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BeeLine is a stripped back, intuitive, navigation device designed to put the cycling masses back in control of their journey
BeeLine is a stripped back, intuitive, navigation device designed to put the cycling masses back in control of their journey
3,038 backers pledged £150,185 to help bring this project to life.

Update on shipping, tips and fixes

Posted by Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam (Creator)

----------------- apologies for the spam for all those who received this last night. We wanted to ensure everyone got it so are sending it via here too -----------------------------

The Beeline has landed!

(for most people)

Hi all,
It's been a huge week here. Having shipped throughout the last week it's been amazing for us to see people's reactions as you've received your Beeline's and woken them up for the first time. If you haven't had that moment yet, see below for the update.

The feedback we've been getting has been incredibly positive with people loving the experience of riding with it, the look and feel of the device itself, and particularly the packaging which we hadn't revealed much of until now and seems to have gone down a treat!

Of course, having so many people testing it out has revealed a few things we need to fix so we want to update you on all of those so you know we hear you and are onto it. An important thing to say here is massive thank you to everyone for sending the feedback. This is exactly what we need to hear to be able to iron out issues as they arise so please keep it coming. (Kate's going to kill me for saying that! Please save my skin by giving that feedback via the community forum)

The issues:

1) Shipping: a minority of you haven't yet received your Beelines. We had a couple of hiccups around shipping from the Hong Kong warehouse to anyone in Australasia, in bundling the t-shirts and beanies in and with some addresses not being accepted by the system. We're now on top of all of these, so we expect that EVERYONE's Beeline will have been dispatched by tomorrow evening at the latest. The only exception to this is about 50 people who we had no address at all for who have received a separate email.

2) Calibration: The calibration function seems to have been causing problems for some people. We believe that some of the last minute graphics updates we did last week may have introduced a problem with the calibration calculation that we didn't expect. We are looking into this at the moment and will push a fix through the app as soon as we have it. 

To clarify what's required for calibration, this should be done on the bike and once done, isn't required to be repeated unless you want to move the Beeline to another position on the bike. If you're having arrow direction problems it's almost certainly a calibration issue - full calibration instructions can be found here

3) Android bugs/crashes: We've found that on some specific devices we see crashes at various points in the app, and in some cases there are issues with the bluetooth connection. Every time there's a crash we get a report, and we're working our way through those as we speak. We're committed to making sure the app is stable on all devices, so please keep checking for updates over the coming days and bear with us!

That's the issues out of the way! Please keep the feedback coming and telling us how it's going. Got ideas for features? We'd love to hear them on the community forum. 
Instagram credit to @condesales @furiouscyclist @djmoseley @helipaddyapp and @neogreg12 for the great pics in this email. Use #ridebeeline to show us yours and see your pics appear on our website
Lots of love,Tom, Mark and the team x
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    1. Missing avatar

      Bartos Scharmach on


      I'm still waiting for mine. I live in Munich, Germany.

      Bartos Scharmach

    2. Will Rushton on

      Hi. I was also pledge for the kickstarter special and never received a final product or an email asking me for my address.


    3. Missing avatar

      Eric Hancock on

      Also haven't received anything (Brooklyn, NY)

    4. Missing avatar

      Rankin Johnson

      I haven't gotten mine, or a shipping notice or any such, in Portland, OR, USA. What's the status?

    5. clauclauclaudia on

      Just received in Boston, MA!

    6. Missing avatar

      Dieda on

      received my BeeLine today, now i have to buy a new phone as my old Xperia P is to old for the app. Now i am waiting for a MotoG4Plus...

    7. Gertrude Lok

      Yes! Received mine today, without shipment notification.
      It's looking great, packaging too. Gonna play with it now :)

    8. Jason Ely on

      In the US - was selected to be a beta tester, but then they ran short of units? Still haven't received my BeeLine yet.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Apffel

      I have not received anything, in US.

    10. Missing avatar


      Japan, nothing yet. waiting.
      Am I minority?

    11. Missing avatar

      Carlos Gasca on

      Same here in Spain.
      Let's wait for the postman...

    12. Jonas N. Søndergaard on

      Same here in Sweden: no shipping notification yet!

    13. Gertrude Lok

      I'm in the Netherlands and haven't received any shipping notification either. Should I be worried?

    14. Peter Johansson on

      I'm in Germany and haven't received my BeeLine. Should I be worried? I've already sent you a message via Kickstarter. Please replay.