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Nimble & flexible, Roll20 brings the best of tabletop gaming online, focusing on storytelling & camaraderie, not rulesets or mechanics.
Nimble & flexible, Roll20 brings the best of tabletop gaming online, focusing on storytelling & camaraderie, not rulesets or mechanics.
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Last Day

Posted by Riley Dutton (Creator)

Today is the last day of the Kickstarter.  If you haven't already, there are 14 hours remaining to pledge your support for Roll20 and join us during the closed beta.

Beyond that, we're inviting you to join us tonight for our weekly game, which we will be live streaming on

This is NOT meant to be a huge question and answer session-- we'll be busy playing our own game.  Nor is it really meant to be an in depth demonstration-- we'll be playing our basic game, the way we play it.  There will be homebrewed elements and inside jokes, and all manner of things that could make the stream unenjoyable for some of you (did we mention we've never done this streaming thing before?).  BUT we wanted to give a sneak peek to you of this system doing what it does best: allowing friends to gather around a table and tell stories together.

So, those of you that are interested, we'll see you tonight starting at 8:00 PM U.S. Central Time (See it in your time zone:,780,6be). We'll also send out an announcement on our Twitter feed when the broadcast is starting.

And for everyone who will be joining us for the beta, we hope to have you starting your own stories this week.


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    1. Riley Dutton 2-time creator on

      Also for anyone reading this later, @Michael Jacob's comment is about the fact that places some restrictions on streaming to certain countries (the exact error he got was something like "You have used up your allotment of streaming on for your country, please buy a $10/mo. subscription to continue streaming on". This has nothing to do with Roll20 at all, which we tried to explain to him in the chat, but alas he seems to be pretty hell bent on running around spreading confusion. We have not and never would charge anyone to watch a live stream of us hanging out and playing a game.

    2. Riley Dutton 2-time creator on (Warning: contains adult language).

    3. Anifanatic on

      I was unable to watch the live stream, did you guys have it saved anywhere?

    4. Craig Janssen

      The session was interesting and fun to watch. I didn't see any major issues that I would expect to see from a 'beta' at all. Looking forward to seeing more when we can give it our own test run :)

    5. Emmanuele Maida on

      @Michael What?Why??? I'm viewing and downloading it with Jdownloader absolutely free.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Jacob on

      What kind of scam is this? I shall pay$9.99 to watch that live stream? Are you kidding?

    7. James Yee on

      "And yes, we are planning to leave a recorded version up on Twitch."

      You sir are a gentleman and a scholar! I can now get a chance to watch. :)

    8. Riley Dutton 2-time creator on

      For all the time zone conversion questions:,780,6be

      And the beta invites will be sent out later this week, hopefully.

      And yes, we are planning to leave a recorded version up on Twitch.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jeff Craig on

      About when will Beta invites be sent out after the Kickstarter closes?

    10. Missing avatar

      Teddy Christiansen on

      @James Yee You ARE a nice guy :D

    11. James Yee on

      Okay because I'm a nice guy:

      2000 central US time = 0100 UTC (which is GMT)
      Which is 0900 in china
      1100 Sydney Australia
      1500 Hawaii
      1800 Los Angeles
      1900 here in Las Cruces, NM
      2100 in New York
      0400 Baghdad
      0500 Moscow
      0630 in Sri Lanka

    12. William C Crawford on

      I hope you'll leave the recording on Twitch so that the rest of us can watch it at leisure!

    13. Missing avatar

      Teddy Christiansen on

      Same question. i tried a time converter but there are 6 different UTC's. (But i'm guessing its not china)

    14. A Adeyemo on

      What is the time of the stream in UCT/GMT?