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A campaign to end Infant Beardlessness.
A campaign to end Infant Beardlessness.
95 backers pledged $945 to help bring this project to life.

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We're Approved!

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In the mighty hands of Apple


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A Quick Update


Just wanted to give you an update on where BMB is at.

As you may have noticed, we're running a little behind schedule. Basically, there are a few issues with social networking integration and in-app purchases (new buttons, login interfaces, requirements from Apple, etc.) that we didn't have to deal with in the first version of BeardMyBaby. It's all coming together, it's just taking more time than we anticipated.

The good news is that our developer account has been approved by Apple, and the app is coming together really nicely. Here are a few pics of the app in action (these aren't screenshots or mockups - I took a picture of my phone with my wife's phone. Haha!).

Thank you guys for your patience. We're working hard to deliver the best baby-bearding app we can, and we're doing our best to get it ready as quickly as possible.

-Kyle, Honest Abe, & the rest of Team

P.S. While our developers are working hard on making a world free of beardless babies, our launch team is working to make sure those babies don't grow up as alien slaves. If you're looking for something to do while you wait for BMB, click over and check out Your Face in Space!

Progress as Promised!


Things are going well in the BeardMyBaby development lab!

All t-shirts have been mailed out, our Apple Developer license has been approved, and the developers are putting the final touches on the app itself!

We should be ready for submission to Apple shortly. And then, we wait....

But while we're waiting, why not take a look at the amazing new beard selection in BeardMyBaby 2.0?

Aren't they beautiful?

Oh, and one more thing. 

Would you head over and check out our latest project? It's an awareness campaign about a very important subject that affects you every day (unless your name is Cody). Check it out here: My Name is Not Cody.

Until next time... stay ridiculous, my friends.

-Kyle, Honest Abe, & the rest of Team

There's been a terrible accident in the lab.


Last time we updated you, we said we'd be posting screenshots of the app within a week. That was a little over two weeks ago.

Let's just say we were perfecting the infant-bearding algorithm, there was an accident in the lab, and the resulting explosion covered EVERYTHING in our office in a fine layer of stubble. We've been shaving the walls, desks, and ceiling ever since (we let the floor beard grow, because the carpet was due for replacement anyways).

Using advanced laser hair-removal, we've finally gotten everything under control, allowing us to get back to the crucial work of designing the app.

So without further ado, here are a few sneak-peek screenshots of the new app!

The developers are working to merge the front-end graphics with the back-end beard science now, including incorporating all of the new beards and such. We'll update you once we've got a workable version ready to submit to Apple.

In the meantime, everything else is moving forward as promised. Your soft-as-a-baby's-beard t-shirts arrived today, and they look awesome. Barring any additional beardsplosions, they'll all be mailed out tomorrow morning.

We'll keep you posted as things unfold.

Stay ridiculous, my friends.

-Kyle, Honest Abe, & the rest of Team

P.S. While you're waiting, you could always swing over and check out our latest project - it's been covered by WIRED, CNET, Mashable, TrendHunter, and all sorts of other outlets. And it's completely ridiculous. Check it out!