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The Origins returned to the 16th century and the source of today's cards to inspire two premium quality decks
The Origins returned to the 16th century and the source of today's cards to inspire two premium quality decks
1,109 backers pledged NZ$ 69,452 to help bring this project to life.

De Novo Playing Cards now live - don’t miss Early Birds

Posted by Rick Davidson (Creator)

Hi there!

As one of my truly valued first backers of the Origins series, I wanted to let you know about De Novo, my new campaign!  It’s live right now, and there are still Early Birds up for grabs.  But time is ticking, just over a day before they expire.

If you’re not already a part of this project take a look. I’m teaming up with Lotrek of OathPlayingCards with a very special new stock finish.  Pretty excited. Oh yes.

Take a journey into the future here




Shadows funded! And only a few hours left...

Posted by Rick Davidson (Creator)
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Hi Origins supporter.  As you will know, you're one of my favourite people.  So a quick and final reminder that the Shadows of History campaign is coming to a close.

The campaign is funded, there are limited Black Label decks available, and plenty of extra items to peruse. Of course, I'd love to have you on board and many of you already are.  Thank you for making the campaign a success.

As you can see in the video below the Shadows deck is a complete and detailed rework of the original Origins decks in full colour.  And then there's the Rouen 1567 deck, an accurate full body recreation of the original historic deck.  I'm really looking forward to production.

Visit the campaign.

Yours in cards,




Two weeks left on Shadows of History!

Posted by Rick Davidson (Creator)

Dear Origins Playing Cards backers,

With almost $24,000NZ raised, the Shadows of History campaign has 2 weeks left!

Your incredible support of the first Origins campaign helped produce the First Edition and Grail decks, which received great reviews and were voted the United Cardists overall deck of the year.  Your backing made it happen and I'll always be thankful.

Now, the Shadows of History deck features updated and improved full colour art based on the original decks. The campaign also features the unique historic Rouen 1567 deck and plenty of extra pledge goodness with stickers, signed prints and the Shadows art booklet.  So again, I would love your support in making these decks a reality!

All my best, Rick

View the campaign -



It's about time. 450 years in fact.

Posted by Rick Davidson (Creator)

Here we are.  Less than a day until the Shadows of History campaign kicks off at 5pm EST.  It's been many months in the planning and design, and I would love to see you there.  

Two decks make the campaign - the Origins Shadows of History, and it's unique companion, the Origins Rouen 1567.  The Rouen 1567 is a very special recreation of the historic original deck.

See more in the campaign tomorrow!




SINS Playing Cards

While you're there, check out my fellow artist Giovanni Meroni's beautiful SINS Playing Cards, currently funding.  Inspired by the 7 deadly sins, and drawn with incredible detailing, these decks are special.  Giovanni and I have a love of the same themes and it's great to see his decks doing so well.  A lot of work and attention to detail.  Awesome work G.  Check it out.


 LUXX Greille

And if you haven't already, don't forget to check out my last project with JP Games.  JP did a beautiful job with the Greilles and the matching numbered pair with dealer coin is a beautiful set.



Tomorrow. See you then!

Origins launch date. Trailer. LUXX. And more...

Posted by Rick Davidson (Creator)



The Origins Shadows of History deck is coming to Kickstarter

Time has flown since the first Origins decks were funded by very special people, like yourself - and I am thankful to everyone.  It's been a busy time for my family and my amazing boys are growing fast.  But now I'm looking forward to a productive card busting 2017.  If you have been awaiting news on the Shadows deck, thank you for your patience.  I hope the time has been good to you.

Before I cover the Shadows launch, a few quick updates:

While working on the Shadows deck, I also collaborated with JP Games on two decks in their excellent LUXX® series.  First, the LUXX® Palme decks, and more recently...

LUXX® Greille Playing Cards

LUXX® Greille is based on a strong grid pattern, featuring striking foil backs and custom angular face cards.  Had a great time working with JP on these limited edition decks, with an even more limited Collectors Edition numbered pair with matching dealer coin.  A small number left and they look great, well done JP.  So if you're interested be quick, the Palmes are already sold out!

Creating the LUXX® Greille
Creating the LUXX® Greille


United Cardists 2018

I'm also excited to say I'll be working with the devoted and well informed crew at United Cardists for the annual 2018 deck.  The forum was a valued part of the first Origins project and it's an honour to produce a deck for the group.  The recently funded Avant-Garde 2017 deck by Edgy Brothers looks fantastic.


Updated website coming soon

As we settle into 2017, I have a few projects lined up and a goal to provide a quality online experience.  So stay tuned for a new look site, with updates on projects in the works.


And so, the Shadows of History deck is set for a planned launch on Kickstarter on Saturday 4th March, US time.  The deck features updated art throughout in full colour, and a brand new premium quality tuck case design.

View the trailer

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The goal again is a deck of the highest quality - with an eye on the new and luxurious MetalLuxe™ backs.  Of course creating a deck of this level is ambitious and expensive, so I would love your support.

I'm also planning to include a second unique deck.  Carefully redrawn from the original historic sheets, this special deck is a recreation of the source of the playing card pattern we know today - the Rouen deck of 1567 by Pierre Marechal.


With close attention to detail, and valuable feedback from the most excellent card historian Paul Bostock, the Shadows project has been another labour of love.  And I'd like to invite you once again to take a step into the shadows of history, to help create a special deck to collect and enjoy.

Thank you again for your support.  I'll post an update closer to launch time, with a few posts on Facebook.  I hope to see you on the 4th March!