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$5,228 pledged of $16,000 goal
$5,228 pledged of $16,000 goal

Prototypes have been shipped!


Just wanted to post an update to let everyone know that if you ordered a WeeWow from our store, they've all been shipped out and should arrive shortly.

Some of you have already gotten yours and started using them. One of our all-time power backers, Jesse Crump, tweeted:

He later let us know that everyone in his class loved the WeeWow, with the exception of his presentation partner, who is obviously lame.

Anyways, keep an eye on those mailboxes, and let us know what cool stuff you're doing with your WeeWow!

-Kyle, Honest Abe, & the rest of Team

P.S. WeeWows are great, but they're not worth much if the aliens take over the earth, confiscate our possessions, and eat us alive - which they're on their way to do right now. Luckily, you can help us stop them. Click here to find out how.

P.P.S. If you didn't get to order a WeeWow last time, they're still available in our store. Get yours today!

How to get a WeeWow


Several of you have asked if it would be possible to purchase a 3D Printed version of the WeeWow.

The answer is now YES!

As of today, we've put the 3D printed WeeWows in our online store. These are the same prototypes we used to make the video. They work great, they just aren't injection-molded, so they don't have a logo on them or anything.

They're available here for just $25.

Also, we've launched another ridiculous Kickstarter project that we could really use your help with. If your name is not Cody, or if you know someone whose name is not Cody, this will probably hit pretty close to home.

We're already over 40% funded, but we need your help to get across the finish line.

Check it out and make your pledge today!

-Kyle, Honest Abe, & the rest of Team (Cody-free since '83)

Football, Failure, and the WeeWow

If I were a high school football coach, this would be the moment when I’d walk into the locker room after a crushing defeat in the final game of the season. 

I would furrow my brow and rub my chin in that way that football coaches do before giving locker room speeches. 

“Well, boys,” I would begin, reaching up to straighten my cap. “This isn’t the way I wanted to end this season. But I’ll be darned if I’m not proud of every last one of you. You played like champions out there, and you’ll always be champions in my eyes.” 

Then I’d turn and point to the sign above the door and read the first two lines slowly. 

“Clear eyes. Full hearts…” 

“CAN’T LOSE!” the players would shout back in unison. 

Then we’d huddle up, all of us smelling of dirt and sweat and tears, and we’d put our hands together in the center of our circle. 

 “Team on three!” I’d say. “One…two…three…” 

“TEAM!” we’d all shout. 


Apologies for the football analogy. I recently rediscovered “Friday Night Lights” on Netflix, and holy cow, that show is amazing. 

But here we are. 

The clock has run out, and we have not reached the goal. 

Some would call this a failure. And in a literal sense, they’re right. But we’re still glad we did the project. 

We’ll be posting a postmortem soon detailing what we learned from this experience. 

We’ll also be offering 3D printed WeeWows on our website in the near future. 

But for now, would you do us a favor and sign up for the email updates on our site?

That’s the best way for us to stay in touch, and we promise we’re not spammy. 

You guys are awesome. Thanks for believing in us.

A Video Update in Which Kyle Comes Up With a Plan, Has it Shot Down, Then Comes Up With Another Plan

So the coolest thing happened to us...


Kickstarter projects can bring some incredible unexpected benefits. For instance, through our last three projects, we’ve been able to connect with some really cool backers, journalists, entrepreneurs and project creators from around the world, building relationships that we never would’ve built without Kickstarter.

But one of the coolest connections that has come out of Kickstarter so far has been our newest one – our connection with the 7th grade economics classes at KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy in Denver Colorado.

Last week we were contacted by the class's teacher, who was using our project to teach his students about economics! After a few back-and-forth emails, he ended up sending us a list of 50 questions from his students about Kickstarter, business, economics, manufacturing, etc. (One of our favorites: "Where do you come up with your weird ideas?")

Kyle sat down and answered as many questions as he could in what ended up being an epic 11-minute video. 

While the subject was supposed to be economics, we made sure to sneak in as much as we could about the awesomeness of the internet, the incredible opportunity of our current time, and the fact that anyone - including 7th graders - can make the world whatever they want it to be.

When we were finished, we chopped it down to a shorter version to share with you guys. Check it out!

You can also check out the long version of video here - it's seriously one of the coolest things we've ever had the opportunity to be a part of.

-Kyle, Honest Abe, & the rest of Team

P.S. If you know any educators, parents, or anyone else who you think would get a kick out of this video, feel free to share it with them. Thanks guys!

P.P.S. As of yesterday, we're over 20% of our funding goal. Obviously we have a pretty steep climb ahead of us if we're going to make it, but 20% is a big milestone, because 81% of all projects that reach at least 20% of their goal go on to reach their entire goal. So let's keep getting the word out!