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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 4 2018
pledged of €6,000pledged of €6,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 4 2018


 Admirals, Pilots and Ship's Boys of Earth: 

the Kommodore welcomes you to the second Terrestrial launch campaign for KOLON, the boardgame that by now is played everywhere in the galaxy except on Earth  only today free shipments in your system! (except Mars, Mercury and Mimas).

Whether you followed the first campaign as Pilots or you are well-informed Ship's Boys, for sure you must know the game or want to know it through our blog, which has been haunting the Earth internet for two years, trying to establish a contact of the second kind with a primitive species (galaxy-wide) like yours. Boys, the time of crop circles is over

What the Hell is it?!? … it's not a German, not American, that's Italian! OK, we'll talk to Ship's Boys first. KOLON is a boardgame for two or more players (4 suggested), now also available to humans 12 or more years old, which duration can be set before starting a game (from 10 minutes on), 90-100 minutes in Family mode. KOLON is easy, intuitive, dynamic, full of twists, good for families, never the same. Each game is unique, players are always involved even outside of their turns. It is a sandbox astronautic simulation game and it is also modular, meaning that each player may start with one or more kopies of the starting set of pieces in order to increase the complexity of the game (So the 4 single sets Starter Box can become a 2-players box using two sets each, and so on). 

Its expansions are modular as well, each expansion can be added to the previous ones without changing any rule (“Minerals” itself is an expansion, but it is provided into the Starter Box to allow using the game in Family mode). The game is also fitting for Scenarios and Tournament modes. 

 In the Orbit, the experience and skill of the players are valued more than luck, which is why we rank them as Ship's Boys (never played), Pilots (at least three games and one victory) and Admirals (5 or more games with two consecutive victories). KOLON is unlike every other boardgame you ever played on your planet. It is based on new mechanics and, in spite of being still a prototype (not for much longer, if you are willing to help) it is on par with more mature titles. 

Actually it has been living for several years on this planet and it has a Kommunity of two dozens active players, so it is stable and it has been already thoroughly tested.When you put your hands (or tentacles of whichever limb you normally have) on KOLON, you will not be left alone. You will become a part of our very active online Terrestrial Kommunity. There are already variants and expansions, and even more are being developed and might be completed with your contribution.  follow our channels and like our pages: Youtube Facebook Twitter Diaspora

The setting: Kolon is a sandbox simulation of the near future. In the beginning was the era of orbital stations (Mir and ISS), when brave Pilots explored the surroundings of Earth's orbit on board of small Sojuz ships. But only with the rise of private corporations the race to space had its decisive sprint (SpaceX, Blueorigin, etc.). The consequent easy access to the orbit allowed the proliferation of private orbital stations, ships and vessels, that grew by making business with the only near-limitless resource in space: solar energy. The discovery of rich mines in the nearest asteroids became the new millenia gold rush, the new last frontier: space, and humans are now preparing to become a great interplanetary race. Will you be able to make your Kolony grow and prosper? Space is a hard "far west" even for the more experienced among Admirals. Will you be a prodigal Miner, a proud Admiral or a sly Pirate? It's up to you to decide. For sure you will need all of your skills and cunning to dominate the Orbit.

In the last two years (since KOLON's first public landing) many ship's boys have become Pilots by playing at conventions, public and private events and so forth, and all of them became enthusiasts. We hope that this new Kickstarter will allow us to produce Kopies for the entire community and more (at least on Earth for now).

 Unboxing from our channel, please subscribe  ..and I recommend you watch it at 1.5 speed :- | 


So, How is it played? 

As we said, since every game is unique, the “Orbital” experience of players is very important, so Ship's Boys must start playing and building their fleet beginning with the smallest vehicle in the game, the Sojuz, composed by two pieces only, Capsule and Panel, with their first Pilot token on board. If you are left without pilots you are eliminated from the game, so more pilots will get on board as the station grows in size. Pilots may end up “underground” if the module they are on is destroyed or for asphyxiating. Each player builds the vehicles of his/her fleet by exchanging the game “currency”, Energy Cards, gathered in space through photovoltaic panels. They can be exchanged for new pieces like Nodes, Modules, Masts and so on, sent up from Earth. Building, rebuilding and moving the fleet in space is quite fun because there are several pieces with different functions. All pieces but two are representations of actual components of space stations (like ISS or Mir) fitting the current technology levels of humans like you.

 So is it only about trading and building a fleet in orbit? 

Of course you heard about the riches and minerals contained in some asteroids, so why not try and become magnates of your own board-space-agency and exploit those riches by mining Mineral Koins from the Asteroid piece? Usually you have to load 3 pieces on your ships, but this goal can be altered to change the duration and complexity of the game. 

 Is it all? Some kind of Mineral rush in space? 

…you wish it were that easy, dear Ship's Boy. Your opponents will not stay still and watch you win that easily. Do you remember the only two pieces that are not representations of real components of Earth orbital stations? They are Shields and Turrets and they are used respectively to defend yourself and attack others. To mine or attack you need to use a dice, but its result is directly influenced by the energy used for attacking or defending. Your vehicles will have to resist a good deal of bombardments if you want to bring home the precious Mineral Koins, so always try to protect all sides of your ships with shields. You will have to calibrate Energy well, sharing it for building, weaponry, defenses and to counterattack your opponents and drill that doggone Asteroid. Space is a tough game my friend, be sure of this.

Some kind of space shooter? 

Energy's brute force in orbit is very important, but it is not the only way to win. In KOLON, the actual game is not on the table but between players, and there is never just a single way to reach your goals. Koins can be mined but also stolen, attacks can be neutralized by shields or dodged by moving vehicles in space. A good memory to remember the cards that have been already played is paramount for those who want to call themselves Grand Admirals. Often, cunning, strategy, deceit and subterfuge are no less efficient weapons than Turrets. This is why the greatest admirals make good use of the advantages provided by Special Cards, and the most refined of them take time building experimental vehicles with unassailable designs. 

 One of the most entertaining aspects of the game is attaching to your own vehicle space debris, snatch pieces from your opponents or even whole vehicles. It is, in short, a complete game that can simulate hundreds, thousands of different space adventures while still being simple and intuitive.

What they say about us: 

clicking on the images the link to the original articles for more images (in Italian) none of these reviews has been paid:


is a boardgame designed by me, Riccardo Scalone, but in time many people contributed to its improvement as players, playtesters and co-authors. I have only kept the consistency over the years, preventing contradictory rules, and let the game evolve on the table through different players towards maximum fun, simplicity and depth, as a pastime. Currently our crew is composed by: KKB: Kolon Kommand Bridge, a circle of partners who finance the game or work on it in their spare time: Riccardo S., Damiano T., Matteo S., Marco I., Carmelo T., Daniele R., Raffaele B., Andrea M. and KH: Kolon Headquarters, a larger circle of Playtesters and players who are in touch with a Kopy of the prototype and play privately or attend our events, and to which our special thanks goes. Denis S., Edoardo D., Davide P., Luca L., Alessio A., Gianluca C., Eleonora L., Roberto P., Mattia D., Paolo D., Marco T., Silvia P., Erika C., Gianluca F., Stefano T., Silvia D., Alessandra S., Daniele B., Flavio P., Diego S., Leonardo N., Jacopo C., Maurizio P., … and many more...   I especially thank all those who have made this campaign possible in one way or another.

here a couple of technical sheets from the Betelgeuse Academy:

  here some rankings of terrestrial tournaments from the archive of the Betelgeuse Academy.


Risks and challenges

in order to minimize risks, our goals have been divided into smaller steps.
Actually, to have a totally complete game, perfect in all details as we would like it to be, we need to unlock the last-but-one of the yellow stretch goals (35.000 e) with the Starter box Deluxe edition.
We can still make you play the complete game starting from the (6.000e) goal, but with less materials in the box and removing everything that is not strictly necessary.
With this launch crowdfunding, in fact, we want first of all to put into circulation on this planet a few hundred Kopies of the game, possibly more. We want to make the game known.
We don't need too much for this, but with your help we can found these first kopies and at the same time provide ourselves with the tools needed to keep printing Kopies and expansions.

If we can pass, even by a little, the (8.000 e) goal, we want to buy the necessary tools for printing and manufacturing the game, so we will be able to print new pieces and test them directly in play with authors and playtesters. If the game will be liked (which we are absolutely sure of), we would have the proper structures to print/ship new Kopies immediately, as well as new expansions and new awesome games and products.

If we can barely reach the minimum goal, we will have to lower our aims and print more cheaply only the kopies for the backers who donated for this campaign.
We will still have put into circulation the first kopies of the starter box, and the game might rise again after an initial standoff.

Anyway if, thanks to you, this campaign will succeed, we will send you a Kopy of the starter box, and we will have provided one to each poor Pilot who remembers that day when they played their Kopy of KOLON 1.0, and we are sure you will have fun Orbiting with your friends!

If things don't go well, and we reach no Goal, the current 10 Kopies on Earth of Kolon prototype will be buried in 10 uninhabited secret places.

-What about the table-cloth?
The table-cloth is not actually needed to play, you can play Kolon on any flat surface. Its value is purely aesthetic. Unfortunately, the table-cloth is also the more expensive component. Still, playing on the starry sky background is much, much better than playing without it. This is why we decided to add the table-cloth to the stretch goals, with increasingly better sizes and materials: paper, plastic, neoprene (we would even love to make it in velvet if we can). Later, if we succeed, we want to print customized table-cloths with photos of real nebulae and/or galaxies.

-What about the "Orbital Navigation" rules book?
The book of rules is now in Italian, not laid out and without (almost completely) illustrations and examples, so we can not publish it, we need you for this too!
For this, the basic videos help us during the campaign.
Rather than Kolon is a simple and intuitive game is the first board game actually "sandbox", the rules are very precise and yet fit in 20,000 characters (in Italian)
In your box you will find the regulation in English or Italian on your choice.

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    1-"Mineral expansion" (piece Meteorite and 30 Mineral Koins)
    15-Pilots (powns)
    2-Cards Deck: Energy and Special (120 cards)
    1- dice (6 faces)
    1-round soft towel "the kosmos" (42 cm circa)

    Over this you will have:
    -all the stetch goals unlocked
    - the complete print&play of the game
    -direct contanct with the community, you will be one of the firsts Ancient Admiral on your own planet!
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