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The sleek, minimal design, with your child in front, ensures there is nothing between you and your greatest family adventures. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 13, 2014.

The sleek, minimal design, with your child in front, ensures there is nothing between you and your greatest family adventures.

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Mac Ride is a unique seat for children that goes on your bike between you and your handlebars.

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 Mac Ride is about you taking your child with you to explore the streets, the paths and off-road terrain.

Mac Ride is strong, lightweight, ergonomic, easy to install, interactive and - perhaps most important of all - FUN!


Mac Ride offers a number of features that cannot be matched by conventional child carriers.

Feature 1 - Front Mounted: Close to you and Engaged

With rear mounted seats and trailers - your child is far away and not engaged in the ride. They can't see much other than your back or rear wheel. Zzzzz.

Mac Ride is front mounted and allows your child to see everything you see. Your child can participate in the ride, standing on the stirrups, learning about balance and speed. 

And you can have a real conversation with your child (even if it's not about real people), without distractions. 

Feature 2 - Easy to Install

Most child bike carriers are difficult or time consuming to install. They also typically leave cumbersome mounts on your bike which are often heavy and awkward to ride with.

Mac Ride is easy and quick to install. Once the Mac Ride seat is removed, the only thing left on the bike is a small spacer ring which goes completely unnoticed.

Feature 3 - A Seat that Grows with your Child

Conventional front mounted seats have limited space. Your child outgrows the clunky plastic seat sooner than you'd like.

Mac Ride has extendable legs and a movable seat, allowing for a much larger child. Depending on the size of the bike and height of the rider, children as old as 6 can go on Mac Ride.

Feature 4 - Quality Riding & Quality Time with your Child

You want fresh air, exercise, and time on the trails, but you also want to spend quality time with your child.  Some front mounted child carriers let you get out together to explore, but these seats forces you to modify your riding position or cycle bowlegged. And none of these seats let you ride off road.

Mac Ride allows you to do it all. The seat is so ergonomic, your child does not affect your balance. And although you'll be aware you are riding with your child, the impact on your riding style is greatly reduced with Mac Ride. Mac Ride is designed to use the suspension already built into your bike -- it's the only seat on the market that makes for a comfortable off road ride for your child.

That means you can ride quality trails while you and your child bond. It's nature, fitness and fun-- guilt free!

Feature 5 -  Teaching Children to Learn to Ride  

Scoot/runner/balance bikes are awesome, but a child new to scooting can tire quickly, especially on the climbs.

Strap the scoot bike to your backpack (or pannier) and ride as far as you like while taking breaks for your little one to ride on his/her own for a stretch. As soon as fatigue sets in, Mac Ride is there for the next leg.

Mac Ride Scoot Adventure

Feature 6 - Child Swapping 

Which parents haven't done the notorious child swap-over so you can take turns getting some alone time? 

Each Mac Ride comes with 2 mounting spacers allowing you to swap the seat between 2 bikes easily and quickly. More mounting spacers can be purchased for as many bikes as you like.

Feature 7 - The Nursery Commute

When you are riding your child to nursery on the way to work, you might like to avoid having a big bulky seat for the next portion of your journey.

In less than one minute, you can take Mac Ride off, slip it in your backpack or leave it at nursery for the pick up. The seat is just as quick to put back on.

Feature 8 - Mac Ride is Travel Friendly 

If you are traveling and you know you want to rent bikes on arrival, but you don't know if you'll have access to a suitable bike seat for your child, bring Mac Ride with you. Mac Ride folds down small enough to go in your trunky, with plenty of space for other essentials. Bon voyage!


My kids are my world, and so although I enjoy challenging myself when I ride alone, I would never put my children at risk. But that is not to say I won’t give them the space to explore. In the normal course of pushing their boundaries and learning about their bodies, sometimes they get the odd bump or bruise. And I'm ok with that. That said:

We take safety very seriously. All parents must take responsibility for the safety of their children.

Mac Ride is designed with safety in mind, even though some of the ways we address safety are not the same as more conventional child bike seats.

We believe that Mac Ride is among the safest - and most fun! - bike seats on the market today. Here are some key safety topics, and the Mac Ride safety philosophy.








Here's a more detailed description of the seat in our Product Guide.   Needless to say much went into the design to make it safe, easy to install, comfortable, strong, sturdy, lightweight, reliable and adjustable to different bikes and child sizes. 


Early concept sketches
Early concept sketches


Earlier prototype
Earlier prototype

Since the last campaign on Kickstarter, we have had so much positive feedback from all over the world, that we just had to go for it again. 


Weight = 3.4 lbs.  

Length of horizontal tube, fully collapsed = 14 inches (20 inches with clamps).  

Length of horizontal tube, fully extended = 24 inches (30 inches with clamps).  

Length of stirrups, fully collapsed = 11.5 inches.  

Length of stirrups, fully extended = 15.5 inches.


We are currently wrapping up the testing of our second round of prototypes in various locations around the world. We don't anticipate any significant changes other than a rubberized overmold for the seat (added comfort and grip). The funds we raise here on Kickstarter will be used to pay for our tooling expenses and to cover the minimum order requirements with our manufacturers, all of whom we have used before and whom have been prepped for this Kickstarter production run. This is the version that we intend to take to market and to serve as the launch pad for Mac Ride and all future Ride More Innovations projects for getting outside and having more fun with kids. 

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Our production timeline will be as follows: 

June 2014 - Kickstarter campaign launches

July 2014 - Kickstarter campaign closes

July 2014 - Orders placed for incentives and production of parts for Kickstarter units

October 2014 - Parts received and assembled in Vancouver

November 2014 - Units begin shipping from Vancouver

December 2014 - Mac Ride is received by backers, in time for Christmas!

Money Back Guarantee

If at any point you are not happy with Mac Ride, we will offer you a full refund. 

Risks and challenges

Like many of our Kickstarter cohorts, there are risks involved in building and delivering such a product. The biggest unknown is with regards to the fulfillment of Kickstarter orders. We are confident that the amount of money we are requesting will be sufficient to pay for the manufacturing of Mac Ride.

We have used the expensive machining process to produce all prototypes so far. When we hit our Kickstarter minimum, we will do a bulk order using castings and injection moulds, and since we have not yet used this process or produced such a large quantity, there will inevitably be issues that come up - timing, supply chain, delivery logistics, etc - none of which can be dealt with and resolved until we do the actual order in real-time.

Our team is at the ready, though, and we will make sure we quickly resolve whatever comes up, and keep our backers well informed. We know you understand these kinds of challenges are inherent in producing a product of any kind, but since we were asked to discuss risks & challenges, it seemed we should acknowledge what will be our biggest obstacles until we get through our first large-scale order.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Mac Ride will fit on any bike with 1 1/8" steerer tube. It will also fit the new 1 1/4" Overdrive 2 from Giant.

    You will need at least a 10mm headset spacer under your stem. This will be replaced by the Mac Ride spacer bracket.

    Mac Ride will not fit bikes with quill stems, although we plan to make this happen in the future.

    Mac Ride will in theory fit on bikes with dropped bars, but the steering is severely restricted so it's not recommended.

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    THANK YOU. Sometimes it's the small quiet gestures that make the difference. For your contribution and show of support we will send you a direct thank you and keep you in the loop on our progress. If you really believe in the family adventure you can always take advantage of the "or more" option.

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    KICKSTARTER SPECIAL - With your $195 of support, we will send you one Mac Ride for you and the child in your life. Not to mention a special "thank you" kiss and cuddle. STUPENDOUS!

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    2X - Two Mac Rides for your 2.0 children.

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    5X - Five Mac Rides for you and your biking budies. Kids love nothing better than another kid on an adventure.

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    10X - Ten Mac Rides. A seat for the whole clan.

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