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Beautifully simple navigation, route planning and tracking for motorbikes, giving you the freedom to enjoy the ride
Beautifully simple navigation, route planning and tracking for motorbikes, giving you the freedom to enjoy the ride
4,234 backers pledged $669,891 to help bring this project to life.

600% Stretch Goal - Padded case

Posted by Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam (Creator)

We promised you a 600% stretch goal, and after looking through all the backer comments and messages, we decided that it would be great to offer a soft padded case for your Beeline Moto. You’ll be able to add it to your order in the backer survey after the campaign (provided we hit that magic 600% mark).

Thanks so much for all your kind comments and helpful suggestions so far - we’re working tirelessly to reply as quickly as possible and bring you updates as things progress. Thanks!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Andy Heal on

      Marc and Tom,
      If you pledge a certain amount do you get the app to run it free ?
      If not what are the costs ?

    2. Missing avatar

      Joaquin Robert on

      Mark. Now there were 3 days away and nearly 1000% or come we haven't had any updates in 11 days? No new stretch goals, no update.. Nearly 10 times your original goal.. That's pretty momentous..

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      @Mark and @Tom I was expecting a padded case to be at no cost if you reach a stretch goal, cause other way you can just add any number of optional items to be purchased. But maybe I misunderstood the stretch goal idea. This is my first kickstarter campaign I'm participating. I hope that padded case price will be more reasonable in comparison to $25 for another mount - it is quite costly compared to the cost of electronics in the overall product price.

    4. Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam 2-time creator on

      Hi all - very exciting news that we've now hit the stretch goal so will be offering the carry case!

      As per the comments below we'll do our best to minimise any postage/tax implications. We will make it an optional extra rather than adding it into all of them (for reasons of cost and not wanting to fill the world with unwanted stuff!) but will ensure it's very reasonable!

      @Gianluca - we might just have to look into this wrist strap idea at some point. Lots of people keep asking for it!

    5. Joshua Hilbig on

      @Gianluca Pignalberi I love the idea of a wrist band to mount it to! That would be great sometimes.

    6. Missing avatar

      Gianluca Pignalberi on

      @Mark Hayden You're right, since it's true that when a manufacturer sends a reward declaring a value greater than zero, it costs us VAT (here in Italy IVA, which is currently 22%, and customs rights, about 10 $, 8 €), but a t-shirt might be quite light, maybe not heavier than an extra mount, which I agree it would me much more useful. Mine was just a suggestion for adding more stretch goals and with wearable gadget I thought more of a wrist band with a mount for the device ;) such a wonderful “watch”.

    7. Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam 2-time creator on

      @Dan Croft - Thanks Dan! Since it was the core of our original concept for cycling, it's something we will always have as a part of any of our products. You've really hit the nail on the head, and your description is very much how we feel about navigation.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dan croft on

      If I can comment: The compass-like "point generally in the direction of..." feature is what really sold it to me. I love just buggering off on the bike for an hour then working out my way home. Turn-by-turn is important if you definitely have to get somewhere, but it feels like a chore on a fun ride. Well done for including both options

    9. Missing avatar

      Joaquin Robert on

      I agree with Mark Hayden, since you've reached 6 times your original asking amount, I would hope that the case would be a nominally priced add on. What is the point of stretch goals of there is no extra added content that is included in the original price?

    10. Mark Hayden on

      Suggest you don't include anything that is not directly relevant to the device. Adding T-Shirts, adds weight & shipping cost, as well as potentially attracting extra taxes. I once had a Free T-Shirt with a pledge, that cost me VAT as they had valued it at $15, despite it being free.
      I would expect a case to be included either free or a nominal cost. After all, it should be very cheap to get them produced in the right off-shore location.
      If you build it into the device packaging, it will not add anything else to the shipping costs.
      This is why a lot of the GoPro/Phone Gimbals do it this way, it looks great and aids the packaging experience.

    11. Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam 2-time creator on

      @Joaquin Robert - It will be a paid add on.

      @Jeff Law - We hear you - keep your eyes peeled.

      @Maggie Gean - Awesome - sounds like Beeline Moto will be ideal for your type of riding!

    12. Missing avatar

      Joaquin Robert on

      Is the padded case going to be an add on or will it be free for all backers of a certain pledge level?

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeff Law on

      The extra bicycle mount would be ideal for me to use it from motorcycle and bicycle.

    14. Maggie Gean on

      I ride alone most of the time and a lot of miles on smaller roads, and like to wander and explore, from
      Peoria IL to St. Louis MO, from the western side of Indiana to central Missouri and this will be great for me, I am looking forward to next riding season and all the new places I can find.

    15. Missing avatar

      Gianluca Pignalberi on

      It might seem you (and all of us backers) will reach the stretch goal and the case is a perfect gift. You might even add a couple of other goals (e.g., 800% and 1000%) and offer a t-shirt or another wearable gadget that would make us happy and make your brand even more exposed.

    16. Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam 2-time creator on


      The sticky pad mount would be ideal - they're super strong and don't leave any residue when you remove it. We've used these on scooters when testing and it's worked brilliantly.

      Magnets can be problematic due to the magnetometer in the Beeline device.

    17. Missing avatar

      Vicente on

      Hello, I have a Mojito 50 scooter and am still wondering the best way to attach the Beeline Moto. I have seen you are attaching it to the mirror rod but don’t find that too practical and stable. How about attaching the Beeline with a magnet or similar arrangement next to the main instrument board ? I am not an engineer so have not a better idea but I am sure you know what I am getting at. Many thanks !

    18. Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam 2-time creator on

      @Christopher Liggett

      Hi Christopher - unfortunately the release date is mostly down to the time we require for final design development, testing, having the tooling made and ensuring that quality meets our standards once the product comes off the production line.

      We have a supplier for the case in mind, so it won't be a distraction from our work on the product development over the next few months.

      Thanks again for backing the project!

    19. Missing avatar

      Christopher Liggett on

      Rather than add more products, wouldn't it be better to set a stretch goal of releasing the Moto earlier than next February?