color game master screen with all charts and info for the play.

600.000 sek - Secret Arts-pack 1 (UNLOCKED)

(Approx. $ 66.000)
We add 10 new spells/powers in the Dark Arts

650.000 sek - Secret Arts-pack 2 (UNLOCKED)

(Approx. $ 72.000)
We add 10 new spells/powers in the Divine Arts

700.000 sek - Secret Arts-pack 3 (UNLOCKED)

(Approx. $ 78.000)
We add 10 new spells/powers in the Scientific Arts

750.000 sek - Setting-pack 1 (UNLOCKED)

(Approx. $64.000 or €58.000)
In addition to France, Russia, Germany, Italy and England, we add descriptions and locations for Spain, Sweden and the Ottoman Empire.

800.000 sek - Setting-pack 2 (UNLOCKED)

(Approx. $ 83.000)
In addition to France, Russia, Germany, Italy and England, we add descriptions and locations for the New World (North America and Canada).

850.000 sek - Hardback Roi-de-Rats (UNLOCKED)

(Approx. $ 95.000)
We make hardback cover for the campaign Roi-de-Rats.

900.000 sek - Slipcase (UNLOCKED)

(Approx. $ 100.000)
 We make a nice slipcase for the core rules to protect the books and look nice in the bookshelf.

950.000 sek - Adventure: The Great Secrets of Ubel Staal (UNLOCKED)

(Approx. $ 105.000)
A year back, the famous occultist Übel Staal decided to sell a very special item he managed to get his hands on some twenty years ago. He knew, already back then, that the item itself was a dangerous possession, and possible a death sentence for him. The seller was an old cabbalist in urgent need of money though he had to flee from Pfalz. The item was a coin, in fact one of the mythical Judas silver coins, and it was said to carry a great secret. This is the adventure revealing this secret. Year of the Lord 1743.

We translate and produce the adventure: The Great Secrets of Ubel Staal in softback.

1.000.000 sek - Adventure: The Great Secrets of Ubel Staal (UNLOCKED)

(Approx. $111.000)
We translate and produce the adventure: The Great Secrets of Ubel Staal in hardback.

Nosferatu - Blautsauger - Vampire
Nosferatu - Blautsauger - Vampire


 A short description of the rewards aside from the Core Rules.

RiotOnline is RiotMinds digital platform for the game including the complete rules, world setting and a suite of digital tools to create and store characters, roll dices, make game calculations as well as a remote center to start gaming sessions online, all wrapped in stunning graphics.

The exclusive Art of LexOccultum will be Kickstarter EXCLUSIVE, not available elsewhere. We aim at a 16-20 pages booklet filled with sketches and art from the game. Same format as the books.

Art Prints. The four art prints in one of the rewards will be Kickstarter EXCLUSIVE. 

Art of - Book
Art of - Book


RiotMinds is a traditional game publisher since 16 years back. We have published numerous of gaming books for mainly two games: Trudvang Chronicles and Götterdämmerung (now renamed to LexOccultum).

Both games have been awarded with prestigious ratings and reviews. All books have been sold in Swedish and Trudvang Chronicles was just named "The Most Anticipated Game 2017 by's community.

The founders: Theodore Bergqvist and Magnus Malmberg have been working with fantasy and gaming properties for 20+ years. Between 2001 and 2004 Theodore Bergqvist was the CEO and Creative Director at Conan Properties Inc, working with renowned properties such as Conan, Solomon Kane and others. Theodore Bergqvist was also the main owner and CEO of Paradox Interactive, a Swedish strategy games developer and publisher producing and publishing major gaming franchises such as Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings and many more.

RiotMinds has published more than 20 books for it’s table top Role Playing Game: Chronicles of Trudvang, a Board Game, Götterdämmerung game, and numerous of other products of which many is sold out. RiotMinds have had several successful Kickstarer campaigns.

We think we know what we are doing and we know it will be good, and we ask for your help.

A few quotes from our backers in previous projects.

“This has been an awesome project! Thank you for the outstanding, remarkably beautiful book!”

” Got mine this morning- had a brief flick through at work. Looks amazing. So glad I backed this!”

” 10 outta 10!!”

” One of my favourite Kickstarter rewards ever.”

” Reward received, amazing work!  Thank you guys, I hope this is only the first of a long series of masterpieces! Very glad to pledged your kickstarter” 

A few words on production pace, priorities and what to focus on.
Some potential backers may ask how we can release a new kick-starter for a new game when we have not delivered Trudvang Chronicles yet. So let us be clear, it's two separate teams working on these lines even though the core of our team (Theo and Magnus) will supervise both. Launching LexOccultum with have little effect on Trudvang Chronicles and vice versa. Having said that, should we be successful in this Kickstarter we will still always prioritise what's "next in line", in this case Trudvang Chronicles that will be out summer 2017. Translating and editing a Swedish game into english is quite a time consuming project and therefore, the sooner we get started the sooner you all can start to play!

Risks and challenges

We´ve secured the art, most texts are written and we are in the process of translating the text. Translation, layout and printing can sometimes takes a bit longer than expected and even though we aim at a fast delivery it´s a risk it will take longer time than expected.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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