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Beautiful designs, great fit. Combed cotton or Merino wool. Made in the USA. Satisfaction guaranteed.
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Coming to Kickstarter Thursday!

Posted by Rick & Neil Levine (Creator)


Hello everyone!

Many of you helped us fund XOAB with this Kickstarter campaign to purchase our initial yarn inventory and create the most comfortable dress socks in a wide range of colors and patterns. We appreciate your continued support and input as we’ve built XOAB and fine-tuned our socks.

This Thursday, we're excited to launch our second Kickstarter campaign, to introduce XOAB Active compression socks. As you may have noticed, there’s an increasing demand for more fashionable compression wear.

To make compression socks in complex designs, we found existing measurement tools wouldn’t work reliably with many of our patterns. We had to invent our own testing device to accurately measure the compression in our patterned socks. As a result, we can now create compression socks that are more comfortable, fit better and can be knit in our unprecedented range of designs.

As with this Kickstarter, we invite you to participate in the creation of something genuinely new. We need your help to buy yarn and fund the manufacturing of several more of our our testing devices. Join us and be the first to enjoy a better compression sock, in all the vibrant colors and unique patterns we’ve become known for; something not possible in compression wear until now.

A free pair of socks for first day backers

To get things rolling, we’re offering you (and anyone you want to tell) one extra pair of compression socks added to any sock reward you choose - for all pledges on the first day of our campaign, this Thursday, October 13th. For our international backers, we're extending the deadline an extra 12 hours on Friday to allow for being awake at a reasonable hour in their time zone! (The free pair will not show up in your pledge, but we'll add them when the Kickstarter closes.)

Holiday gifts

Even though we won’t be shipping socks in time for this holiday season, we're offering the option of designating any portion of your reward as a gift. We'll send an email card to anyone you’d like, on a date of your choosing between the end of the Kickstarter pledge period through the holidays, announcing however many pairs of socks you’d like to give. The recipient will be able to select their own designs and we will make sure they fit. (And yes, you can do multiple gifts - we'll explain how to pledge for more than one gift on our Kickstarter page.) They'll also get all our updates via email, and a front row seat to watch our progress.

As always, we appreciate your support. Please tell your friends and help us spread the word. We can’t do this without you and look forward to hearing from you.

Our Kickstarter will be live on Thursday morning. We'll send out another note on Thursday as a reminder.

Thank you!

Rick & Neil

These are the initial designs for our campaign, with more to come.
These are the initial designs for our campaign, with more to come.


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    1. Rick & Neil Levine 2-time creator on

      Hi Michael! I'm so sorry you didn't get your socks from our first Kickstarter! Looking at our records, I think the issue was that we never received any response to our emails about picking socks, and we never heard from you until now. :( My apologies for any error on our part.

      Let's fix this - you ordered a pair of socks, plus we offered an extra pair to all backers. I'll double down - I'm going to send you four pair of our wool socks. Please email us at, and we'll figure out all the shipping details, and which socks you'd like.

      Again, apologies you had to wait this long! - Rick

    2. Michael Hammer

      I never got my first pledge why would I double down?

    3. Rick & Neil Levine 2-time creator on

      Thanks Rob! Help us spread the word!

    4. Missing avatar

      Robert Waymack on

      Best of luck! I love the original XOAB socks. Looking forward to XOAB Active!

    5. Rick & Neil Levine 2-time creator on

      Thanks Michiel! We're pretty excited about it!

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael O

      Good to hear from you, that is a really cool development!