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Mobile Game "The Redcoats are Coming, Again!"'s video poster

A post Revolutionary War game. Set 10 years after the war of 1812. The British are coming, again!!!! Read more

Troy, NY Games
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This project was successfully funded on July 23, 2011.

A post Revolutionary War game. Set 10 years after the war of 1812. The British are coming, again!!!!

Troy, NY Games
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About “The Patriot”

Deadmans Productions, LLC is a brand new app development company based in Troy, New York that has a very ambitious goal of revolutionizing games made for mobile devices, particularly those made for the Android and iOS markets.  Because of this goal, we thought that it would be appropriate that our first game be set during the Revolutionary War time period.  Therefore, our first game, “The Patriot”, depicted by stunningly realistic artwork, is set in 1824, ten years after the War of 1812 ended with the Treaty of Ghent.  It has been just long enough to give America the right amount of time to grow a bit complacent with its independence and Britain plenty of time to breed anger and resentment over the results of the last two wars.  This is when “The Patriot” begins - and it allows its players to rewrite history.  

There are two versions of this game being released simultaneously:  “The Patriot - American Edition” is being released in the United States and “The Patriot - British Edition” is being released in Great Britain.

In “The Patriot - American Edition”
As we all well know, America became a sovereign nation after defeating the mighty British Empire in 1781.  In 1812, the British descended again upon the Americas with little luck or success.  Twelve years have passed and a new generation of British men are hoping to avenge their ancestor’s losses.  Secretly, the King has built an impressive army and reassembled the elite cavalry called the Green Dragoons, who are known for their savagery and disdain for the American colonies.  The British have pinned down the President and Congress.  All will be lost.  Players in the United States, where “The Patriot - American Edition” will be released, will be on a mission to defend the Capitol and save the United States.  God Bless America!

In “The Patriot - British Edition”
Again, it is 1824 and King George, IV is still angry over the perceived notion that America defeated his father’s elite armies to gain their independence in 1781 and again in 1812.  Late in his years, in the effort to make his last attempt to right the mistake of his father for not fully imposing British rule on America, King George, IV secretly assembles an army of elite soldiers loyal to him who want to avenge their ancestor's losses.  In anticipation of a new invasion, the King has secretly ordered the training of the infantry, enlisted the services of the elite Scottish guard and reformed the dreaded, feared and respected Green Dragoons.  The King knows that a long, drawn out war will not gain him favor in England and has used cunning tactics and perfect timing to capture all of the American government in one massive assault.  The American Congress and the President are cornered in the Capitol.  Players in Great Britain, where “The Patriot - British Edition” will be released, are set free to seize the United States Capitol and therefore all of America.  Players must capture the government and end the war quickly - or all will be lost.  Long live the King!

Where We Are Now and Why We Need You
As we already mentioned, Deadmans is in its infancy as an app development company.  Our first full-fledged game, “The Patriot” is in full development.  It is set to be released sometime in July, 2011.  Right now, all of us at Deadmans are playing this game over and over again to fine tune it to make sure that it is as enjoyable and realistic as possible.  

The reason that we have begun this Kickstarter campaign is two-fold.  First of all, we have set a goal of raising $2,500 because we need some serious help in getting the word out about what we believe is a pretty remarkable game.  We’re a very small company with nowhere near enough money for the advertising/marketing campaign that we wish we could launch.   We know we are competing for the attention of millions of mobile device users in an environment where there are hundreds of thousands of apps.  We need to differentiate ourselves and make our product stand out.

Secondly,  we chose to begin our efforts here because we KNOW that Kickstarter is a place where all budding (and returning) entrepreneurs gather to promote their new products and support each other in similar efforts.  Where better to begin our marketing for a product we truly believe in than in a place where people with similar interests gather to support each other?

We don't have the massive budgets that the big game development companies have to market our product.  But we do have our creativity, the drive to do what we think is right and some cleverness to get the word out.  We know the release will happen, but the difference between a few hundred people knowing about it or this becoming the next great game on the mobile platform all comes down to word of mouth, marketing and your help!  Whether you give a little, donate a lot, or don’t give at all but instead encourage your friends and family to buy our app, our main goal is to entertain you and your family.  We know we can't do it alone.  That is why we have established this presence on Kickstarter - to ask you for some help either by donating money or promoting us through word of mouth.

To Learn More About Us

Whether you or going to support us through monetary donations or by word of mouth, I urge you to learn more about Deadmans Productions, LLC by visiting our website at or our facebook page at We think (and hope) that you’ll be pleased with what you see.  Please let us know!


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    For $5 or more, you will receive the same thing that the $1 or more pledge makers receive, plus “The Patriot” as a gifted app for the iTunes store or a promo code for the AMAZON store, depending on which platform you have. We will contact you via e-mail to make sure you have the information you need to download the app for free.

    Just a side note here - only those with the iPhone or iPod Touch 3 Generation and above or the ANDROID 2.2 and above will have predictable playability.

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    For $10 or more, you will receive all that is listed above, plus both versions of “The Patriot”. For example, if you purchase the game in the United States, you are only purchasing “The Patriot - American Edition”. When you make the $10 or more donation, you will gain free access to both versions, allowing you to play from either side. You will also receive a custom beer/soda cozy to keep your canned drinks refreshing and cold. The custom cozy will say “I supported "The Patriot". And your name will also be listed both as a “Founding Supporter” on our website and in the yet-to-be created Wikipedia page so the world forever can see how supportive you are of new entrepreneurs.

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    For $20 or more, you will receive all that is listed above plus an 8.5 x 11 inch color print of the original concept art for the game. Your name will also be listed as a “Production Assistant” on our website and in the yet-to-be created Wikipedia page which will demonstrate your high level of enthusiasm and commitment to independent development.

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    For $50 or more, you will receive all that is listed above plus a custom t-shirt with our company’s logo for the game on the front, and the the title “Assistant Producer” on the back. Everyone who sees you wear this shirt will know you had something to do with the game - you can decide what story to tell. Your name will also be listed as an “Assistant Producer” on our website and in the yet-to-be created Wikipedia page for all to see and admire. And one final kicker - your name will be in the actual game credits as an “Assistant Producer”.

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