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The Open Source, Hackable Parametric Speaker.  Focus a beam of sound at objects or into your head!
The Open Source, Hackable Parametric Speaker.  Focus a beam of sound at objects or into your head!
The Open Source, Hackable Parametric Speaker. Focus a beam of sound at objects or into your head!
612 backers pledged $126,473 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping will start in a few days

Soundlazer boards waiting for the hand soldering of 39 piezo elements

As everyone now knows, manufacturing of the Soundlazers for Kickstarter is just about complete. I wanted to take this time to talk about Soundlazer and the future of this technology.


Soundlazer was created as an open source project with the intention of getting people involved with this experimental technology. As clearly stated throughout this project, Soundlazer was never intended to be a retail product and still has a long way to go before ever reaching that point. It is my hope that the online community will carry the "torch" further by experimenting and improving on the work I have already done.  Parametric speakers are an emerging technology with lots of physics involved in how the sound propagates through air and leads to the resulting information you hear. When you receive your Soundlazer, the first thing to note is that you can not overdrive the piezo elements and still expect to hear good quality audio. Ultrasonic wavelengths are very short and therefor are perceived as audio around the same level as speech. You will not be hearing audio that sounds as though it came from a rock concert when listened to the Soundlazer.

I hope that the Kickstarter community is realistic in their approach to this technology and will use it as intended by me. Remember, ultrasonic energy can not be heard but the sound pressure will be felt by your inner ears. Prolonged exposure to the audio beam can result in earache and even hearing loss if precautions aren't taken. One of the features we added as a result of this project was a power level jumper which can be found inside on the circuit board. For long term experimentation and direct exposure to the beam, be sure to set the Soundlazer to the half power mode.

Once again, thank you to everyone who supported Soundlazer. I look forward to seeing new websites and blogs on the internet dedicated to this technology.


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    1. Joseph Donato on

      I have not received an email or survey. How do I get in touch with you please.


    2. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on

      All $195.00 and less pledges have been mailed. We will be done shipping all the USA shipments today.
      Some of the $300.00 shipments have gone out but these take longer because of customs documentation.

      There are a few $175 and $195, 275 and $300 pledgers that didn't fill out their surveys. I don't know why people would pay hundreds of dollars and then ignore the requests. If you haven't done so, you will need to email me directly here on Kickstarter. Everything is already printed, packed and almost out the door. Survey's are closed unless you pledged $500.00. Any other pledges where people ignored the survey will not ship unless you email directly. Any people that don't respond before Oct 31 will not get a Soundlazer so be sure to get that info to me NOW.

    3. Vinzius

      Hi. Did you send all the 300$ pledges?

    4. Missing avatar

      Worf on

      Looks like mine is coming soon :).

      I hope there's a way to keep in touch - I'm extremely curious about this technology and once it's in my hands, I believe I'll have lots of questions about it. It's why I participated, after all!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Mika on

      I've seen sites or devices that produce a "sound that only teenagers can hear" and I am usually able to hear it, and I'm about 35... perhaps the whole looking-like-a-dork with earplugs at concerts has paid off to some degree ;)

      This thing is an absolute trip to play with. It is going to be a load of fun on Halloween. I've built a battery pack for it already, and I'm thinking about putting it into a hat so I can covertly bounce spooky sounds off the pavement. It seems most unnerving when the beam is in motion and you hear a sound approaching or encircling you.

      Thanks for the tips. I've used Seeed for a few things... hard to beat that price.

    6. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on

      BTW: The best place to do small runs is via the free circuit board design software at: I do some stuff on my own using this software when I can't wait for my guys to get things done quickly. The original prototype used in the videos was designed on Express PCB. The production one was done professionally by experienced board designers.

    7. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on

      If you can hear the high pitched oscillation, I guess you have good hearing. Stick the transducers to your forehead and you will feel your inner bones vibrating. I did that trick yesterday. Enlarging the array increases distance and has some effect on loudness but not as much as you think. There is a relationship between the beam size of each transducers, how they intersect each other to apply the power but also interfere with each other to create the sound. It is very complex and I honestly haven't figured it all out.

      I handle all my own board design / building here in California.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Mika on

      I got mine yesterday. It's incredible! I think you downplayed how well it works. I hear a high-pitched audible tone from the device when it is on, but the input sound only comes from the beam. Great work!!

      Is this your first experience with the manufacturer? Do you mind sharing who it is? I think the boards came out great, and have a couple projects that I can only hope would merit a full production run some day :) I've never shopped for a fab that does assembly before.

      Also, how does size / # of transducers affect things? Does the sound become apparently louder if you have a bigger array?

      Thanks again for the wonderful product!

    9. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on

      I am really happy to hear all these nice comments coming in. I try to do projects that are interesting and different so it is rewarding to know that others have fun with this stuff too.

    10. Bill on

      Just got mine Richard! Its awesome. I love it. Its cool to bounce sound all around the room.

      I did have to resolder Cap44 because it was bent over when I received it, but it was now biggy since my iron happened to be hot at the time.

    11. James Bailey

      Yeah about this time every year, rats manage to find their way into the roof, and my dog always goes nuts. We only very occasionally hear them scampering about, but she can hear their ultrasonic communications 100% of the time, much to her irritation! I wonder how you can record ultrasound since most mics/devices top out at 18k, and does the SoundLazer even accept an ultrasonic signal (ironically I expect it too only accepts a 20-20khz input).

    12. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on

      My dog definitely hears something even when no audio is played. His ears pop up and respond as I wave the Soundlazer around his head. If he is somewhere else and I turn it on, to my surprise he comes running. It doesn't bother him as much as it seems to interest him. I assume that means he could hear it very well.

    13. Missing avatar

      helder on

      in the name of all INTERNATIONAL BACKERS we say thank you for your shipment option!! it helps a lot!

    14. James Bailey

      Alright, and then it is up to us! My first project will involve recording the sounds of dogs and birds and my voice, in order to project the sound nearby to confuse/misdirect my dog. I estimate this will provide about 8-10 hours of hilarity.

    15. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on

      Kits go out first, full units ship a few days after all the kits are gone.

    16. James Bailey

      *excited* Just to clarify, these are the kits and not the SoundLazers with case?

    17. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on

      Helder, I have looked at all the shipping options and have found that you are correct. Regular posts seems to be the best option and within the budget.

      I hope everyone filled out their surveys because the first batches should start shipping this weekend.

    18. Missing avatar

      helder on

      Hi Richard, just a thought since one of these days you will start to ship, regarding to INTERNATIONAL shipment please consider to send it via normal courier and not UPS, since from my experience on other kickstarter projects i backed if you send it through UPS we will get charged big fees, not just custom taxes and so on.., and it seems at end of the day we pay twice the price of my pledge as in normal circumstances we should pay around 23% of taxes.... i think this way you will please lots of other INTERNATIONAL members like me heheh

    19. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on

      Lukas, my work is just about done on this project. I leave the experimentation and scientific research up to the community.

    20. Lafazar

      Looks great, I am really looking forward to receiving mine.

      Could you give details on or even a plot of the spectrum of the audible sound?

    21. Missing avatar

      Kenji Castro on

      For Science! Great work, the pic looks awesome. Thanks again!