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Nimble & flexible, Roll20 brings the best of tabletop gaming online, focusing on storytelling & camaraderie, not rulesets or mechanics.
Nimble & flexible, Roll20 brings the best of tabletop gaming online, focusing on storytelling & camaraderie, not rulesets or mechanics.
Nimble & flexible, Roll20 brings the best of tabletop gaming online, focusing on storytelling & camaraderie, not rulesets or mechanics.
1,580 backers pledged $39,651 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ezequiel Calderara on

      Hey guys!, i backed the first level of Roll20, but i also backed TTF... i just created my Roll20 account...

      How can i "link" it to both rewards? thanks!

    2. Riley Dutton 2-time creator on

      @Tegan Thanks so much for the kind words and support! Really means a lot.

    3. Tegan Abbott on

      Roll20 changed my long distance role-play experience from stressful and irritating to smooth and effortless! We had tested every online and self hosted program we could find and it was almost impossible to manage our group of six in Canada from their separate locations and myself in Australia. We had no choice but to use 2-3 programs to try and do what roll20 does with ease!

      Roll20 makes possible something I thought I could never experience in online role-playing. "Thank you for this project" would never suffice - you have changed my role-playing life! I hope there is more ways we as your extremely grateful backers can support you again in the future for this, or another project!

    4. Val on

      @Rob, well, I am a backer. If every dollar count, my 10 should count too. Thanks for answering my question. So I do have a chance - just need to sing up for a newsletter and wait.

    5. Robert Moy on

      @Val only backers have beta access as a DM for now, but they can invite others as Players who are not backers. I think, however, if you sign up for the newsletter you're in the draw to access the beta as well. Everyone will be able to access all parts of Roll 20 by August (with luck) and hopefully it'll be free too.

    6. Val on

      Hi, any chance some mortals could participate in beta ? Or when will EVERYONE be able to use Roll20?

    7. In_Digo on

      So if our lovely inbox decided to DELETE our beta invite, are we SOL?

    8. Robyn Nixon

      Aha, it was buried in the junk pile.
      Thanks Guys

    9. Robyn Nixon

      Still looking forward to the community group and open beta invite. I see that the charges went through last week.

      This should be exciting, I am looking forward to getting some Pathfinder rpg set up on this.

    10. Jonathan Yarbor on

      My card decided to not process my pledge. I updated my amazon info and sent the pledge today. Didn't know if you needed the update or if you would get it automatically.

    11. Riley Dutton 2-time creator on

      @Eric You need to wait for an email. We are sending them out as fast as we can.

    12. Eric Daum on

      Hey I have a question about Beta invites. I did the Hero level and I can't seem to create an account on d20s webpage probably because I'm waiting for an email with a code (which I haven't recieved yet). It says something about getting it faster with the email I used on Kickstarter, but I'm not sure what that means. I have been logging in using my Facebook email, not a kickstarter registration, though I did put my email in for the updates and have been getting them. Is there something else I need to do or am I all set? Thanks in advance.

    13. Story Luck on

      Entered the beta, thanks guys! Looks great. Will hopefully get to really play around with it in two or three weeks. plans on holding some off the wall story driven events using it.

      I request that you guys set up a forum for players to discuss their campaigns.

    14. Missing avatar

      Benjamin A Fonner on

      A feature I would love to see is a "match maker" my old D&D group is pretty much disbanded, and I'd still like to play. Help me find a game?

    15. Missing avatar

      leperkhaun on

      I have a random question for you. Lets say i start up a game and then invite my friends. Can I hand off the role of GM to one of them? or is the GM role tied to who starts the game?

    16. Shoganai on

      Alex - are you sure that first email isn't just telling you that you've AUTHORIZED Amazon to process a payment upto that amount at a later date? That's usually what happens. The ACTUAL authorization doesn't happen until the END of the project.

    17. Missing avatar

      Mouse on

      I'm really excited for this! I've been fussing with a maptools, then google+ (screenshare + webcam) for my D&D campaign, and this is pretty much exactly what I want out of a virtual tabletop! Thanks so much for putting this project out there!

      I do have a quick question--another game I'm involved in (I'm not the GM of that game) would benefit from this system... can I either set someone else as the GM or invite them to the beta?

    18. J. Cranfill on

      Just want to drop my 2 cents in and let Team Roll20 know that this is one of the coolest projects to hit pen & paper RP'ing since...forever. So happy to see the huge support behind it. I hope it's a smashing success!

    19. Brett Evill on

      @ Riley Supercool! 793% funded! I am looking forward to using Roll20 (beta) to start my new ≈ "Spirit of the Century" game on the 9th, and to using my game to test Roll20.

    20. Brett Evill on

      @Alex Allgood: I have received two emails from Amazon Payments concerning this project, but only one says that I have been charged.
      • The first e-mail was dated the 14th of April and its subject line is "You Have Authorized a Payment to Kickstarter, Tailor Made Solutions, LLC". And the text tells me that I have authorised a payment of up to a certain amount to be made to Kickstarter when and if Kickstarter applies for it.
      • The second email was dated 1 May, has a subject line "Your Payment to Tailor Made Solutions, LLC has succeeded", and it tells me that a payment to Kickstarter has actually been made.
      So: two e-mails concerning the charge, but only one charge (it says).
      If what you have is *not* like that, if you have actually been charged twice and not just told twice, you ought to get in touch with Kickstarter about it (because they would have made the mistake) and send Riley a message (not post a comment) including the e-mail address you used for this Kickstarter, because he is going to want to kick some backside: you are his customer and he doesn't want his agents (Kickstarter and Amazon) pissing off his customers.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ezra on

      Really looking forward to trying out the beta! I had a quick question though, the little colored markers that you can attach to tokens, are the list of colors there editable, and can you have more than the 6 or however many I saw in the twitch video?

    22. Joshua R on

      I'll check out some other resources, but I'm interested in joining a Shadowrun group... We can see how well Roll20 suits that system.

    23. Filigree Forge on has a forum that could be used for lfg/lfp, it also has a host of links for VT resources.

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Jacob on

      If Kickstarter charged you on the 16th, it was for anything but this project. This project ended yesterday, not on the 16th...

    25. Missing avatar

      Thomas Douglass on

      @Alex Is it possible that you're seeing the original Amazon authorization from when you pledged? I get an email from Kickstarter and one from Amazon when I make a pledge, but I'm not actually charged until the drive ends.

    26. Riley Dutton 2-time creator on

      @Alex We're really sorry to hear that. Your best course of action is to get in touch with someone from Kickstarter and let them know what happened. Unfortunately, we don't have any control over the payment/charging mechanism, that's all handled by them. If you have any issues at all getting in contact with them or getting the issue resolved, please let us know and we'll see if there's anything we can do to help.

    27. Missing avatar

      Alex Allgood on

      you charged me once on the 16th and now again on the 30th of april

    28. Missing avatar

      Alex Allgood on

      You guys charged me twice for the $25 tier. WTF

    29. Missing avatar

      Hans-Joachim Maier on

      I'm glad that i managed to be a backer just in time. And I already have a session I need to play. We were playing yesterday and could not finish the adventure in time. Since it was a very spontanous meeting, it would take probably some time to meet again, so an online session sounds like a good idea.

    30. Missing avatar

      sonicxdoom on

      Sigh! I am so excited for this. Was really hoping to be able to give it a try today but I guess we'll have to wait. Guess impatience is just the mark of a good game release =)

    31. Riley Dutton 2-time creator on

      Thanks so much everyone for all of the congrats! And we are indeed hard at work. We'll be sending out beta invites in just a couple of days, along with more information on how you can contact the development team with your suggestions, bug reports, etc. during the beta.

      We couldn't have done it without all of the amazing support of the community! Thanks again!

    32. Missing avatar

      Lollash on

      For those interested in forming a gaming group, i intend to run a campaign as soon as the beta is released. Im a backer with guaranteed access. Times and frequency are negotiable. Feel free to email me at with Subject: RPG Group Roll20 with an idea of when you would be available

    33. Shoganai on

      Congrats! Looking forward to some hands on experience with the tool :)

    34. Mopsothoth

      Congrats, cool to watch the game on twitch, my son loved it and he's ready to play with his cousins online. We play Dragon Age / AGE and it would be cool if you could color different dice pools. In AGE, you rolls 2d6 + 1d6, with the 1d6 being the dragon die and it's a different color. So now we can do /roll 2d6+1d6 and get something appropriate (4,5)+(6) = 15, it would just be a nice touch if the second 1d6 could also show up as another color. The other thing with AGE is that doubles matter, so if there was an indication of doubles that would be nice. e.g. /roll 2d6+1d6 -> (4,\b5)+(\b5) = 14 or (\b3.\b3)+(6) = 11. Where \b indicates bold for the text.

    35. ET3D on


    36. Missing avatar

      JB on

      Congrats! What an awesome showing and for such a worthwhile product! Now I'm just going to wait patiently until the beta starts....


      Is it here yet? :D

    37. Matt C on

      Awesome effort Riley and the Roll20 team! Thrilled to see you succeed and I look forward to the games ahead.

    38. Missing avatar

      Marc Gillham on

      Well done, Riley - congratulations! Now get to work!!

      Speaking as an iTabletop veteran, there are four types of add/erase fog of war you need to make it work easily for any type of map: square/rectangle, circle/eclipse, polygon, and free form.

    39. Dave Repp on

      Congrats on a successful day!

    40. Jim on

      Do i get a bonus for living in the same city as you Riley Dutton :P

    41. Joshua R on

      I've also been watching a while - fun to see it in action; gotta hit the sack, though - so here's hoping you hit 40k!

    42. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Guttenberg on

      Also watching the game on How about something that highlights the people who are talking with an outline or something? Basically, if the volume on the voice chat from a source is above X, highlight their video box. I think this'd be useful if you had a couple players who weren't using video, or even if they are (I found it hard to tell who was talking a few times due to the small video windows, and whenever there's lag). You'd have to also have people's names displayed under their video boxes.

    43. Chris Waldrip on

      Watched the first hour of the game tonight on, and I'm stoked.

      A few suggestions I thought of or were mentioned in the chat...
      - Tape measure for distance, good for games like 40K, or for travel distance on larger maps. A point-to-point distance and a pen tool for travel routes.
      - Pen & Polygon tool for Fog of War, sometimes a rectangle just doesn't work well.
      - Dice roll sound - for nostalgia :-)
      - Create 'modules' where you can upload or download multiple items like maps, images and sounds as a zip file. Great for sharing info, or for archiving.

    44. Victor Allen

      If account costs are going to be based (at least partly) on storage space, I would like to see the option to point to my own storage (S3 bucket, etc.).

      As for a LFG feature... I would rather not see resources go to this over advancing the features of playing a game. The former will benefit some, while the latter will benefit all users.

    45. Missing avatar

      EstanislaoStan on

      Does anyone know if there will be a way to increase your account capacity for custom art after the project is funded, like a membership or something?

    46. Brett Evill on

      Fate dice are /roll 4d3 - 8. I would have been perfectly happy without a custom shortcut.

    47. Brett Evill on

      My fellow Brett raises an important point. There are already several "gamers seeking gamers" facilities on the 'Net. I'm registered with Nearby Gamers, ENworld, the Steve Jackson Games forums, the HERO Games forums (still, I think) and perhaps others, and am about to register with Pen & Paper. And this is one area where fewer is better. A single "gamers seeking gamers" facility would be more effective as well as more efficient than a multitude. I'm sure I have at least two registrations for which my details are not up-to-date.
      I suggest the Roll20 might do well to promote, or to form a partnership with, one existing "looking for gamers" site. Or establish links with several non-commercial ones. Not attempt to duplicate function and create its own with a partial and overlapping database.
      Stick to your core competence. Outsource what you can.

    48. Brett Yang on

      I'm also going to vote up the idea of a LFG component. It should ideally be fully fledged or at least integrated with one of many online sites that run that kind of deal. Too often do we find ourselves without games because of how decentralized this process is... perhaps with a core product we can get somewhere!

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