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BeeLine is a stripped back, intuitive, navigation device designed to put the cycling masses back in control of their journey
BeeLine is a stripped back, intuitive, navigation device designed to put the cycling masses back in control of their journey
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    1. Sean Matheson on

      The number of Android devices outweight iOS devices these days. Would be great if you guys could push towards parallel platform development. Look into technology such as React Native to allow for a shared code base that taps the native components.

    2. Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam 2-time creator on

      @Soltyk - sorry if our plan makes you worried. We have no intention of having any discrepancy in quality between the two apps at the point at which we ship the product. You can hold me to that.

      Cheers! Mark

    3. Soltyk on

      I can comprehend your decision to lead of with iOS in order to minimize costs. It just leaves me worried that we will end up with a second rate Android mockup.
      I guess only time will tell.

    4. Peter Johansson on

      I don't have a problem with the delay. To be honest, I kind of expected it. The delay doesn't feel as bad when you're communicatiing with us. Keep up the good work and deliver a smashing product, when it's ready

    5. Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam 2-time creator on

      @Donovan @Stephanie @Florian - thanks for the support! Really appreciate it. Mark

    6. Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam 2-time creator on

      @Robert - fair question! Primarily, we are developing iOS over Android simply because we have a team member who is an iOS developer, and we don't have an Android developer. It's much easier to do the designing and developing of the app in-house while we're still playing around with how it should look. Once we're happy with it we can contract someone to do the Android without too much backwards and forwards. We've budgeted to do it in this way.

      As a side point, we actually have a majority iOS users in our backer community according to the survey (59%, vs 31% Android), but I won't pretend this influenced the plan.

      We are definitely open to more community input, particularly on the software side. As you can imagine we've been running around like crazy trying to get the hardware design ready for tooling, but I promise we'll be creating opportunities to get the ideas of the community for our product and feature roadmap in the coming months.

      Thanks for the ongoing support, Mark

    7. Missing avatar

      Robert Sanders on

      "On the app side, the launch version is designed and Dan is halfway through producing it now. I’m hoping I can send you all the beta to try in my next update (for iPhone only first - sorry Android folks…)."

      In the top five European markets (U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and Spain), Android’s market share increased to over 75%. Why are you developing iOS app over Android app is beyond me.

      In your last update you also suggested you're more open to community input. The surveys were sent and answered but there's no communication from you.

    8. Steph Lee on

      To echo what my fellow backers are saying, delays should be expected (we don't always get it right the first time!). I really appreciate your thoughtful and timely updates. Thanks for all the posts and pictures--it's exciting to be able to be a part of the journey! Keep it up!

    9. Missing avatar

      Florian B. on

      Quality over time always, so I'm not bothered at all with those delays, to be honest I would have been more surprised hadn't there been any hiccups, so don't worry. I think the majority thinks the same way though I won't dare to speak for them.
      Take your time, I'd rather have a high quality product than a rushed one that's delivered on time.
      Thanks for the update.

    10. Missing avatar

      Donovan Walker on

      This looks great! Keep up the good work. I live in a very cold winter climate. Maybe my first ride will help you test ability to work below 30f!

    11. Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam 2-time creator on

      Cheers guys. @Soltyk, apologies, that wasn't very clear. Rather than doing both platforms at the same time, we're doing all the design development on iOS first (as we have an iOS developer) and then Android will follow once we have it right. We will absolutely have both ready by late August, we will just have iOS slightly before Android. Cheers!

    12. Soltyk on

      I don't mind the delay, the competition is much worse in that regard.
      What bothers me is: "sorry Android folks…"
      Could you please elaborate - is there currently any activity going on regarding the Android app? If not, why is this postponed?

    13. Missing avatar

      Dave S (UK) on

      Don't worry about being a bit late. If you deliver before October, for a project as hi tech and with as many different elements, would be an great achievement. Obviously I'd like the device as soon as possible but I want it to be a good as possible so I know which way I'd prefer you to go and that is what you are doing. This is Kickstarter, not Amazon!