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Beautifully simple navigation, route planning and tracking for motorbikes, giving you the freedom to enjoy the ride
Beautifully simple navigation, route planning and tracking for motorbikes, giving you the freedom to enjoy the ride
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Backer party and live update tonight & STRETCH GOAL #1 HIT

Posted by Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam (Creator)

Hi Moto backers,

A reminder for those in the London area to join us for little celebration at the Bike Shed, Old Street tonight. We'd love to see as many of you there as possible - please click here to let us know if you can make it so we have an idea of numbers.

For those who can't make it, we'll aim to do a live update at 7pm BST so tune in then to ask any questions and to join the celebrations!

We also blew through the 400% stretch goal target a couple of days ago so route sharing and exporting will definitely be happening! 600% feels like a good target for the next one so please start sharing your ideas for what you'd like to see and we'll publish it soon. Maybe something to discuss during the live update tonight?

Looking forward to seeing many of you tonight, either in person or on the interweb. 

All the best,

Tom, Mark and the team. 


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    1. Tom O'Rourke on

      What about a group ride function... So, you set a group 'leader' via the app and then all the other riders in the group would receive directions to follow them on their Beeline. This would prevent people getting lost when they get split up in traffic or at lights, and allows the lead rider to do a random route, or a deviation from a planned route without having to worry about waiting for everyone else.

    2. Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the suggestions guys.

      @Michael M, we actually already built W3W integration for the cycling product so that will be in by default!

      @Michael P & Joe, completely understand the ask for additional mounts. Two things that make us hesitant to commit to that. 1) economics - we have to make sure we don't commit to adding unforeseen cost which could endanger the whole project if we get it wrong. 2) waste - don't want to be putting more plastic into the world that doesn't need to be there, assuming most people wouldn't need multiple mounts. They'll definitely be available to buy as extras though.

      @Kurt & Anton re. hardwiring in. Lots of people have suggested this so something we might look at down the road, but as it would mean new designs, tooling (for moulds) and maybe even circuit boards, it would be quite a high risk thing to promise - could cost a huge amount and distract from the main task at hand! Definitely open to it as an option further down the line though, and if you're up for a bit of tinkering yourself, you should be able to get a micro USB wired into the bike then to the beeline moto for constant charge. (just be careful with the waterproofing)

      @Kilan re. twisties. Again, one that's come up a lot and that we want to look into as a future software update. We'd need to do a lot of research into the feasibility of that first - tech, service integrations, UI etc so can't promise it as a stretch goal just yet.


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      Kurt Guilbeau Sr. on

      Since this one will be going on a motorcycle, you might want to think about some people may want to mount the display into a dash and hard wire it to 12 continous 12 volts and switched 12 volts. The continous would remember the route when stopping during the route and switched would turn on display when on the bike. Might want to look at how diffrent motorcycle brands mount guages into their dashes. I have a Can-am spyder RTL and was to replace the temp guage with your product.

    4. Missing avatar

      Anton on

      How about a watch strap or mount that would be more robust to use on an enduro for the TRansEuro Trail. Powered mount to keep charged when on tour

      Kayaking in Yorkshire tonight. Sorry to miss the party

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Pedersen on

      600% stretch goal. A choice of another mount style to move the device to different bikes.

    6. Michael Mahoney on

      I hope you support What3Words addressing. This is super helpful when meeting in remote areas or even awkward addresses in the city.

    7. Kilian Marjew on

      Feature suggestion for stretch:
      Insights on upcoming twisties - to enjoy them the best. A feature I will miss moving from the bigger navigation devices to Beeline (I mostly use a zoom level so you can see upcoming corners and their angle clearly). Especially useful when visibility is a concern (e.g. mountain riding).
      Would be nice to have a minimal-visual aid on the upcoming corner(s).

    8. Missing avatar

      Joe Howard on

      Additional mounts added to the package would be useful

    9. Missing avatar

      Peter Nelissen on

      I would like to see a speed camera warning signal on the device with live update connection via the smartphone. Would have to be able to be switched on and off due to difference in EU regulation.