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Help the RiffTrax/MST3K guys get TWILIGHT to riff for their next nationwide simulcast live show!
Help the RiffTrax/MST3K guys get TWILIGHT to riff for their next nationwide simulcast live show!
Help the RiffTrax/MST3K guys get TWILIGHT to riff for their next nationwide simulcast live show!
6,113 backers pledged $264,860 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Karen from NOLA on

      My profound thanks to the entire Rifftrax crew for bringing us such joy over the years. You've made the bad times bearable, and the good ones great. Again, my heartfelt thanks. <3 Karen

    2. Christopher

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    3. Sid Suicide on

      No video for H thank yous? I've been skipped over! :(

    4. Missing avatar

      ABasketOfPups on

      Did not hear my name on the K video, where Mike should have said "Paul Kroll" in a deep resonate tone befitting a demigod like myself, whose own voice resembles Elmo on meth. If I'm elsewhere, or somehow was listening while blackout drunk and missed it, please point it out in an appropriately humiliating way and I'll slink off to cry while clinging to a bottle of Drambuie.

    5. RiffTrax: Mike, Bill & Kevin 6-time creator on

      @Alex: Thank you videos are still being worked on! (There are LOTS of people to thank.)

      @Skyroniter: We do have some left, but we're not sure yet where they'll go. Selling them may be an option - we'll let everyone know!

    6. skyroniter on

      Any extra signed posters for sale? At the time I couldn't contribute to the level required for one but I was able to make the show in Nashville and would love to have a memento of the occasion. And I can afford one now.

    7. Missing avatar

      Alex Schelldorf on

      Hey gang. Any update on the Thank You videos?

    8. RiffTrax: Mike, Bill & Kevin 6-time creator on

      Posters were scheduled to go out in November, actually, you'll receive yours this month!

    9. Joe Breci on

      Have posters gone out yet for the $75 tier? I haven't received mine yet and was just curious since the posters were delivered back in July or whatever. Thanks guys.

    10. skyroniter on

      I forgot we got the Starship Troopers mp3 for free! Consider my purchase of it an additional donation.

    11. Missing avatar

      Mary Lorenc on

      I cannot access the rewards page. I only get the home page where there is no mention of the rewards VOD's. Any information would be grateful.

    12. Missing avatar

      Seth Bradley

      For those of us who couldn't make it to either show (for example I like 70 miles from a participating theater) will the Riff file be made available later so we can enjoy it at home?

    13. Peter Larson on

      I had to make a second Rifftrax account to get my rewards since I signed up years ago under a different email but once I figured that out I got my shorts. Pretty interesting to see the full version of Mr. B Natural even if I still hear the old MST3K riffs in my head! I'm looking forward to the Manos VOD!

    14. Abby Lusk on

      I'm still curious when the posters will be shipping out for those of us at the $75 and up level? Thanks for your answer!

    15. Missing avatar

      Ken Alexander on

      Well, that sucks. The encore performance will not be shown in Canada.

    16. Missing avatar

      Paul Arnone on

      The theater I watched the show at (Bozeman, MT) screwed up the recording so we missed an entire hour of the show... grumble grumble grumble... however, after copious amounts of heckling the (cheap) theater, we were all given two free tickets! So I will be back on September 12th and Halloween--can't wait!

    17. Missing avatar

      David Scudder on

      Thanks for the update guys!!
      Can't wait to experience MANOS yet another time!And Mr.B Natural and the others too.

    18. Dave Byknish on

      Very cool. Thank you for the response. Loved the show.

    19. RiffTrax: Mike, Bill & Kevin 6-time creator on

      @Dave: They should be ready this week!

    20. Dave Byknish on

      Any word about the other rewards being doled out? I wanna sit down with my shorts collection! To watch, not wear.

    21. RiffTrax: Mike, Bill & Kevin 6-time creator on

      Also, for those of you who missed the show, there will be an Encore on September 12th! Info:!return-of-rifftrax-live-starship-troopers

    22. RiffTrax: Mike, Bill & Kevin 6-time creator on

      @Monica and Ken: We have reached out to the $125 backers. Sorry about the issue!

    23. Erich Becker

      Wow, what a great live show! I am kicking myself for not getting a signed poster now! I am sure Mike, Bill, and Kevin will square up with anyone that was forgotten in the credits to make it right. I hope they do this again soon!

    24. Missing avatar

      Ken Alexander on

      I agree Monica. A "we'll look into it" would be nice....but so far nothing

    25. Mynkx on

      ANY explanation as to why the names of those who paid $125 weren't shown onscreen as promised would be greatly appreciated.

    26. Rob Vincent on

      That was a hell of a show, folks! Thanks again for letting us be a part of making all this happen.

    27. Boone Simpson on

      Enjoyed the show immensely, but we got there 20 minutes early and missed some of the "pre show trivia", I have always love the riff pre show trivia from previous liveriffs, is there anyway for that to be released as a digital download or as a reward for backers?

    28. David Lynch on

      Yup, me too. Not sure how they missed so many of us. We all has a sad. Guess we should have backed at a lower level - then our names would have been there :(

    29. Jason Burns on

      My name was wrong in the end credits they had a differnt frist name.

    30. Denise D Simon on

      I still hurt from laughing so much! This might be your best yet and will be very difficult to top. I love that I helped to make this happen. Thank you for fifteen minutes of fame. Well, not quite fifteen, but close enough.

    31. Missing avatar

      Moviesign on

      @Star: Names weren't in the pre-show that I saw and, except for one *very* brief bathroom visit, I watched the entire thing. They did show name/photos of some backers but that was it. I'm with Joseph that an autographed DVD or poster (letting us pick the title would be awesome!) would be a nice compensation.

    32. Joseph Taranta on

      @Brandon: Looks like several of us were missed in the end credits. They were supposed to list my wife's name. I didn't tell her and it was to be a surprise. I was disappointed but, oh well, nobody gets it right every time. Still it was a great show and I'm looking forward to the next one in October. I think you should get another t-shirt. I would be happy with an autographed Shorts DVD or movie poster.

    33. Brandon Hulslander on

      I'm in the same boat as Tork, Jeff and Star. I received a t-shirt as well, but my name wasn't even in the end credits. Think you can make it up? Maybe adding another t-shirt? My mom really likes the design and would like one for herself.

    34. Missing avatar

      Star Donovan on

      @Elizabeth: First, I'd like to say I understand how that could be off-putting, however I disagree with your label of "bait and switch":

      When they first announced the campaign, they said they would *try* to get Twilight, but emphasized (pretty heavily, IMO) that they might night get it; there's even a section on the initial page titled "WHAT IF WE CAN'T GET "TWILIGHT?" (their capitalization/emphasis, not mine). It's also covered in 3:30 - 3:52 of the initial video. All this was announced initially, BEFORE you gave any money.

      Furthermore, they announced way back in May in update email #6 that they were doing Starship Troopers instead, and literally every email update since has referenced that (No hyperbole; I just went back through all my emails and confirmed this). As a backer, you would have received the emails and known what movie was being riffed far before "buying tickets for the show tonight", unless you're saying you never got the emails?

      It's also in the Kickstarter "updates" link for the project (see link at the top), their YouTube channel and their website.

    35. Missing avatar

      Star Donovan on

      Got my shirt! Didn't see my name.

      I thought maybe I overlooked it, until I saw all these other comments indicating the same problem.

      ...unless there were so many names that you split it (pre-show and end credits)? I missed the pre-show, so it's possible this is a non-issue if you listed it then.

    36. Missing avatar

      Moviesign on

      Same as Patrick, ftwelve and Tork. $125 level names were not shown. Kind of disappointing. The shirt's nice and all, but this was FAME! Short, fleeting fame, but still... What happened to the names?

    37. Missing avatar

      Tork_110 on

      I got the tshirt but I didn't see my name. Were names shown during the pre-show?

    38. ftwelve on

      Same deal as Patrick, donated at the 125 dollar level, no name on screen.
      The show was bad ass none the less, can't wait for the Halloween show.

    39. Missing avatar

      Patrick Russell Knox Sr. on

      Was at $125 level. Name not on screen :-( . Was out of state, still saw show. No name. :-(

    40. Amanda Gentzel

      Just got back from the show - it was great fun!! Spent two hours laughing constantly in a packed and enthusiastic movie theater. Thanks for the great show, guys! (and I'm definitely looking forward to the downloadable backer rewards too! :-D)

    41. Elizabeth Barnhart on

      I'm afraid to say that I'm terribly disappointed. I donated based on the fact that you were going to be riffing Twilight. I understand that you weren't able to get rights to Twilight. That's reasonable. But when I started looking into buying tickets for the show tonight, I found out that the film you WILL be doing is rated R. It includes levels of nudity and graphic violence that I'm not willing to see and I'm certainly not willing to take my teenage sons to see. If I had known that you would choose this kind of movie as a replacement I would NEVER have donated. This feels like a total bait-and-switch to me.

    42. Jim Barg on

      @Kris: can't remember if it's been mentioned here, but via the FB page, there aren't going to be any shorts tonight.

    43. Jonah Falcon on

      When do I download my free RiffTrax?

    44. Erich Becker

      Got my tickets and can't wait for tomorrow night!

    45. Abby Lusk on

      Hey guys, I'm ready and Rarin' to go for Thursday night! I was also wondering when the posters will be shipping out?

    46. Missing avatar

      Kris Bluth on

      How long is the show going to run on Thursday night? The Cinemark site says 120 minutes, but that seems pretty tight for three shorts and the movie itself. I'm getting a sitter and it'd be nice to be able to plan...

    47. Mcnicholas on

      As someone who can't make the live show the latest news about the VoD is a bit upsetting but I guess Manos will suffice.

    48. Missing avatar

      Robert Duff on

      I set my pledge level knowing that there would be a conflict for the Live Show (it's Gencon - also hit last year, but I was able to watch downtown). So I was counting on the digital download to enjoy this. Any chance for an encore? Otherwise I hope that efforts will be redoubled to be able to have either a download, an mp3 of the live show, or some sort of hybrid.

    49. Missing avatar

      yoda-sama on

      Is the Planning Session going to be something that streams live, or some sort of recently-recorded behind the scenes video? Is there anything special we should know about how we'll access it or what may be required to play it; I use Linux primarily and would like to know if there are any known issues that would keep it from working in that environment. Wouldn't want to have to scrounge up a Windows computer on only hours or minutes notice.

    50. RiffTrax: Mike, Bill & Kevin 6-time creator on

      The planning session will be out next week! We'll be sending an email with the link then.

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