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RiffTrax is doing three live shows in 2017 simulcast to theaters nationwide: SAMURAI COP + SUMMER SHORTS BEACH PARTY + a MYSTERY TITLE!
RiffTrax is doing three live shows in 2017 simulcast to theaters nationwide: SAMURAI COP + SUMMER SHORTS BEACH PARTY + a MYSTERY TITLE!
8,602 backers pledged $430,620 to help bring this project to life.

You did it! We made it!

Posted by RiffTrax: Mike, Bill & Kevin (Creator)

We're funded!

Thanks to all of you awesome people, we’ve hit our goal, which means you’ll be getting three AMAZING RiffTrax Live shows in 2017! In fact, you can already grab tickets for Samurai Cop Live. This is a show you won’t want to miss. We’ve already said it, but it bears repeating: thank you so much for your generosity! We truly can’t pull off this craziness without you.

Now that we’ve hit our funding goal, we’ve got some fun new stuff to go over:

About our Super Secret Mystery Show...

We’re so excited about our Mystery Show, and we know you will be too. This is a super fun, super cool property, but as so happens with super fun, super cool things, those kooky folks called “lawyers” love to get involved. Never you fear, the Super Secret Mystery Show is 100% definitely happening, but those lawyers informed us recently that we can't reveal the Mystery Show Title until after the Kickstarter campaign is over. The title is officially Too Hot For Kickstarter! (NOTE: Not the actual title.)

So this means your anticipation will have to build for just a little while longer! We promise you that this will be one of our biggest riffs ever, and you will be among the first to know exactly what it is once we're able to reveal it. We really appreciate your patience and understanding, and can assure you it WILL be worth the wait.

With that out of the way, onto the fun stuff:

Stretch Goals!

Since our initial goal has been met, we’re gearing up to announce our next set of stretch goals. We’re not ready to spill the beans quite yet, but we promise if you’re GAME, they’ll drive you absolutely BATTY.

Thank you all again for helping us bring RiffTrax Live to the stage in 2017. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the RiffTrax team!

- Mike, Kevin, Bill, and the aforementioned RiffTrax Team

P.S.: We've got a couple more suggestions good for copying-and-pasting into your social friends' feeds. Check 'em out:

I helped make #RiffTraxLive happen!

Today, I brought 3 comedy shows to theaters across the country. What have YOU done? @RiffTrax


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    1. Nigel McNaughton on

      Yeah Mothra and Mystery Show mp3s should be low hanging fruit as far as rewards/stretch goals go.

    2. Jesse Hicks on

      I'm guessing Batman V Superman and a Hunger Games movie riffs

    3. Missing avatar

      Jered Drake on

      Live riffs for Gamer and Bats?

    4. Dustin Waline on

      Game of thrones & Dawn of Justice Mp3s?

    5. ginger j fitts on

      I just had a thought (I know, congratulations!) Could it be the LEGO Batman Movie? Is Rifftrax powerful enough to pull off a coup like that?????

    6. ginger j fitts on

      How about that 1943 Wartime Batman Serial? Offensively that a thing?

    7. Missing avatar

      Iain Odlin on

      @jt4703 - I second the Mothra MP3. I was working during both showings and I would love to finally get to experience this one!

    8. Matthew Kerr on

      "We’re not ready to spill the beans quite yet, but we promise if you’re GAME, they’ll drive you absolutely BATTY."

      Will they enter the video game market and riff on one of the Batman: Arkham Asylum games?

    9. Missing avatar

      Anthony Altieri

      Wasn't the original plan that we'd find out once we hit the goal? What changed? Why did it change?

    10. Missing avatar

      Makali on

      "absolutely BATTY" should be a clue for the stretch goal show.

    11. jt4703 on

      I'm still waiting for the Mothra MP3! It doesn't need to be a reward or anything, just make it available for purchase please so I can share with my friend who could not go either of the airdates last year.

    12. Michael Gilstrap on

      @Jeff G. - Armikrog Army ... I'm guessing we might get a mp3 track and not a VOD of the Mystery Riff .... but I could be wrong

    13. Missing avatar

      David Ruic on

      I'm pleased. I'll be more pleased if we get enough backers for all ten extra shorts.

    14. Missing avatar

      Mike Maciazka on

      Yay! Can't wait. Glad I could help out and get it funded. And I already bought my ticket for the show on the 13th in Rochester MN.

    15. Jeff G. - Armikrog Army on

      Do those kooky lawyers know if the secret show will be able to be sold as a VoD? A lot of potential supporters are holding out for that info.

    16. Anne Brown

      I'm not even going to guess what the mystery show will be. It'll be fun no matter what!

      Congrats on reaching your goal! Can't wait till April!

    17. Poop Office

      The bolded "super cools" were a clue, which means the secret show must be... Snow Dogs!

    18. Robert Jindra on

      Way to go, everybody!