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Update #3

Stage Clear


I just want to thank all of you guys for your generous donations to The D-Pad, which raised us a total of $665!  For those of you that backed the project, you'll be hearing from me again in the coming week to get you set up with your respective rewards.  And those of you that didn't but want to keep up with us, head on over to!  (And if you do still want to donate, there's a Paypal link on the site itself)

Thanks again, and we can't wait to bring you our premiere episode on April 3!

Update #2

Our P4s for April!


We're proud to announce our first set of guests for the month of April!

In our premiere episode on April 3 we'll be talking with Alex Laferriere, Steve DiTullio, and Brandon Vogel of Broken Wall Films and the Open Lounge, who are celebrating a year of podcasts.

The following week on April 10 we've got the NintendoFanGirl, fresh back from her trip to Nintendo of America, and we'll be talking about the newly released Nintendo 3DS.

Our third episode on April 17 will feature The Ryan Keough Show's Ryan Keough to discuss the world of standup and building yourself up as a comic.

And finally our last April episode on April 24 we'll be talking to comedian/writer Christopher Osborn of Benzene Ring, possibly with some added audio goodies.

As an added bonus, we've submitted The D-Pad to ImprovBoston's Geek Week Festival, and if we're accepted our fifth episode will be a live podcast that will be sure to be entertaining.

So keep those pledges coming! Only a few days left!

Update #1

Massively Multiplayer and Online

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The D-Pad website is now online! We're still working out the kinks, but head on over to and check it out!

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