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Crypt Run is an ever-changing medieval fantasy hack 'n slash that isn't over when you die.
A twin-stick shooter roguelike that isn't over when you die.
A twin-stick shooter roguelike that isn't over when you die.
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Nintendo approves Lost Decade as official developer, announcing new Wii U stretch goal!

Yes you read that right! I'm so excited I'm about to BLOW UP!!

Lost Decade Games is an official Nintendo developer

Here's the story so far: we met two fantastic Nintendo guys at last week's Casual Connect, and they've been amazing to work with. They fast-tracked our approval and are in the process of connecting us with the tools we need to investigate launching Crypt Run on Wii U.

I want this to happen so badly I'm pretty much ALL IN. But the reality of the situation is that we have an ambitious game to finish, only two devs working on it, and a very tight budget to work with. So, just like for Linux, we have to be responsible and increase the budget to support any new platform.

Determining the budget

Geoff and I have had just a few days to talk about Wii U as a stretch goal. We're taking this very seriously: we've had several hours-long conversations about it, and have had to update our decisions periodically based on new information coming in from Nintendo.

With only one week left in this campaign, we also had to move quickly! So here's our initial estimate: $13,500. That's a little less than two months of dev time for our studio. Why do we think it'll take that long? As you may know, we've got two decades of web development experience between us. Like most developers, we're terrible at estimating, but the responsible thing to do is to be conservative.

Having never worked with a video game console before (!), we'll be in brand new territory. The Nintendo Web Framework might turn out to be a magic bullet for an HTML5 game like Crypt Run, but it's also extremely likely that we'll need to touch some C/C++ to iron out issues, which is well outside of our comfort zone. Or… we might have to rewrite the game in C! We just don't know yet! Hopefully soon we'll get our hands on dev kits and we can start to answer these questions.

Wii U Backer Reward

If we meet the stretch goal, we'll be able to give out Wii U eShop codes for Crypt Run. We can give out a finite number of codes before we have to start paying for them, so there's only 100 of the $15 Wii U backer reward. However, there's an unlimited supply of Wii U copies at $20, which also includes desktop copies of Crypt Run and Lava Blade!

What if we don't make it?

Even if we don't make the Wii U stretch goal, we will continue to investigate ways to get there. For example, we might open a PayPal stream to let Nintendo fans contribute, or we'll track Humble Store purchases to help fund development. There's a Catch-22 in that we can't get you a Wii U copy until we have enough support for Wii U, but the bottom line is: we'll never get there without your help, and we have to try. We want to work with you however we can. We're of course happy to refund your money if we miss the goal. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss any of this stuff!

Nintendo fans: help us get there!

So it's a lofty goal, but YES, I think it is doable! Why? Because it's NINTENDO, people! Help us spread the word on the Interwebz. If we can tap into even a small fraction of Nintendo's rabid fan base, we'll get there easily!

Like podcasts? We'll be talking about this in-depth on tomorrow's episode of Lostcast.


-Matt, insanely excited


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    1. Matt Hackett Creator on

      @Stacy: Great to hear, thanks! I'll let you know if I find out any differently about Wii. I'm really excited about getting the weekly builds out there :D Fun!

    2. Missing avatar

      Stacy Haven on

      Ah.. got it. That is too bad. But at least you will be able to get it out there for more users. Love the game so far. Can't wait to see the release.

    3. Matt Hackett Creator on

      @Stacy: Thanks for the pledge! Specific to the Wii U, there's a new Nintendo Web Framework that we'll be using to build Crypt Run. It doesn't look like this is or will ever be available on the Wii, but I'll try to find out just in case. I appreciate the suggestion!

    4. Missing avatar

      Stacy Haven on

      What if you made it to work on the Wii, will it work on the Wii U as well. There haven't been huge numbers jumping to Wii U and I would think you guys would have stronger numbers with Wii online game that will work on Wii U. I don't know if that will work or not, but just an idea.

    5. Matt Hackett Creator on

      @James: Thanks! Yes the $25 tier will come with a Wii U eShop code if the stretch goal is met. I'll update the FAQ; we'll include it with any reward at $20 or above. Cheers!

    6. James Brunner on

      Good Luck with the Wii U stretch goal! I would love to play the Crypt Run on my wii u! Does the $25 tier have the option of Wii u as its digital copy?

    7. Matt Hackett Creator on

      Haha! That's not surprising that we sounded tired! These last 3 weeks have been the biggest, hardest sprint of our lives… I'll try to liven it up tomorrow ;)

      Thanks for the backssssss you guys rule!!

    8. Josué Ferreira de Oliveira on

      T2norway: I hope so! The last episodes of Lostcast were pretty good, but Matt and Geoff seemed tired or somewhat nervous...

    9. T2norway on

      By seeing how Matt is such insanely excited, I bet tomorrow's episode of Lostcast will be a blast! Looking forward =D