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Beautifully simple navigation, route planning and tracking for motorbikes, giving you the freedom to enjoy the ride
Beautifully simple navigation, route planning and tracking for motorbikes, giving you the freedom to enjoy the ride
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STRETCH GOAL! Route sharing & exporting

Posted by Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam (Creator)

Dear backers,

We continue to be astounded by how well the campaign is storming along. Just shy of 300% of the goal as we write this!

Excitingly, we're now in the territory where we can start promising some extras in the form of stretch goals.

Having looked at all the comments, messages and survey responses it seems the best one to start with is route sharing and exporting. A software enhancement which will enhance the overall product experience and build the community feel. 

This will allow you to share great routes that you've either planned or ridden in Beeline with other users so they can ride them too. You'll also be able to export them as GPX files to share by email, WhatsApp, put on blogs etc. 

If we hit 400% of target (just another $50k) then we'll commit to developing this feature.

Please share your thoughts below - the more discussion the better. And please use the buttons below to spread the word to help us reach the milestone. 




Thanks a lot!

Mark, Tom and the team.

P.S. Pretty chuffed that MCN called us "a serious contender to the established GPS manufacturers." 

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    1. Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam 2-time creator on

      WE MADE IT!

      This stretch goal will be happening for sure now.

      Time to start thinking about the next one. Please do make your suggestions on the comments section of main campaign.

    2. Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam 2-time creator on

      MIchael, thanks for the suggestions! Splitting them out a bit,...

      Ride log: pleased to say that's already planned to be in the launch version! A bit of work to be able to add notes, pictures etc but we do want to do that. The sharing bit is exactly what this stretch goal is about.

      Meet up mode: I reckon there's probably quite a lot of thinking and development to get that right but the concept is great. I imagine one to address further down the line but if you can rally enough support for it we can bump it up the list!

      Explore mode: the easy way to do this already is to just use "compass mode" which will show you the as-the-crow-flies distance and direction to the destination but leaves you free to explore as much as you want on the way there. What you're suggesting of adapting to make more circuitous routes if you've got extra time should definitely be possible but I think that would need to come hand in hand with some of the routing work that we want to do. That's a bigger chunk of work so will be a longer term thing, but once done I expect we could look at putting something like this in there!

    3. Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam 2-time creator on

      Thank you Matt! When you do the Trans Euro trail, we'd love to share the story on our blog/newsletter. Make sure you take lots of photos and email us on if you're up for writing it up!

    4. Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam 2-time creator on

      Hi Sitwon,

      Actually mean both! (assuming we're using the same terminology) What we're talking about is both being able to map out a route ahead of time in the app and share/export that AND going back to the track of a ride you've done and being able to share/export that.

      In both cases. When you open/upload the route/track it will have our navigation guidance rules applied to it so you can easily follow it using the Beeline Moto device.

      To your second point, that's something we're playing around with at the moment. We will likely be on the lookout for people to help us test these bits that are still in development so look out for a "beta testing" option in the survey at the end of the campaign.

    5. Michael Mahoney on

      Explore Mode: I never agree with my GPS or Google maps routing, even rider specific GPS “scenic” or “twisty” routes are never good enough because they still primarily focus on reaching the destination in an efficient timeframe. Instead, let me put in a destination, and the time i am willing to spend getting there. So if I have two hours to reach a coffee shop only one hour away, the suggested route can incorporate much more indirect paths. I use online forums to find the best roads between me and my destination and then string together multiple suggested rides to turn coffee runs into all day adventures, it would be nice for a true rider focused way finding device to know how to do that.

    6. Michael Mahoney on

      Meet up mode: group of riders from different starting points could agree to meet at a specific spot and time, Beeline would use compass mode to get each rider to the spot, and let the group know each persons ETA. Each rider would need a countdown that outlined how much time they had left to arrive on time, and a warning if their wandering was making them late - then re-route to the quickest way to get back on track - but only if they were to be late.

      Ride log: be able to record every ride so I can re-ride later, share good routes I make up on the fly, or just record mileage, riding history. These should be stored in an app like a pilots log book. Ability to add notes, rate routes, and share with the community or friends.

    7. Matt Johnson on

      Super excited guys! Great work. LOVE my bicycle Beeline and have been using it on my motorcycle for quite a while. The ability to upload GPX data was the reason that I backed. Ram mount compatibility is great too. Being able to share routes would be super useful. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to try it out on the Trans Euro Trail:

    8. Sitwon on

      Speaking of route/track navigation, how well does the Beeline adapt when you miss a turn or need to skip a waypoint or series of waypoints?

    9. Sitwon on

      When you say "route sharing and exporting", do you mean the ability to export a TRACK or will we have the ability to record and export a ROUTE.

      Until now I have not seen a good solution for either recording routes directly (which can be replayed with turn-by-turn directions as you would expect from GPS navigation), nor for converting a track to a route.

      The problem, of course, for motorcyclists is that we often WANT to ride a less-efficient route than the one the GPS routing engine would pick for us, if left to its own devices.

      This is primarily why I am interested in the Beeline Moto. Hearing Waze give me audio turn-by-turn navigation is fine for the street, but when I'm following a track (not a route) I'm looking for a better solution than trying to trace the line on the screen.