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The Open Source, Hackable Parametric Speaker.  Focus a beam of sound at objects or into your head!
The Open Source, Hackable Parametric Speaker.  Focus a beam of sound at objects or into your head!
The Open Source, Hackable Parametric Speaker. Focus a beam of sound at objects or into your head!
612 backers pledged $126,473 to help bring this project to life.

Soundlazer production has finally started.

I received the fully finished Soundlazer off of the assembly line today for evaluation and approval.  Everything works perfectly and I will be going into full production over the next few weeks.   

Please keep in mind that this is a small production run (IE: Kickstarter Project) which means that I will be personally programming and testing each unit individually before shipping.   While everything has gotten my final approval, the remaining cases are still at the anodizers and the boards are coming off the assembly line a bit slower than planned.  As batches become available, I will be sending out surveys at the various levels.  Be sure to fill out your shipping info as soon as it hits your email box.

Thank you once again for joining me on this fun project.  I hope you enjoy experimenting with your Soundlazer when you receive it.



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    1. Lafazar

      Thank you for the information.

    2. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on

      Hand assembly is the only way to place the transducers because they are through hole mounted. It does't change the price since it was factored into the design from the beginning. The good news is that I am not the one doing the soldering!

    3. Lafazar

      Ouch! By hand? That will take quite a lot of manpower. I imagine this will drive cost up. Won't this be a problem?

      Am I correct in guessing that the problem is that the transducers are to be placed so closely together that no current board population machine can set one in place without hitting its neighbours in the process?

    4. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on

      Now that was a funny post James. I guess everyone can start putting AAAA in front of their last names in the survey. I am working hard on getting everything together. 99% of all the assembly work is complete so now I just have to get all the final pieces to come together. I hope to start shipping kits any day now. The 39 traducers are hand soldered so that part is the only thing slowing us down.

    5. James Bailey

      I ordered 1 whole soundlazer, with case and everything, and I demand that you ship by surname alphabetical order. This is because it is the only fair way to do it, and nothing to do with the fact my surname starts with B.

    6. Pierre Low on

      The most efficient method was as you originally planned, doing it by batches (given availability of course). Go with the most efficient method, and therefore the one which will deliver to the group (as a whole) the quickest.

    7. Shafted Board Games on

      Anticipation!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!! :)

    8. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on

      I am just entertaining myself with the responses. I am going to ship whatever is ready first when it is ready. There is absolutely no reason for me to leave stuff sitting here after it is ready to ship. I am with you Jeremy.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Mika on

      IMO, anything you choose to do will be fair... I never saw any indication of in-order OR as-soon-as-possible preference when I backed. So, even though I will obviously hope that what you choose benefits me, you never said or promised me one way or the other, so I have no expectation... just an admittedly selfish preference ;)

      And I can think of a number of ways to justify that preference... but, if this were put to vote, I would bet that most who backed the case would say to wait, and those who backed the kit would say to ship asap. Greedy meatwads :)

    10. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on

      Nothing is ready to ship yet but the time is close. I'd like to get more feedback from the community since we are all in this together. Is it fare to ship kits that are done right away even though some full case backers pledged first?

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Mika on

      Yes, if there are products that can be shipped, please don't put in an arbitrary delay just to adhere to an order. (can you guess who ordered a kit without a case?)

    12. Natanael_L on

      Do it both ways! Ship the ones you get as you get them, according to order of pledges! As you first get caseless units, send them to those who ordered caseless in order of pledge. As you get cases, start sending them too in order of pledges.

      Not sure how to handle international, though. Maybe they fit nicely in there and can be handled together with inside-US pledges.

    13. Brandon Olson on

      I say ship them as you can. If you wait it'll just end up delaying all of them as you rush once they are all in. Can't wait for mine in that awesome case :D

    14. James Bailey

      I agree, I guess I can wait a few more weeks *goes and sits back by letterbox*

    15. Vinzius

      Do as you think is more suitable for all. I don't really care if I get mine in one week or a few weeks. Just keep the good work.

    16. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on

      That is a good suggestion. I could hold off shipping everything until the cases are laser etched and the cases assembled. I would then be able to ship in the order of pledge dates. This would delay the "kit" shipments by a few weeks but it would be good to ship those who pledged early first.

    17. Vinzius

      Can't you begin with persons who backed first? would be better ;-) thanks.

    18. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on

      The ones with cases take longer to laser etch and assemble. International orders take longer because there is paperwork to fill out because of customs and duty charges. Hope this explains it better.

    19. James Bailey

      Yay I get mine last for some reason I can't work out!

    20. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on

      USA kits first, International next, USA full units and finally International full units.

    21. Missing avatar

      Miranda on

      Nice! Will you be sending them out by who backed first, or by who fills out the survey first?