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Help the RiffTrax/MST3K guys get TWILIGHT to riff for their next nationwide simulcast live show!
Help the RiffTrax/MST3K guys get TWILIGHT to riff for their next nationwide simulcast live show!
6,113 backers pledged $264,860 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by RiffTrax: Mike, Bill & Kevin (Creator)

Greetings loyal Kickstarter backers and/or confused spouses who share email addresses with our loyal Kickstarter backers!

Let’s cut to the chase: we have bad news and we have great news. The bad news? We were unable to secure the rights to Twilight for our live show. (Remember, we have great news in just a paragraph or two, so don’t break out the pitchforks just yet.) We had long talks with the folks at Summit, who turned out to be very nice people and not Volturi-like in the slightest. They understood what we wanted to do and didn’t object to the idea. They just felt that the Twilight series is still very much a going concern for them, i.e. something that’s still going to earn them millions and millions more dollars, and it didn’t make sense to let a few guys crack jokes on top of it - at least not this summer. They’re probably right, dag nabbit, and they did leave the door open for us riffing Twilight in the future.

We knew this was a risk going in, which is why we were simultaneously talking with other studios about backup plans. Which brings us to the great news. We have acquired the rights to another movie for the August live show and it’s a darn good Plan B. Heck, it’s not even really a Plan B, we consider it more of a Plan A-1.5, Subsection C. For our August live show we will be riffing...


We’re excited about this for a number of reasons: It’s big. It’s goofy. It’s got giant bug aliens. Folks have been asking us to do this movie ever since we riffed excerpts of it on the 1998 MST3K Blockbuster Special. And IT’S FREAKING STARSHIP TROOPERS! It’s basically a cheesy 50s sci-fi flick, the kind we know and “love”, but made in 1997 with a massive Hollywood budget! NEIL PATRICK HARRIS as a psychic who talks to giant bugs! DENISE RICHARDS as a brilliant starship pilot, before she was a brilliant nuclear scientist in that Bond movie! MICHAEL IRONSIDE, because it’s a war movie, so of course Michael Ironside! JAKE BUSEY, hanging out and making it weird! This movie’s got it all!

Getting Starship Troopers is especially exciting because it’s owned by Sony. Thanks to you guys, we now have a relationship with a great big studio, which we’re incredibly excited about going forward, because of the fantastic potential. They’ve got shelves and shelves of fun, famous movies we’d love to sink our teeth into, and we can’t wait to see what doors this opens in the future. And we couldn’t have done it without you.

Now that we’ve established the title, here’s some more info about the live show:

It is going to take place on Thursday, August 15th. Once again we’ll be performing at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville. Tickets are not on sale yet, but we’ve worked out an arrangement with the Belcourt to make sure that you guys, our Kickstarter backers, get the first opportunity to buy live show tickets. We will be sending out more information as the on sale date approaches.

In the interest of full disclosure, we want to let you know that while we are thrilled to be doing Starship Troopers, working with a big studio is more complicated than how we usually do things on our own. For instance, negotiating the rights to riff a movie live in a theater is not the same as negotiating for the digital distribution rights of said live show. They are two different departments and what works for one may not work for another. We know that the digital download of the live show was one of our most popular rewards choices and are going to do everything in our power to be able to deliver the reward. But we have not secured these rights as of yet, and there’s a chance that Sony may not let us do this. Hopefully it won’t be an issue. If for any reason we’re unable to deliver the digital download, we will of course offer up what we hope is a reward that is more than a fair substitute. You will be kept in the loop as this develops, and we may even run ideas by you if we’re forced to choose a new reward.

So like we said, we feel like this is great news, and we hope you do too. We’re excited about taking on this modern alien war epic of infinite cheese, splattering the Arachnids all over the screen alongside a crew of impossibly attractive young Hollywood stars. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments or send an email to

And as a final note, we’d just like to thank you again for taking this journey with us. We think we’ve made something special happen here, and are excited about what opportunities it might open in the future. And we couldn’t have done it without your support.

So strap on your stompiest bug-stompin’ spaceboots, Roughnecks, it’s going to be a hell of a show!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Gourdcaptain on

      I'm kind of disappointed - mostly because Starship Troopers is a film that already makes fun of itself (I'm in the weird camp that thinks the film is pretty much making fun of itself and somewhat self-aware). Also, I'm more in this for the download than the actual live show, so that would be an extra disappointment. Not really angry or anything, it's just not the film I would have preferred you guys do.

    2. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      I'm not sure how I feel about this since I actually like Starship Troopers and I'm used to movies I would otherwise hate without the rifftrax. Also, not being sure about being able to provide downloads doesn't sound good for those who pledged for that reward. Still, since I like Starship troopers and rifftrax it should be a lot of fun.

    3. Mike Johnson on

      I am far happier with ST over Twilight. I can see why others would feel differently but to me Michael Ironside > anyone in Twilight!

    4. Missing avatar

      Derek Levesque on

      Crap! This will be the first Rifftrax in theaters that I'll miss, due to the way movies with CGI from the 90's and 2000's give me headaches and occasional seizures. Even now I have trouble with movies with flashy CGI as my brain can't seem to process it. Oh well!

      Can we get an old movie next? Perhaps Night of the Living Dead? I mean, Halloween will be coming soon and its not like Zombies aren't popular right now huh?

    5. Matt Combes on

      I'm in the camp that thinks it's great that you're going with Starship Troopers over Twilight. I enjoyed your actual Twilight riff already, and though a live show with new jokes would be great, I'd prefer to see a movie that hasn't previously been riffed. Really hope the digital download thing works out though, although I didn't pledge for it I would still like the option of being able to buy it later on.

    6. Missing avatar

      Analisa Gonzales on

      Can't lie I'm a bit disappointed with starship troopers, would like to see other plan b's, but I love you guys and support y'all regardless, really looking forward to those perks that come with the donation

    7. James Rye on

      Add me to the list of the very pleased. I've already enjoyed all the Twilight riffage. And if Starship Troopers was camp, it flew right over my head (as Starships are prone to do). Very much looking forward to it!

      Like a couple of others, I can't imagine what you'd replace the downloads with, though. I already have most of the VODs.

    8. Ryan T. Morris on

      I hope that the live show download will be available. The main reason I pledged so much money is because I don't live close to a city that shows the live shows. If I can't see the show that I helped to support, I will have feel like I've wasted my money. The other rewards will be nice but I want to see the show!

    9. Garrick Alan Moritz on

      Oh man, Starship Troopers... I loved the novel, but skipped the movie because I was told it was an offense against my literacy. (Now for some reason I'm thinking of Peter Jackson's Hobbit, which Mike/Kevin/Bill/Rifftrax Team, you need to attack viciously at some point in the near future.)

      I'm a little sad that Twilight didn't work out, but not so sad that any tears will be shed... at all. (Also a movie and a set of books that I have avoided like the bubonic plague. I love bad movies, and even a bad novel here and there, hence why I love MST3K & Rifftrax, but there comes a point when you gotta draw a line somewhere.)

      I'm pretty sure that this live event will be stupendous, and I also echo the nomination that you need to get Neil Patrick Harris for this one. He did an excellent job when he Riffed the original Willy Wonka Movie with Mike. I'm sure he could offer some hilarious insights to a production he was a part of.

      Also I echo Ms. Lopez further down! GO RIFFTRAX! OohRah!

    10. Erik Groesbeck on

      Yes! Disappointed we aren't getting Twilight this time, but I love the idea of Riffing Starship Troopers! I'm very excited!

    11. Missing avatar

      Matthew Hartman on

      If they're worried about losing out on the home distribution end, pitch a new "Rifftrax Special Edition" Contains your live show with a straight copy of their movie. I'd gladly double dip on my blu-ray copy to get your live show! That said, they can't be selling too many copies of that movie any sale should be welcome!

    12. Mel Black on

      Not disappointed at all! Looking forward to it.

    13. m0nstrz on

      At first I was apposed to the idea of this riff.... because this is one of my all time favorite movies... however now I'm thinking that this is the best possibility, because your making one of my most favorite movies even better. Thanks Rifftrax looking forward to this!

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    15. Michael Askew on

      Great work guys!

    16. Christy "Zap Rowsdower" Gleason on

      Oh happy day! I chucked my money into the pot to do my part even though I really didn't a Twilight riff. But Starship Troopers? I'll be like a kid on Christmas morning!

    17. Missing avatar

      John J Hill on

      I wonder if it's more fun to Riff Jaws(1) or Jaws, the Revenge(4), Starship Troopers (1) or Starship Troopers 3: Marauders. Earlier versions have more schmaltz on the bone, but later sequels are easier plucking. (Never mind Star Wars numbering; it's too weird.)

    18. Missing avatar

      Colin Foster on

      Also, just a question: Will the movie be edited or unedited? My brother who'll likely accompany me kind of has a problem with nudity in movies (or rather, his wife does).

    19. Missing avatar

      Colin Foster on

      I'm conflicted. On one hand, I am kind of okay that you're not doing "Twilight" (it's getting close to being a dead horse). On the other hand, I'm uneasy about the idea of "Starship Troopers," seeing as how it's allegedly satirical (I haven't seen it yet, though now I need to do it more urgently than ever). On the third hand (yes, I have three hands), I was secretly kind of hoping for "Super Mario Brothers"... or "Batman and Robin."

    20. Joseph Johnson on

      Yeah, Nashville's been the lucky ones long enough. Why not come to the glorious Warren Theater in Moore, Oklahoma. My people need a good laugh (and we definitely know about 'Death From Above')

    21. Missing avatar

      Ezekiel Hubbard on

      I, also, am relieved to be contributing to a project involving a hitherto unriffed movie. I was actively hoping 'Twilight' would fall through. I receive this as VERY good news, all around.

    22. Joseph Robert Longoria on

      I agree this is a better pick than Twilight! I love this movie, but I too hope we can get a download since I have all my other's on my NAS; XBMC baby straight from the ISO! Unless I'm watching it on my Revue.. :-)

    23. Jacob Smith on

      Rifftrax and Sony making babies? They're my two favorite things. ^_^

    24. Jeremy on

      This sounds awesome. I'm happy I don't have to sit through Twilight again.

    25. A Jacob Cord

      YES! I also support the Bring NPH as a guest riffer, that would be sooo META!

    26. Corey Lafferty on

      YAY and WOOT!


      Brenda Yawn Said: "Beg Neil Patrick Harris to be there!"


    27. Richard Nahamko on

      This will work for me.

    28. Adam on

      An excellent alternative and in some ways superior since it will be all new material. It would also be a great opportunity for Neil Patrick Harris to visit (hint hint)

    29. Melissa Simpson on

      I'm not disappointed at all in the chosen film! It will be especially nice since this will be a completely brand new riff. I will be really disappointed if they don't allow for the sale of a VOD of the live show since I'm never able to make it to the shows. It's the main reward I was looking forward to so I really hope they allow for it to happen. I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

    30. David Mello on

      Well, maybe it's a bit too soon to mock sparkly vampires to a mass audience. However, maybe 2015 is a better date to pounce on Twilight.
      Still, Starship Troopers is a good start. From there, you can go to Battleship Earth, the first Star Trek movie (or better yet the one running now, mainly due to how it collapses in the last 30 minutes) or maybe Catwoman.
      If by some chance you can't deliver a digital download for this, may I suggest offering two VOD movies from the Rifftrax site or something like that. Maybe the Manos Live show will be ready by then. I still hope the next Rifftrax Live can be given in digital download. I'm all too proud to help you guys with this.
      So, good luck with the preparations, and you can expect my ten bucks when the Dr. Who movie is available tomorrow

    31. Lisa Kruse

      Happy it's not Twilight, I'm ok with Starship Troopers but unhappy that it wasn't even on your worst movies list. Is there enough left to get Super Mario also? Even just as an mp3?

    32. Missing avatar

      Joseph on

      Not surprised that we didn’t get Twilight. I am surprised that they are okay with it and may let Rifftrax do it in the future. I was hoping for Mario Bros. but Starship Troopers is a great one. My wife and I enjoy watching it in all its cheesy glory. Just hope we can still get the download.

    33. Ashanta Lopez on

      Hey I'm still happy. Go RiffTrax!

    34. Matthew D. Groves on

      I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth: anything with RiffTrax is great.

      But Starship Troopers seems like an odd choice. It's not in that "worst movies" list that RiffTrax put together, and the movie itself is somewhat self-aware that it's not meant to be taken seriously (i.e., it's borderline camp). Just seems like an odd choice is all. But if it's like a relationship-building thing with studio(s), then it makes sense.

      Can you disclose how much of the Kickstarter funds are going towards getting these rights? I.e. how much is "left over" and will go towards the next film(s)?

    35. jugglegeek on

      Woulda though, because we're in this for the species people. It's simple numbers; they have more!

    36. Missing avatar

      Robert Duff on

      Fine with the substitution. Honestly you guys did Twilight before so wasn't too interested in another go (even if sequel or whatever).

      But what is with you guys scheduling your live events during GenCon? Arrgggh. Same thing with Manos last year but I managed to see it downtown. Not going to be able to go this year. Will there be an encore?

    37. Pamela Bock on


      I think I'm actually happier than if it was Twilight. This is ... just absolutely amazing news. So, so excited. :D

      It's gonna be a fantastic show!!

    38. Bob Troth on

      I actually never expected them to get Twilight, so no big surprise there. But a Paul Verhoeven film? I'd buy that for a dollar!

    39. Sam White on

      Awesome! This may be even better than Twilight!

      We're getting something unriffed (though that time on the Oscar special was fun!) and heck, this is just a big budgeted version of those old school sci-fi movies riffing was made for! (though with political allegory pretentions)

    40. Riley Weckbacher-Robeck on

      I'm ok with this, I wanted a new movie riffed anyways

    41. Zachary Leonard

      In all honesty, I can't imagine anything short of "my money back" that I'd want in place of the download of the live show. Maybe an mp3 riff of the same movie, plus a video of the shorts?

    42. Jonathan on

      While I'm disappointed that Twilight isn't getting ripped to shreds like it deserves, this will be awesome! This was the 1st ever R-rated film I ever got to see in theaters. It will also be interesting since this will be the 1st R-rated "Rifftrax Live" as all the movies they've done for these before have been in the PG to PG-13 range (except that Norman short with the seemingly endless shower scene that I am still trying to burn from my memory).

      I just wish you guys would leave Nashville and do it someplace else for a Buffalo, NY maaaaaaaybe

    43. Boone Simpson on

      This is actually a better movie and a better choice. Super excited to check it out.

    44. H Lynnea

      Sad about Twilight, but awesome to hear about Starship Troopers!

      For those of us *not* in Nashville, will you be live broadcasting this as you've done with Manos & Birdemic? Pretty please?

    45. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      It's a good change. That's a good change!

    46. Missing avatar

      Dave Ross on

      A little disappointed you didn't get Twilight, but you done good.

    47. Missing avatar

      Brenda Yawn on

      I wasn't sure I'd be able to stomach Twilight even with riffing help, but Starship Troopers will be awesome. Beg Neil Patrick Harris to be there!

    48. Missing avatar

      Adam Hauch on

      I'm very close to being even more excited about this!

    49. Eric Payawal

      I can't argue with this choice. The movie is itself considered satire. :)

    50. Missing avatar

      Trevor Vogel on

      I was actually looking forward to seeing twilight for the first time... Oh well, werewolves, vampires, giant bugs, Michael Ironside.... all the same thing! It'll be great.