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Villanelle's video poster

Villanelle is a feature film that blends elements of classic, hardboiled Film Noir, with classic Horror and tells a great story to boot Read more

Providence, RI Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on April 8, 2011.

Villanelle is a feature film that blends elements of classic, hardboiled Film Noir, with classic Horror and tells a great story to boot

Providence, RI Shorts
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The plan is simple. We are going to make an amazing film, which is both aesthetically gorgeous, compelling in story, and stunning in both written and spoken dialog.

Once we finish the film, we are going to seek both distribution and theatrical success to get the cast and crew placed firmly on the map in an acknowledgement of their collected talents.


Villanelle is "Horror-Noir" in it's purest sense. What exactly does that mean? Well, "Horror-Noir" is a genre that combines the grit, feel, and snappy dialog of a Mickey Spillane type detective drama, and combines it with the suspense, terror, and supernatural elements that used to make horror so much fun! In this sense, it revitalizes and holds true to two time tested genres.

Villanelle tells the story of a hard drinking but honorable, down on his luck detective, Travis Burke, who after a storied career taking down high profile criminals in Boston, has an, "indiscretion", and gets exiled to the township of New Shoreham, where he's made Chief of Police. Old habits die hard for Chief Burke, who is pulled back into his old school sense of justice when he's approached by Dawn, a beautiful creature who's been attacked, and left for dead.


Well, to be perfectly honest, we need money. Film making is expensive if you want to do it right. Villanelle is no exception. First of all, we have an amazing cast and crew (both professionals and awesome friends who are donating their time to the project). Secondly, we couldn't ask for better locations than the ones we already have in place (We got REALLY lucky). The main backdrop and principle base of locations is New Shoreham, RI, also known as Block Island.

Unlike Rhode Island, Block island is an actual island. The only way to reach it is by ferry, and let me tell you, it's not cheap when you need to get a full cast and crew out there four or five times. Beyond that, there are the costs of additional equipment to make our camera guys lives easier, and the finished product amazing. We are shooting on the Canon 7D, which is a film quality camera, but needs some bells and whistles in order to tap it's full potential.

Costs on films, even ones made for little money, can spiral out of control if you aren't realistic. We've attempted to come up with the realistic breakdown, but there's always something you miss.

Here's a breakdown of what your donations are going towards...

** Ferry Fees for Cast and Crew ** Color Correction and Visual Effects ** Food and Beverages ** Professional Sound Mixing ** Musical Score and Soundtrack ** Camera Accessories ** Practical Effects ** Gas Money for the Cast and Crew ** Festival Fees


Simply because Kickstarter represents the exact way we want to make our films; Supported by friends, family, and lovers of film. Totally independent of studios. Grass roots based, with local talent both on screen, and behind the action. In the end, we get the type of movie we want to go see in theater, and watch over again.


Just us! And our lips are sealed!


Well. Incentives are only sent if we reach our goal. With your help we can. Once the goal is reached, we make the movie. Incentives will start flying out the door between the start and end of production (A DVD is a good example. We gotta finish the movie before we send it to you) However, our crack team of Donation Updaters will get to work the second our goal is reached, and keep you posted the whole ride through.


Yes, yes and yes! Once we reach our goal, you can continue to donate, and let's face it, the more money, the better. Additional funds will go towards things like better editing and coloring services, better sound mixing, and things of that ilk. the more the merrier!


No one gets anything and no money is exchanged. Meaning we don't get to live our dream, you don't get to be part of something awesome, and it turns into a really boring situation. I don't think we should collectively allow this to happen!


It's in development. Our Art department is working their tails off and quite frankly, hasn't got around to it. We plan to launch the site by the start of production. In the meantime, here'a a link to our Facebook group where you can see the stars of the film, read a little something about it, and stay up to date on press for the film!


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    Every single dollar helps us out a great deal. Just remember the iconic words of Peter Marshall, "The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation."

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    You receive a "Special Thanks" in the film's end credits

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    You receive an "Extra Special Thanks" in the films end credits PLUS (2) 4x6 lobby cards

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    All of the above PLUS a DVD, AND a Mini One Sheet of the final poster design

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    Be a Producer without having to Produce! Receive all of the above PLUS an "Associate Producer Credit", PLUS a copy of the "Fallen" Villanelle singed by Kileen Gilroy (the Author) and AJ Paratore (the "Poet") on aged paper (8 1/2 x 11)

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    You get all of the above PLUS... Be a movie murder victim without having to do anything! Your photo and name used as one of the three killer's victims, prominently featured in a news paper, obituary, the opening credits, or an archive such as a micro form.
    (And we'll send you a notification with the scene number for reference!)

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    Pledge $75 or more

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    All of the above PLUS a Mini One Sheet autographed by Cast and Crew, PLUS (2) tickets to a Screening of VILLANELLE (Transportation not included)

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    Be an Executive Producer without actually Exectutively Producing! You will receive all of the above PLUS an "Executive Producer Credit", PLUS an "In Film News Article" signed by Mark Carter (The Gemini Killer), Rich Tretheway (Burke), AJ Paratore (The Poet) and James Harding (The Roxbury Butcher),
    AND a "VILLANELLE" T - Shirt

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    You receive all of the above PLUS (1) Page of the film's actual Story Boards, Autographed and Hand Drawn, by the story board artist Brandon Luis Aponte

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    Get a Fang! You will receive all of the above PLUS, (1) of the crafted Fangs, labeled and individually numbered, with an autographed, and marked diagram of the fangs (so you know which fang you have!), PLUS you'll get a Personalized Hand Written Letter of "Thank You" from the Director (which will contain numerous "thank yous" in at least 2 languages!)

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    Hold the phone! You get all of the above, PLUS a Shooting Script, Autographed by film's Screenwriter and Director of Photography, PLUS a Vial of Stage Blood used in the film, and a behind the scenes photograph of the stage blood's application, Autographed by the Special Effects Technicians

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    You win. You get all of the above, PLUS you get EITHER the authentic scrap book of the Gemini Killer, (it is Hand Made and terrifying!) OR the Hand Written Journal of THE POET. First come first serve, LIMITED TO 1 per item. (These are the actual, in film, Hand Made props. A Lot of thought went into them, and they are awesome!)

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