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Lace up your shoes. Grab your cameras. We're faking a marathon.
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What to Do on Race Day

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It’s here, it’s here! 

After months of planning, producing, ordering, receiving, shipping, emailing, posting, and corresponding, Run Free 2013 is finally here!

We wanted to put together a quick guide to let you know what to do on race day.

First things first: This is a crowd-created event. It belongs to you guys!

Sure, Team came up with the basic framework, got supplies sent out to everyone, and served as a central hub for race information. But from the beginning, we made it clear: this is your event.

In fact, in the original video, we said: “But the best part is this.: This is your race, and you get to make it whatever you want it to be. Some of you may stage fake obstacles like this is some crazy mud marathon. Some of you may even set up fake aid stations so you can get shots of volunteers handing out ridiculous refreshments. It’s totally up to you.”

That’s still how we feel. We don’t want to cramp your style. Have a crazy idea for something to do on race day? Assuming it’s not crude, offensive, illegal, or harmful to yourself or others, go for it!

With that said, the following is a rough framework for how we’d suggest doing things. If you don’t like it, do your own thing! It’s going to be an awesome day either way.

1. Start Time

With racers in 24 different countries, there’s no period of time that will be convenient for everyone to run the race at the same time. 

Even if there was, it’s not like we have a starting pistol loud enough for all of you to hear. As such, we’re recommending that you start the race around 9 or 10 AM in your local time zone. 

Everyone gets a fantastic finishing time (the first-place runner will finish in just over two hours, the last-place runner in just under 3:15), which will mean you’ll be done with the race in time for lunch with your running buddies!

2. Finishing time

We will send out a secret backers-only link to the finish times Friday (yes, that means you'll find out how you did in the race before the race even starts... haha!), so you’ll know when to say you’re done running. 

But our recommendation would be: keep going until you’ve had all the fun you can take. Take a bunch of crazy pictures all over town. Make an event out of it with your friends. Make some cool memories. 

Nobody’s going to be doing the math, and if they wanted to disprove the marathon, it would take them all of two seconds to do so. Don't worry about making it convincingly real. Worry about making it the best day you've ever had.

3. Taking pictures

As mentioned in the race packet, it'd be cool if you'd try to make your running pictures at least a little convincing. Or don’t. It’s up to you. But be creative! 

We want this to be the most amazing, confusing, and awesome race course anyone has ever seen. In all likelihood it will be raining in some pictures, snowing in some pictures, sunny in some pictures… We want people who look at the pictures to go “What the heck is going on here?!” and then to laugh hysterically when they figure it out. 

If you want to set up fake aid stations, awesome! Or maybe you want to set up obstacles, or get a celebrity in your picture. Cool! You have our blessing!

Who know? Maybe you’re going to think of an amazing, off-the-wall crazy idea that hasn’t even crossed our minds yet. If you do, go for it! We are ready to have our minds blown.

4. Posting pictures

What’s the point of having all of those awesome pictures if nobody sees them? 

Share them with the world! 

Post them to our wall on Facebook, and use the hashtag #runfreerace on Twitter & Instagram so that your fellow racers can be inspired and entertained. 

When should you post the pictures? Whenever you want. Just make sure it makes sense with what you’re saying

If you’re supposed to be running, have a friend post the pictures from their account. 

If you’ve finished, you can post them with a caption like “Had a great time running #runfreerace this morning! Found myself in the official race pics!” or whatever you want. 

Whoever posts them, make sure to use the hashtag #runfreerace or post them to our facebook wall so other racers can see them!

Like we said, it wouldn’t be hard for someone to prove that the marathon was fake, so don’t worry about crafting an airtight alibi. Instead, worry about taking the coolest pictures you can and sharing them with the most people possible

5. After the race 

When you’re all done taking and posting pictures, and you’ve fake-run as far as your body will take you, then sit yourself down, reach your arm around, and give yourself a big pat on the back. 

You did it! You helped us make history with the first ever worldwide fake marathon

When you’re done with the back-patting, hop online and check out the pictures other people have posted. 

Leave some comments, give out some likes & retweets, maybe make a virtual friend or two! 

And while you’re clicking around online, maybe think about backing our latest Kickstarter project? Together we can end Infant Beardlessness.  

P.S. If you haven't received your race packet yet, don't lose hope! Check out our emergency backup plan.


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    1. 9-time creator on


      Sorry about that! The update will be up soon, but I went ahead and messaged you your time. See you at the finish line!

    2. Richard Lovell on

      It's already past 9am on Saturday in Australia.
      Runners are all stretched and ready.
      Is that secret backers link coming soon?