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Open source, 8000 lumen, ultra bright LED light pad with Electric IMP WIFI, Atmel AVR & Arduino micro controller built in.
Open source, 8000 lumen, ultra bright LED light pad with Electric IMP WIFI, Atmel AVR & Arduino micro controller built in.
225 backers pledged $94,482 to help bring this project to life.

Lumapad shipping is complete!

Lumapad Backers,

It has been a long process with lots of hard work but I am happy to report that all Lumapad backer rewards have been assembled, tested, boxed and are at some point in the shipping process.  Remember, just because it is boxed, doesn't mean it will be at your door tomorrow.  Each order was heavy and shipped insured, via US Postal Service.  It is each backer's responsibility to keep their eyes out for their own packages.  I have no control over shipping times, especially with international packages.  In some parts of the world, it could take a few weeks for the package to arrive.

I have learned a great deal about the Kickstarter community during this larger project and I would like to take the time to personally thank those of you that were supportive and understanding during this long process.  It is because of you that this project was successful.

It is with great pleasure that I can also report that this project began shipping on time, as originally estimated starting July 17th.  It "only" took us a month and a half to fill more than two hundred orders.  Each of these shipments was large, heavy and time consuming to build.  With more than 200 shipments, it would have been impossible to fulfill all orders in a few days.  I am very impressed that we did it in a matter of a few weeks!

When you receive your Lumapads, make sure to visit the Lumapad website and the "design files" tab for more information about using your Lumapad.  Many backers have already started writing code and customizing their LED panels in their own ways. 

My work is now done on Lumapad.  I suggest that the community starts working together and keeping us all posted on any interesting developments.

Kickstarter projects are a fun way for me to invent interesting and unique products.  I will be releasing my next project soon.   I hope you will all join me again on my next Kickstarter adventure!



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    1. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on September 16, 2013

      CMD: Thank you for the compliments. Yes, the fan is a standard Intel 775 CPU fan (3 pin wiring). They are cheap and easy to find on Ebay and elsewhere.

      Now that Lumapad is complete, I will be launching my next fun project in the coming weeks. Feel free to check it out here:…

    2. Missing avatar

      D on September 16, 2013

      Received my 6000D today (in the UK) - looks great, works great! As the second project that I have backed from you Richard, I am impressed and congratulate you for always delivering great products on time! Not completely convinced the pop-up LED light is useful for more than a novelty, but the Lumapad will hopefully serve many years with my indoor filming/photography.
      One question - the back mounted fan looks suspiciously like a CPU fan - if so, may I as what mount size it is if I decided to "upgrade" it (or even watercool it ;) ) ?

    3. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on September 9, 2013

      Glad you like it Dexter.

      On the 8000D, you need the fan if you run the light at more than 80% power level for a few minutes. The 6000D doesn't seem to generate as much heat so the fan may not be needed at all in most cases. With the stealth mode (mode 2), the fan will turn on only if needed. The fan heat sink does help with cooling so I wouldn't recommend removing. Besides, I prefer the look of the light with the fan although I am sure many people would like a slimmer body. Physics sometimes gets in the way of design and makes some features impossible.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dexter Craig on September 9, 2013

      I received mine on Friday (though I was out of the office, so I didn't get to actually play with it until today). This is a fantastic device!

      I got the 6000D, and while it's a little confusing to figure out how to change color temperature, the operation seems to be pretty straight forward, once I went to the website and saw the instructions for accessing different modes on the design page. This puppy is super bright, flicker-free (at least when testing with my iPhone camera; I'll get out a DSLR when I get home tonight and check it properly), and doesn't produce much heat. I'll be interested to see if it needs the fan or not under most working conditions.

      Thanks, Richard, for putting together such a great addition to my lighting kit!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason Goldston on September 5, 2013

      Received my Lumapads today!

      It was a long wait, but I knew you were just a guy doing your thing & not with a global infrastructure, so I was just patient. As long as I got what was promised, I would be fine. The wait was worth it.

      Here's my first Lumapad experience.

      Opened the box & unpacked everything. I got the 3 light kit & tested all of the components. Each light came fully assembled with some protective plastic over the led faceplate. The kit also came with 3 reverse legs light stands (Impact, it looks like). 3 AC adapters were included for powering the units.

      I placed each light on a stand and plugged them all in. When electrical power is flowing, the blue controller leds are illuminated on the back. Peeled off the protective sheet over the led-face & flipped the power switch. A nice cool daylight balanced light poured out of it. I adjusted the dial back and forth to test the intensity. I then tested the preset modes on them. The modes were full w/ fan, full w/o fan, flicker, lightning, & strobe. All of them worked as advertised. Flicker box generators cost ~$800, not including the lights. Having this ability built in is just awesome! Ran the same test on all three lights, and all of them worked as advertised.

      One light had a broken plastic knob attached to the yoke, & a bent spring screw on the top. Both defects were obviously from the shipping & did not interfere with the functionality of the light. I'll be going to a hardware store to find replacements this weekend.

      I had IMP cards waiting , so I went ahead and installed them. Thankfully the imp cards will only go in one way, so you can't get it turned around. I'm currently looking for an Android controller app, so I haven't tested the wi-fi functionality.

      I'll be doing more tests with it this weekend to get a better handle of it's capabilities.

      I'm looking into a hard case with foam, since these are one-offs & I want them protected. Any hard-case recommendations would be appreciated.

      Also, I'm trying to find vendors/ manufacturers that sell color correction filters & grids/eggcrates the right size to use on the lights. Again, any recommendations would be helpful.

      All-in-all, I'm really jazzed about these lights. The cost of renting 3 fresnels and hooking them up t a flicker rig is more than the cost of this whole kit. I'm so pleased to have this ability in my personal toolbox.

      Thanks Richard , to you & your team for all your hard work. It's very much appreciated!


    6. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on September 5, 2013

      Glad you like it Dennis. If you want another, I have a few 8000S left and will be happy to reserve one for you if you contact me directly via the KS email system.

    7. Missing avatar

      Dennis Brunner on September 5, 2013

      I received mine about a week ago and have used it for 16+ hours so far. I'm very impressed and wish I had ordered a couple more!

    8. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on September 4, 2013

      I have tracking confirmation info in the event a package doesn't arrive. The time it would take to sort it all out and contact each backer is time needed to fulfill orders. If I spend the time contacting each person individually, you guys would then get mad that your shipments were delayed.

      $1500 lighting for $399. How about some comments about how good the light is made and how well it works?

    9. Eric Falsken
      on September 4, 2013

      USPS tracking numbers are now included for free (and automatically) for all parcel packages, AFAIK. I've not had to pay for a tracking number for a while now.

    10. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on September 4, 2013

      Website is back up.

    11. Richard Haberkern 8-time creator on September 4, 2013

      Website seems to go down from time to time. We keep getting hacked according to the hosting company. We are working on it.

      Tracking numbers? We did US Postal service, insured and still lost money on the shipping with these very heavy packages. I could have done next day shipping or any custom shipping choices if each backer paid for their own extra shipping costs. This would have also delayed fulfillment for everyone. I figured since we are all in this crowd funding thing together, I did what was best for ALL!!!

      No matter how hard you work and try, you can't make everyone happy!

    12. Miguel Lopez on September 4, 2013

      wish i would've gotten a tracking # :( all good though. got mine today!!! :)