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The iFilm is a revolutionary iPhone Camera Enhancement that takes the place of a Tripod, but not the space of one.
The iFilm is a revolutionary iPhone Camera Enhancement that takes the place of a Tripod, but not the space of one.
273 backers pledged $6,315 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sketchy on

      Still no refund, terrible experience. I just with Kickstarter would have taken this more seriously as well...

    2. Mathew Bitner on

      I will never back a campaign from this kickstarter again. 3D printed crap. NOTHING like what was showcased in the campaign video.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sketchy on

      Same here, backed for 3 iFilms, got one crappy plastic POS. Just refund my money please for the others, it's been over a year now...

    4. Tali Herzka on

      still no iFilm after over a year, requested a refund multiple times and haven't had a response since Nov. 2012

    5. Josh Gibson on

      I feel pretty cheated here. Backed the project for a useless piece of plastic. Worst kickstarter experience I've ever had.

    6. Emil Bang Kræsj Larsen on

      I forgot about this inferior peace of plastic rubbish. So I'll share my thougts:
      Hated it, "rough" finish, locked my iPhone everytime I tried to use it. Useless in every possible way. Threw it away after one day.

    7. Richmond Co. Creator on

      @Greg Knackstedt please find our proprietary app here:…

    8. Richmond Co. Creator on

      @Sketchy Please see our PM! We sent yours out with the first batch of shipments, but we'll happily send out a replacement.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sketchy on

      It's been months and I've still not received my TWO iFilms or a response to my emails. I hope they BAN you from kick starter, this is terrible.

    10. Harry Marks on

      So now we have an app. What about a decent product to go with it. My snapped and gouging version that you sent that you were going to replace is still in the garbage. You are unbelievable.

    11. Greg Knackstedt on

      Was the app even submitted to Apple?
      Sad panda....

    12. Richard Clark on

      Please put your app on Cydia since Apple won't seem to approve it, that way people like myself that have received the ifilm can use the product . Thanks in advance.

    13. Missing avatar

      Corey Panno on

      Hey Matt. Two updates in two months is thin communication. We'd love to hear how it's going. Being a kickstarter backer is about being a part of the project, seeing the progress, hearing about how it's developing, including the challanges and how you are dealing with them. Your backers are not here to just here buy Stuff. if we just wanted Stuff we'd buy an equivelant product from Amazon or Alibaba. Cut us in.

    14. günther ottendorferk


      how are you going ?

      really looking forward to your cool product - like it because of its minimalistic elegance

      while its not urgent it would be nice to have a bit of an update -
      could you write some lines so that you close the loop ?

      thx go

    15. Alli Flowers on

      We'd rather be updated with bad news than left in the dark. Let's try regular weekly updates, please.

    16. Vincent Mah on

      What's going on?

    17. Missing avatar

      Corey Panno on

      Don't wait to have a shiny video to update us. We're happy to have two updates. Without video, and then video

    18. Missing avatar

      Corey Panno on

      Why are there no updates?

    19. Vincent Mah on

      Waiting for an update too!

    20. Greg Knackstedt on

      Any updates on the iFilm and the corresponding app?

    21. Alli Flowers on

      I'm ready for an update!

    22. Adva Hershko on

      I'm so excited!!! :))

    23. Missing avatar

      Mara Loughridge on

      So...... Any updates? How long will it take after the 35 days are up for us to receive the actual product? Thanks

    24. Missing avatar

      Sajid Fakir on

      Will these be available in black also?

    25. Missing avatar

      Jacob Ukelson on

      Two more quick comments:
      Could you create a version that lets you record yourself and see the screen at the same time (sort of a mirror image of the current version)?

      Is it possible for the mirror to be convex to provide a wider angle of view?

    26. Stephane TchernosByl on

      Hi, when project will be totally funded, how long will it take to produce the iFilm, and shiped to Europe, in France for instance?
      When I saw that project, I couldn't stop thinking it looked like the never-seen hypoflex project...
      Did you get the inspiration from them?

    27. Missing avatar

      Jacob Ukelson on

      Could you also make the source for your app available?

      You could do that before release to help debug

    28. Richmond Co. Creator on

      You raise some great points, Alconn. We will be releasing the app by the first production shipment, so everyone can use the app once their iFilm arrives. Until then we'll have to keep the app in a closed beta as the iFilm is not publicly available yet. Thanks for your support!!

    29. Missing avatar

      alconn on

      When will the app. needed to make the image "right" as shown in your video be available? If you have developed it already as you say, why can't we download it now as opposed to when the project is funded? If the app. has issues you want to beta test it as soon as possible!

    30. Richmond Co. Creator on

      We are using an app that we developed

    31. Missing avatar

      alconn on

      The question I asked you off-line was: using a mirror would flip the image upside down! how come it shows right side up in your video? Are you using an app. that you developed?