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    1. Bryan Salois on

      Hey rich, was wondering if there was any other way i could put money into your project. i really liked the idea and want to see it through and help you make more of it. Im sure if you were to put the pledge goal lower and ask people to donate there would be a few who would be interested in doing so.

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      Rich Inman (deleted) Creator on

      Thank Bryan! We're putting a lot of work into it and our whole team is running ragged right now to get out some sort of gameplay trailer. We also think the game has a lot of potential! :)

    3. Bryan Salois on

      My brother told me about this game after hearing about it at your work. After looking at it, reading about it, and watching your kick starter video you have my vote. i want to play this and see it. so far looks good. Good luck with it. It definitely has potential.

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      Rich Inman (deleted) Creator on


      I put a couple screenshots on the home page. It's not much, but we should have a lot more interesting stuff to show on Monday. Hopefully this will tide everyone over for now. :)

    5. Dermott

      I hope to see some gameplay soon. But until then - yes the video was for sure what made me gettin interested in what you plan to deliver.
      But for some other people you may deliver too less information and screens. You guys should work hard on more information on the "Home" Page.

      Greetings from germany

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      Rich Inman (deleted) Creator on

      Thanks Seumas,

      The took a bit of thought. I have thought about doing some sort of YouTube series, but ended up here making games. Since we'll be doing a video series chronicling the games development though I will be able to get there that way! Thanks for backing us!

    7. Seumas Froemke on

      I was on the fence, but the video presentation was so fun and likable, that I had to chip in. You should consider doing some sort of game-related Youtube series. Your amiable enthusiasm would suit it fine.