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We put you in the shoes of evil as you quest, craft, and loot your way to exacting revenge on your betrayers.

We put you in the shoes of evil as you quest, craft, and loot your way to exacting revenge on your betrayers. Read More
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About this project

Atonement Chronicles: Fall of Nations is more than just an Action RPG, it's the manifestation of a dream. A dream that I had to one day make video games. I assembled a talented team of programmers and artists to make this game a reality, and now I need your help.


As of today (October 17th, 2012) we have a gameplay trailer! It's still from the earliest alpha build, but here it is for you to see:


It was brought to my attention that I hadn't explained what the game's gameplay would be like. Rest assured this was just an oversight (major as it may be) and not an attempt to confuse or anger you. So, here is as detailed a description of the gameplay as I can give:


The foundation of the combat system is very basic. You click the left mouse button and you swing the weapon in your left hand; you click the right mouse button and you swing the weapon in your right hand.

Let's say that you want to do a stronger attack, well you hold down one of your mouse buttons and this will cause you to charge your attack. Once charged you will unleash a more powerful attack that will do damage to all enemies within the area of the charge attack. The exact area is determined by the type of weapon you are carrying. A sword will do damage to enemies in a line in front of you. An axe will hit all enemies in a cone in front of you. A hammer will do a point-blank AOE attack. The bow's charge attack will vary from ranged AOE attacks, multi-shots, to chain attacks. This all depends on the quiver you've attached in correlation with the bow. Each new quiver will give you a different kind of charge attack for your bow. If you haven't attached a quiver the bow defaults to a small ranged AOE.


Magic is essentially a modification of charge attacks. Enemies will drop magic stones (called Dein Stones in the game) that can be inserted into weapons and armor. There are 16 different stones, each of different levels, and each causing different magical effects within the charge attacks area.

Items will have anywhere from 0 to 4 stone slots. You will be able to insert any combination of stones you want, causing multiple magic effects in a single charge attacks. You can also stack stones of the same type, increasing the amount of damage done of a single element.

There are four elements in the game: Fire, ice, earth, and air.


One of the ways that you will get a hold of really great loot will be to craft it. In order to do that you will need to get crafting material, take that material to a crafter, and then pay them a fee to create an item for you. To get crafting material you simply deconstruct items you don't want.

One of the questions I've been getting is what I meant in teaser trailer by "crafters can join your party." What I meant by this is that, once you complete certain crafters quest lines and pay their fee they will follow you to certain places where they are able to set up shop. This will make it more convenient for you to get to a crafter, allow you to level them up to make higher level items, and give you a discount on your crafted items.

So, just to reiterate, this is an action RPG. You will traverse the world and complete quests alone.


As with all RPGs you will complete a main questline to complete the game. There will also be side quests for you to complete. You will be able to complete the game without doing a single side quest however, but they will offer you a chance to learn more about the story, gain more experience, and loot you won't get any other way. The crafter questlines are also considered side quests.

Teaser Trailer

Who I Am

My name is Rich Inman and I've had a passion for video games since I was 5 years old. Those of us who grew up with games all wish we could make them someday, but it's not a reality for all of us. At 28 I knew that I wasn't going to break into the industry while I was working on my business degree, but it was then that I decided I was going to use that education to make my dream a reality anyway. It wasn't until June of this year that I finally pulled the trigger, assembled a team and began work on Atonement Chronicles.

Delinquent Game Studios

When I started all of this I knew that I didn't just want to make one game, I wanted to continue making games for as long as I could. So I created Delinquent Game Studios so that when it comes time to make more games we're all ready to go!

The Game

Atonement Chronicles: Fall of Nations is the story of the most evil conqueror known to the world of Xenoeth, how he was betrayed by his three most trusted friends, cast into the underworld, and then returned to the living so he could exact his revenge. You play this evil man as he climbs his way back to power and destroys his betrayers and everything they hold dear.

The focus of the game is on hack and slash combat, expansive levels and a rich and engaging story. It boasts a random item generator that can create over 1 million variations per item, and a detailed crafting system that adds another layer of depth to the game's loot.

Why Kickstarter?

It's no secret that developing games costs money, and of course we're here on Kickstarter hoping to get that. But just as important is the ability to interact with the very people who will be playing our game in a way that traditional game developers don't often get a chance to. Our Backers are going to have a very real influence on the development of the game throughout the entire process through the "Backers Only" Developer's blog and the "Backers Only" forum.

Final Note

I want to thank each and every Backer here on Kickstarter for their support of our game, and I can't wait to make this journey with each and every one of you!

Risks and challenges

Independent game studios traditionally have two major problems:

They Can’t Motivate People to Work for Free

It’s an unfortunate reality that if you’re not funded by a huge publisher, you’re probably working for free until your game is made. This results in catastrophe from what I call the relationship effect. When you start a project (especially one you’re not getting paid for) you’re super excited for it, just like when you first begin to date someone new. All the fun you two have together far outweighs the negatives that, at this point, you’re basically ignoring.
The same is true with a new project… You work hard and ignore the extra stress it’s putting on you and those around you. But when a project goes on for months those rose colored glasses come off and you begin to notice all the annoying things about the project. Maybe it doesn’t call you when you want it to, or maybe it always “has a headache.” Oh, wait… Did I get my metaphors crossed there? Sorry…
The point is that when you’re not getting paid you tend to lose interest much faster in the projects you’re working on. No matter how excited you were when you started, or how exciting the project is. Indie game developers have to struggle with this as they usually cannot pay anyone until they see revenue from the game.

They Are Game Makers

Don’t get me wrong, you have to have game makers to make a game. It’s pretty much the only way to do it. But what a lot of indie game developers don’t have is someone who understands business. If you can’t evaluate your market, create solid business plans, know how to deal with, cultivate, negotiate with potential investors, and create a plan for bringing your game to market, well then you’re not going to have much sales success when your game is released. It won’t even matter how awesome and groundbreaking your game is. If people don’t know about and can’t get to it, then you can’t sell it.

What Are We Doing About It?

First of all, one of the main reasons we’re on Kickstarter is so that we can pay salaries to our amazing team. There is no doubt in my mind that we’re going to have a completed game; the team has been working hard for months now and we’ve scheduled breaks along the way to give everyone that much needed rest they’re going to need to keep going. Providing salaries will keep everyone on board and working hard, and will cement our will to complete the game.

Second, we do have a lot of talented game makers, but we also have me, an owner who has a degree in business and has successfully built profit producing plans in other businesses as well as has had experience cross promoting with companies like Rockstar Energy Drinks. I know the business end and have a plan for bringing the game to market that puts it into a wide range of outlets.

Ultimately we really are fighting an uphill battle. Most indie game companies don’t sell many copies of their games. But we’re working hard, making plans and setting up foundations to break that mold and successfully sell enough copies of our game to move forward knowing we have a solid financial foundation to continue making games. But no matter what happens we’re going to move forward making games and making sure everyone knows Delinquent Game Studios is here to stay!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • There are 11 categories of loot (Sword, Axe, Helmet, Ect...). The item system has the ability to roll so many different variations in stats and attributes that when I put it into a calculator to figure out the number of options it spat out this number: 3,390,060,590,636,190,381,240,884,400. So, I'm actually understating the number of variations per item when I say millions.

    What makes the loot so important in the game is the combat system. At its core it's a lot like Skyrim in that if you click the left mouse button you swing the weapon in your left hand (yes, shields can be used as weapons), when you click the right mouse button you swing the weapon in your right hand. Where it changes is that each weapon will have a charge attack, that when charged, releases a more powerful attack. The attack will have a different effect depending on the weapon attached.

    Now, the magic system has been stolen from Final Fantasy VII a bit. Basically, you get stones that you can put into stone slots in your weapons and armor. Putting a stone into your weapon will infuse your charge attacks with the stones properties. Putting them into your armor will give you defense against its element and will also have secondary effects depending on the level of the stone (damage reflect and auras).

    Another layer of depth that was added is a dynamic naming system that includes tiered names that give bonuses or negative to the stats of the weapons. Also, all items have the ability to become set items because of this naming system.

    The way that the items can change your character throughout the game is what makes the item system so great. In essence, the ability to find/craft higher level items is the key way your character gets stronger throughout the game.

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