XOAB: Socks, done right.

by Rick & Neil Levine

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    1. Eric Jeffrey on

      Your socks are beautiful - worth the wait. Thanks guys, well done!!

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      Pat Watson on

      Hello Rick & Neil,
      You have been wonderful communicators allowing us to travel along on your journey. The highs and lows of entrepreurship - things you could control and those that you could not.
      The socks received huge applause from the trendy 16 year old who received them.
      Thank you for the opportunity to share in your journey.
      All the best from North of 49 - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    3. Hope Clary on

      That's awesome news! I love my socks.. Yes I got them for me

    4. Tim Ruszel on

      Still loving my socks—and even the fancy new designs I got through Amazon! Was so great to be along on this ride with you. Congratulations, gentlemen. CHEERS!

    5. Michel Humphreys on

      Great socks .. will likely purchase again ! thanks again and great job ! wish all kickstarters were like you !

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      Michael O

      My box the last one? Of course not.

      Many, many more will follow in the direction of Amazon warehouses....I hope that in a few years time you will have a hall full of knitting machines, making a lot of noise to provide the world with your socks.

      You did a great job in sharing your journey, explaining the issues, providing us with photos and video. You did the real storytelling which is adding that intangible value to your products, which can make Kickstarter so special. Thank you!

      Please continue to post an occasional update. And who knows, even a new kickstarter project.

    7. Joe Zuniga on

      I just got my final socks today guys! Well done. Have a wonderful and hopefully restful holiday season with your friends and family.

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      Michael O

      Rick & Neil, 10 minutes ago the "last box" arrived with beautiful socks. I will definitely show them off at Christmas. Also many thanks for the Chiaroscuro socks, love them! Toes up!

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      Shelley Sackett on

      Rick & Neil - I hid the socks for my husband and two sons and surprised them at Christmas. My husband has been a "doubting Thomas" ...that the wait would be worth is...but he had NOTHING but raves about his beautiful new socks. Said over and over that they are the most comfortable socks he's ever worn and gave me the green light to buy him many more! Congratulations to you guys and look forward to seeing your great designs all over the place in the coming years.