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I will be broadcasting live from PAX East. Would like to broadcast the show commercial free.

PAX East is just around the corner and the team at Kickstarter has asked me to broadcast my show, Funding the Dream, live from the show floor. 

The show is going to be awesome. Lots of great content and wonderful people lined up to talk about the excitement around Kickstarter. 

We will be broadcasting the show using Ustream. Ustream offers a free boardcasting service that is supported by ads. We want to broadcast ad free. We are asking for $600 to pay for 4,000 hours of commercial free broadcasting.

4,000 hours may sound like a lot. If we broadcast for 10 hours over the 3 day weekend, that will allow 400 people to watch all 10 hours, or 1,000 to watch 4 hours. 

I will be broadcasting with a variety of equipment including The Canon Vixia, an iPad, and iPhone. Ustream allows me to use all of these devices across WiFi and 3G.

We have some stretch goals that will allow us to do more, such as HD broadcasting, multiple cameras, higher quality, and other things, but right now we are just trying to get to the $600 goal to be able to offer the most people we can a commercial free experience. 

Thank you in advance. The show will go on and you will be able to watch all the action. Your donation will make it even better.


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    Maybe you don't want to be on the show but you want to get a regular shoutout for your project. This is the pledge for you. We will put set aside time on each show to mention your project.

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    Wow, all by yourself you have us 1/4 of the way to our goal. We will put you on the show for a 10 minute spot. If you aren't at PAX we will arrange for a call in. Thank you so much for your generosity.

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    You rule! Nearly half way there from your single pledge. We love you for that. You get the Thank you, the chance to ask questions and a chance to spend 30 minutes with us on the show.

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