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    1. Lincoln%20mustache%20square.small

      Creator on July 22, 2013


      Oops! It looks like we made a mistake with the credits (half of the list got put on there twice, and the other half got left off). We're fixing it now and will post an update to the app soon.

      Unfortunately, your name looks like it got left off the list. We're so sorry, and we've got our developer on the problem as we speak.

      Once it's fixed though, you access the credits by going into the Settings on your phone, scrolling down to BeardMyBaby, and clicking on Credits.

    2. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Chad on July 18, 2013

      Downloaded, rated 5 stars, and abusing photos.

      How do we access the in app credits for us in need of vanity checks? Thanks!

    3. Lincoln%20mustache%20square.small

      Creator on June 23, 2013

      We're submitting to Apple this week! We'll send out a backer update in the next few days explaining everything, but just know that the finish line is in sight. Sorry it took us a little longer than we anticipated! Thanks for waiting patiently. Your baby will be bearded before you know it!

    4. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Chad on June 23, 2013

      Current status please.

    5. Image.small

      Creator Joah Gerstenberg on March 7, 2013

      Yay! I just got my "Soft as a baby's beard" Beard My Baby tee! I love it! Thanks!

    6. Lincoln%20mustache%20square.small

      Creator on February 4, 2013

      Thanks John! You are very kind to rewind. And also donate.

    7. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator John Espin on February 4, 2013

      I just wish the last guy did...

    8. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator John Espin on February 4, 2013

      I don't have a iphone but backed the project because I thrashed your video so much. I figured I would have worn out your VHS tape so it's only fair I should replace it.
      Fear not... I rewound the video after watching it each time.

    9. Lincoln%20mustache%20square.small

      Creator on January 25, 2013

      Congrats Simon! And thank you for supporting this face-saving work. Your daughters will be able to live in a world without beardless babies because of your sacrifice.

    10. Artizenslogo.small

      Creator Simon James Streatfeild on January 24, 2013

      This must happen. This should happen. This will happen.
      My wife is about to release two human female clones which will benefit from this amazing project.
      Thank you for all your hard work.

    11. Lincoln%20mustache%20square.small

      Creator on January 16, 2013

      Haha. "Beardier" is a fine word, but it breaks up the two-syllable cadence of "Bigger. Better. Bearder." so we had to nix the letter I. Honest Abe is a stickler for cadence.

    12. Image-229977-full.small

      Creator Jason on January 16, 2013

      "Beardier" I think sounds better than "Bearder." Nay, I know it is better because I proclaim it is so!

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