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You can help the Rifftrax / MST3K guys get the 1998 version of GODZILLA starring Matthew Broderick for their next nationwide simulcast!
You can help the Rifftrax / MST3K guys get the 1998 version of GODZILLA starring Matthew Broderick for their next nationwide simulcast!
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ANACONDA stretch goal!

Posted by RiffTrax: Mike, Bill & Kevin (Creator)

Announcing a new STRETCH GOAL!

If we reach $250,000, it will unlock RiffTrax getting the rights to the 1997 adventure horror classic ANACONDA to riff live in theaters on October 30th, 2014. We have added some new reward levels to help make this happen, AND all backers at the $30 level and higher will also get a FREE MP3 of a studio version of the ANACONDARiff written for the October 30 Live Show in addition to your other rewards.

New Reward Levels:
- New $1,125 Level: Write a Riff For ANACONDA (limited to 5)
- New $1,025 Level: Get Mike’s ANACONDA Live Script
- New $1,025 Level: Get Kevin’s ANACONDA Live Script
- New $1,025 Level: Get Bill’s ANACONDA Live Script

Reward Level Updates:
- Backers $30+ get an MP3 studio version of the ANACONDA riff.
- Backers $100+ get GODZILLA and ANACONDA posters.
- Backers $175+ get SIGNED posters of SHARKNADO, GODZILLA and ANACONDA.

We've even lowered the price for having Kevin write you a PERSONALIZED SONG! We hope to see you at SHARKNADO, GODZILLA and - with your help - ANACONDA.


- Mike, Kevin, Bill, and the rest of the RiffTrax Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ruth Ortiz on

      @Aaron McCaskey: Oh man, I live in Santa Fe, NM! If only the Rifftrax crew would appear (in person) at least in Albuquerque, we'd be in business. We drove to Alb. for the Starship Troopers Live and it was amazing. Godzilla will be SO AWESOME!

    2. Richard Nahamko on

      I wish I was able to give more. I'd love to see you have the extra films added to this years RiffRoster.

    3. Jimmybee on

      If I raise my donation from my current level to $500, will you insult Ft. Worth? (Sorry, Ft. Worth!) Good luck with the stretch goal. I think it's a great idea, and encourage all backers to raise their generous donations just a bit more! Let's go for it, friends!

    4. Aaron McCaskey on

      Sometime I hope you appear within 200 miles of my hometown. (Which would pretty much be my hometown of Roswell, NM).
      Good luck you funny sukkas!

    5. RiffTrax: Mike, Bill & Kevin 7-time creator on

      @Carrie Carter: You will still get your rewards as stated, but the MP3 riff of course will be the studio script and riff, or we could offer a refund if you would prefer. Help spread the word so we can hit $250k!

    6. Aaron Radcliff on

      Bumped up my pledge to help out. Here's to hoping that we make it!

    7. Benjamin Chernik on

      this is exactly what this kickstarter needed to get a bump...excellent choice for riffing

    8. Sam White on

      Now that I can get behind!

      Anaconda is the kind of movie that was tailor made to be riffed!

    9. Missing avatar

      Carrie Carter on

      ERMAGHERD! But serious question.. What happens if someone pledges at one of these new reward levels but you guys fall short of the 250k making Anaconda possible. What would they receive in that case?

    10. Akule

      We can do it! :D