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What kind of monsters are lurking around the corner, your backyard, the cubicle next to you?

What kind of monsters are lurking around the corner, your backyard, the cubicle next to you? Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on December 13, 2012.

About this project

Thank you for stopping by to see what this project is about. 18 Day Studios which originally only consisted of one person, Richard Forbes has teamed up with Jonathan Pigford a talented graphics artist and to produce the music and sound effect will be by John Stevens and his band Dakota. His song, “Creature of Dependency” will be used in the production of the games animated intro. I've been fortunate to find and work with these very talented and passionate people!

Below is a video with Jonathan and myself talking about the game but please note that he is extremely tired. He's a very hard worker and I am fortunate to be working with him on this.

In July we launched this project on Kickstarter. I later pulled it down since we had plans on publishing the game in an Alpha state, to see if we could generate support through those means, which we have done a few weeks ago.There has been a lot going on since then with the studio but our vision hasn't changed. We remain adamant about the production and development of this title however our options are slim when it comes to being able to focus solely on this game.

We have been working with the local SBTDC and Wilmington Score, organizations in place to help small businesses thrive and grow and they've given us a lot of great, free advice on how we can raise the money needed, so we can work on this full time. One was trying Kickstarter again as it is a viable and great way to raise funds. A few more options was seeking money through Angel Investors or Capital Venture Firms. The before mentioned is viable as well and a business plan is being typed and ironed out. But we were urged to try this method first.

Now that there is an Alpha out you can try it out. It's something we are working on as time permits. So it's still a little rough around the corners. It's getting there but will need a lot of work, love, sweat, tears and some time. However keep reading to find out more about us and this concept and perhaps it will become clear why we can't let this one slide and we're not going to.

Proxy Monsters is a location based game, that presents the player with story driven content as well as allowing the player to choose when and in this case, where to progress the story. Once the player is past the story introduction, he / she is given a Monster Assist , which is a robotic assistant in game that aids the player by scanning the area, returning information on what it has found, as well as acting as a container for monsters caught. The player is also given three monsters as their starter set. 

In game, a menu list is displayed that shows what monsters are nearby. This list is randomly generated by acquiring the players initial location and generating more random locations based on the initial location. Along with monsters, the list will also display non-playable characters (NPC's) that can either be merchants that sell in game items from money obtained in game or characters that progress the story. The list can be filtered to display only monsters and can be further sorted by monster rarity, distance and other attributes, this applies to non-playable characters as well.

Once filters have been set and the handset is held in a horizontal position maps will be used to display the overlay pins pertaining to what the player is seeking based on the previous filters set. If the player holds the phone in a vertical position this will enable the camera, overlay labels will display the filtered results along with pertinent information such as distance and type. 

Once the player has neared the destination with a tolerance set of 160 feet the player will then be able to engage the target. If the target is a non-playable character, the display will allow the player to interact as such depending on if the non-playable character is a merchant or one who progresses the story line. If the target is a monster the camera will be enabled and the player will see the monster in the environment, land based monsters will be displayed as such, air based monsters will be in the sky, and water based in the body of water. At night time the monster will be outlined with a glow to give the monster more visibility. An interface overlay will allow the player to display information about the monster, such as it's bio, stats. It is from this point that the player will determine if he / she wants to go further and battle the monster. By engaging the monster the player will be given a choice as the battle progresses to capture it. Once captured the monster is then contained inside the Monster Assist. If the player does not capture the monster more experience will be rewarded as a result in its defeat. In either case the player will earn in game money to go towards purchasing items.

If the game is stored on the devices main memory the player will be able to place a widget on a home screen that will also occasionally alert them of nearby monsters. This game offers new ways of entertainment that utilizes many of the feature found on mobile devices and combines them into one neat package. After careful study of the market not many if any at all currently offer this form of entertainment.

Why are we asking for so much more this time?

Putting together a business plan these past few weeks has really taught us a lot. Performing massive amounts of research really puts things into perspective on the cost of everything that goes into it. We're trying to raise the minimum amount needed to make this happen. And we plan, especially if we get enough funding to have Proxy Monsters finished in six to eight months. When I first started the studio it was just myself and I registered it as a sole proprietorship. Currently, through everything we've been learning, the studio, this company is making some big changes and we will be incorporating soon. As one person at Wilmington Score said, “This isn't a hobby anymore.”. I've never considered it as a hobby but a passion that I really enjoyed doing.

The funds raised will help us with:

  • Equipment cost to cross develop Proxy Monsters on the Apple platform.

  • And to help with covering the cost of production cost a project of this size and scope would entail.

What happens if we go over our goal?

That would be nice and if it did go over, we plan on adding more talented people to the group to help get it out sooner.

Why are we excited about this next title?

Location based games and in this case mixed in with some Augmented reality are we feel the next big thing. We really wanted to make a game that would encourage the player to travel and explore their surroundings. We want to make a game that will engage people everywhere. And with the monsters being in 3D we can bring this game to life for that added depth of immersion. With so much functionality packed in today's mobile devices and tablets, it just makes us excited to utilize them all.

What if I can't contribute?

There are plenty of other ways you can help us out even if you are not able to contribute! Help spread the word to your family, friends, Twitter and other social media outlets. We appreciate any and all help!

In other news...

Concerning the process and delivery of the custom apps: The development of the custom app will begin after the game is completed. However this does not have to be the case(depending on complexity of custom app). The process of making the custom app will begin also when the person(s) involved reach an agreement with the team on what and how the app will look and function. It will be from that point on that completion of the app be finished within ninety (90) days from everyone agreeing with the design goal and plans. All source code and assets will be turned over to the contributor and this studio will always honor update and modification request.

As always if you have ANY questions please contact us here by email

Or visit these links to stay updated:

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Thank You again for visiting!

Risks and challenges

With game development, with development of any kind of software comes a lot of challenges, most unforeseen until they occur. Even with careful planning laid out, something that should work on paper sometimes doesn't work quite as it should when it comes into implementation. There was for instance a misunderstanding on my part when it came to using Google Maps in the game, and was informed since it was a paid game I would have to acquire a license. When inquiring about the cost of this license and finding out how much it was, I didn't want to raise the cost of the game anymore so I had to find a work around, the current Alpha release doesn't use maps. However as mentioned earlier there being a misunderstanding, since it is on the Android platform there is no fee associated with Google Maps. This will be implemented back into the Alpha in the next few updates.

Tackling this problem took a little more time. I was really relying on using Google Maps in the game to streamline the process. We also set a price point of .99 cents as we would for all of our games and to incur licensing fees would mean we would have to raise it, but we won't. Our studios price point for all games is .99 cents, our policy is that we never run ads in our games or apps and we never implement any form of in app purchasing. We were determined to find a work around and though it wasn't what we wanted, we did what we had to and found the work around.

During the publication of my first title, it was a big learning curve going from making a console game to making it all work on a mobile device. There were many aspects of mobile development that I had to learn. But I never gave up and in about four months had it ported over for the Android platform. This was coming from a C++/C# background with no formal education in Java programming or using the Android SDK.

We are proof that in all of us is the ability to do whatever it is we set ourselves out to do. We can't give up and won't and no one should. You have a dream, stay focused on it and keep moving forward.

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