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Yesterday Brings Today is an illustrated short story written and illustrated by Jordan W Martin. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 15, 2012.

Yesterday Brings Today is an illustrated short story written and illustrated by Jordan W Martin.

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Yesterday Brings Today

It's a place Away from Here,

and Far from There,

and in this place,

if you travel Here

You'll end up There,

and if you go Away

You'll end up going Far,

and if you travel Far,

you'll end, neither Here nor There.

The poem above is the opening to Yesterday Brings Today.  This illustrated short story will be the first project for Right After Then Design LLC to produce.  My Name is Jordan, and a 2 years ago, my cousin Derek and I started Right After Then to create games, but we have expanded to many creative projects since then.  Our name actually comes from a part of Yesterday Brings Today.  Now that my book is complete, we are finally moving forward with our plans, and it seems fitting to me that the first thing we produce is the book that inspired our name.  

My full name is Jordan W Martin, and I wrote and illustrated Yesterday Brings Today.  I have been working on this story since 2008.  It has gone through a lot of changes.  Originally, it was actually going to be an animated short, but as it evolved it took on many forms.  I finished the writing in 2010 and started working on the layout and even some illustrations when I ran into a block in the road; I realized something wasn't right with what I had created.  In the fall of that year some major events took place.  I lost two important people in my life only a few months apart, and that is when I started rewriting the story from the ground up.  A few small parts where salvaged from the rubble of the original story.  In the light of these developments, the fictional story I was working on became more a fictional interpretation of a true story. 

As I worked on finishing Yesterday Brings Today, I decided that the best thing to do would be to hand bind all of them.  Each would be hand bound with a hand cut silk screen hard cover.  Now, I am not too proud to admit that that was not the best idea.  For something that I have put my heart and soul into, and something that I would like to share with the world, creating 20 copies is not going to cut it.  Consequently, I have decided to bring out a paperback version of the book.  The only real difference between the paperback and the hard cover, besides hardness, will be the design.   I am working on creating a different cover for the paperback edition, so that it fits certain specifications I have to work around.  The paperback book will be available on Amazon and on Right After Then's website when it is released.  I simply need help getting this ball rolling, and thats where I need some help.  Kickstarter allows you to help me put this book into print, and it allows me to give directly back to you for that help.  

There is little I would like to say about the story itself, it is something I would like you to experience yourself.  The closest I will come to a summary is to say that Yesterday Brings Today is about the people the book is dedicated to:

For those that have left, and those of us left behind.  


  • I am not asking for anything additional for international shipping. In the end, I am hoping that the cost will even out. Also, I didn't ask for anything in the beginning, so I would feel rude changing it now.

    If anyone would like to pledge more to help me out with the shipping they may of course, but I am not going to require it.

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    The special edition of Yesterday Brings Today: which is hand bound, with a hand cut silk screened hard cover. Each of these books will be signed and numbered from 2-21 of 21 (sorry, I'm holding onto 1 of 21) . . . plus everything above.

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