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"A new half hour comedy show series set in NYC, featuring original characters and celebrity impersonations"
"A new half hour comedy show series set in NYC, featuring original characters and celebrity impersonations"
"A new half hour comedy show series set in NYC, featuring original characters and celebrity impersonations"
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The Rhyme Impersonator Show - Pilot Very Close To Completion



THE RHYME IMPERSONATOR SHOW needs your help to complete its official 1/2 Hour Comedy Show Pilot!

The Back Story

On October 5, 2012 we launch our first Kickstarter Campaign and with the help of 84 PLUS Backers we successfully raised 5K for the show on November 4, 2012. Since then with the help of our talented cast and crew we have successfully completed "3 Comedy Sketches" that our now in Post Production, but we have yet 1 more Sketch to film to complete our official half hour Comedy Show Pilot. 

The last sketch that we would like to film is far more challenging then the first three because it will be our first "Celebrity Skit" and the set will be much more bigger and elaborate so more crew hands and extras will be needed, and this is why we are launching another KICKSTARTER, to pay everyone involved.

As a low budget production one of our many strengthes is our ability to cut huge costs, multi-task and wear various hats on the film set if need be. With our highly experienced crew, along with the help of our various contacts and resources, we managed to pull off our past 3 skits filmed at a fraction of the cost without sacraficing quality. (Refer to our Financial Planner Veena K. (Kondapalli's) segment on Cost & Expenses on our project video.)

We are so very very close to finishing our pilot and we just need a little more help from you to get the job done. We pride ourselves on our honesty and credibility, in the process of filming our 3 skits we still made time to fulfill a large majority of REWARDS to our loyal backers and we have also built many long lasting and working relationships that have helped us to move our project to where is is now, 3 skits in post production with yet 1 more sketch left to film to complete our official half hour Comedy Show Pilot. 

We are so very very close to finishing our pilot, BUT WE CAN'T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!. Because "YOU" the backers of our Kickstarter are the sole reason that we have gotten this far, and our faith has not wavered. We believe in this show and the caliber of talent and original comedic material that it has to offer. And we are confident that when completed that "YOU" will love it too and find it hilariously "FUNNY!". 

But to produce a pilot in one of the most expensive cities in the world "New York City" has proven very challenging for this production, but however, we have overcome many of those challenges. And we will overcome this one with your help and complete our official Comedy Show Pilot in september of 2013. And "YOU" will be apart of our journey and ultimate success, and you and all your friends will be invited to our "NYC Premiere Pilot Screening and Wrap-Up Party" at a Super "HOT" NYC After Party Spot! A STAR STUDDED RED CARPET AFFAIR!

On behalf of the entire cast and crew of The Rhyme Impersonator Show we thank you in advance for your support!. - Richard Oliver Jr. (Executive Producer)

More About The Show

The Rhyme Impersonator Show is a hilarious new half hour comedy series that will have audiences falling out of their seats with laughter. The show will be what “In Living Color” was in the 90’s, featuring fresh comedic talent, original characters, music, and various celebrity impersonations ranging from Dr. Phil, Jesse Jackson, Joel Osteen to our President himself, Barrack Obama. Set on the backdrop of New York City, the shows comedic skits and parodies blend a unique mixture of diverse, ethnic, urban and conservative comedy which takes on a comedic attitude and rhythm of its very own. 

Impersonation’s is the main focus of the show which features both scripted and unscripted comedy sketches and parodies. Some of our “Original” characters include: Uncle Charlie, Amanda, Tyrone The Central Park Beggar, Mr. Chow and a host of many others.... Our talented cast of different ethnicities and backgrounds complement our characters to create an hilarious comedic moment. 

Our comedy skits also touch on various topics like our Economy, Race, Politics, Relationships, Homosexuality, to the basic everyday life dynamics of living in the Big Apple.

The Rhyme Impersonator Show even has its very own “THEME SONG!” which our “Rhyme Dancers” will dance to as the show opens up in front of a live studio audience. 

The Show also has a segment which features celebrity acts and new up and coming recording artists, groups and duos. 

With our talented multi-cultural cast & crew, hilarious skits and original iconic like characters, The Rhyme Impersonator Show has the unique power to create “Original” in your face comedy with a touch of that New York City swagger, that will not only make you laugh, but also break boundaries, transcend our times, provoke thought and tickle and touch the funny bone of comedy lovers worldwide.

America get ready to laugh, because here comes “THE RHYME IMPERSONATOR SHOW!”.

Who's involved?

We have some incredibly talented people coming together to make this project a success. Here are some of the key people involved:

The Cast:

Vilan Trub

Richard Oliver Jr.

Baltsar Beckeld

Shawn Mathis Gooden

Noriko Sato

Rita Markova

Zaquan Diggs
Alan Bendich
Tom O'brien
Ratnesh Dubey
Von Franklin
Ashley Creary
Elena Kaz
Agnes Fanslau


(The real STAR of the show, playing the role of "Harmony" in our 3rd Comedy Sketch filming entitled: "AMANDA" 

The Crew:

Richard Oliver Jr.

Executive Producer/Writer/Director/Music Producer/Film Editor

Veena K. (Kondapalli)

Production & Financial Manager/Assistant Director

Veena K. (Kondapalli) considers herself an intern of independent filmmaking. A native of Hyderabad in India, Veena always felt she had an artsy side to her personality, but finding the path to it was much easier said than done. While working for a successful New York City IT Staffing company for over 5 years, Veena felt unfulfilled, and was yearning to find the path to her artistic side.

Veena had the pleasure of meeting our shows producer Richard Oliver Jr. in a NYC sports gym where Richard was employed then as a Personal Trainer. They became friends, he became her trainer, and she expressed to him that she would like to have more artistic and creative outlets in her life. So Richard gave her one, he challenged her to do a set design for our very 1st holiday commercial fitness skit that was filmed in December of 2011. And to Richard’s surprise veena pulled off an amazing set-design that blew the director and the entire cast and crew away! It was breathtaking! And in essence her design made all of our hilarious characters in the promo commercial come alive!.

Since reachoing our 5K funding goal on Kickstarter, Veena K. (Kondapalli) was extremely instrumental in us successfully completing "3 Comedy Sketches". It was truly amazing! On the 3rd skit filmed Veena and her entire staff all found themselves rushing against the clock to set detailed linguistics in place in only 1 weeks time!. But she kept the faith, persevered and muscled through, and our 3rd sketch comedy film was executed as planned.

Veena is not only an organized Production Manager, but she is also the Financial Planner, Location Scout and Assistant Set Designer as well, and these are just a few of the many hats that she has worn on our past 3 skits.

A natural talented writer and poet, veena is now in the process of publishing her very first book in 2013. Among all this, she is extremely talented in her own right, she has an amazing work ethic and organizational skills, and we are proud to have her on The Rhyme Impersonator Show.

Alex Korovin - Director of Photography 

Matthieu Blanchais - Gaffer,Grip, 2nd Camera Man 

David Rosenberg - Sound Recordist, Mixer 

Zach Bishop - Sound Recordist, Mixer 

Patrick Cashin - Still Photographer, General Assistant

Anthony Difolco - Special Effects Make-Up Artist 

Kelly Ann Carter - Make-Up Artist 

Amen Ra "Bam Bam" Valentine

Dance Choreographer

Amen Ra "Bam Bam" Valentine entered the entertainment world through the dance industry. Dancing professionally at the age of 17 with a crew called the Hellrazors. Amen's exceptional talents have lead him to dance/Choreograph with such recording artists as Mary J. Blige, Salt-N-Pepa, Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, May, Kelly Rowland, Fabulous & Lil Mo just to name a few. Implementing his dance experience, Amen began to focus his efforts on other aspects of the industry. He began a small company, called Amen Ra Entertainment that culminated into Nexx Level Ent. Operating as a casting agency for young up-and-coming dancers, singers, actors, & models whom have showed off their talents. More recently, Amen-Ra has been featured in STEP UP 3D (battle of Red Hook), featured choreographer in BEAT THE WORLD, & upcoming film NOUS YORK & A Case of You.

Amen Ra now brings his talent to the TV World as the head Dance Choreographer of The Rhyme Impersonator Show! Choreographing all of the dance routines for the show’s comedic musical skits. Amen Ra man is a talented hard worker who believes that failure is not an option, and no dream is intangible, or too small. And we are proud and honored to be working with him on The Rhyme Impersonator Show.

John Thomas (Jt Talent) - Casting Director

Legal:  (Jacobson & Colfin PC)


Why are we doing this?

Why are we doing this? Well for one we truly believe in the success of this show and the bigger purpose that it can serve to all involved. Richard Oliver the show’s producer is an independent artist, uniting with other independent professionals to collaborate in the development of original content, with the goal of producing these concepts in New York City. We are from New York and we know the talent that this city has to offer, people come from all over the world to make it here, and you know that saying, "if you can make it here then you can make it anywhere". New York City has inspired all of our writing, music and comedic material, and there is no other city where we would like to produce our show, then in the home of the Empire State, in the city that never sleeps, New York!

This is our very 1st comedy show pilot, and there will be many more to follow, such as our Hilarious “Romantic Comedy Feature Film”, which is also set in NYC and features several of the original characters in our pilot. And we hope that you will support us with that project as well, after this one is completed. 

Our project has developed thus far due to our undying determination and commitment to pure passion and excellence. And yes, sometimes that (not merely talent) is exactly what it takes to bring a project from an idea, thought, to conception, to a vision, to the designing of a plan where one can then see that vision that much more clearer, to the point of execution, to completion, to the final end result, which is “Ultimate Success”.

 By backing The Rhyme Impersonator Show, you're not only helping us to launch OUR baby, Our dream, but you are also helping us to continue to provide a creative platform/canvas, for our group of talented and passionate individuals, and the many more that will follow in their footsteps. 

What our producer loved most about the comedy shows of the past (like In Living Color, Mad TV, Dave Chappell, Saturday Night Live and others) was that they all had the power and the “Magic” to launch the careers of many talented artists. The Rhyme Impersonator Show will do the same and more, a gigantic and hilarious comedy launching pad for the future stars of tomorrow. 

Thank you for taking time to read this! If you are unable to make a monetary donation, then please share this with all your family and friends through facebook, twitter, email, text or by any means that you feel prompted! And have them share it with their family & friends through facebook, twitter, email and text as well.

Where does the money go?

There are many people who are extremely passionate about this project, some of which have worked on our past 3 skits filmed wearing multiple hats when needed for mere credit, food, transport and professional photo's. But even with all this help, love and support we still had to go into pocket and pay some key individuals on our creative team, we could not cut any costs here at all. Video and professional sound quality, and lighting can truly make or break an entire project. We have proven in our 3 skits, that as a team "We Can Do A Lot With A Little", and pull our talent, connections and resources together for one common goal. But however, some skits are far more complicated than others and require more talent to pull them off effectively, and those key players have to be compensated, add that with additional hard like:

Production costs:

Location permits and fees


Equipment rentals

Production insurance

Wardrobe/Makeup supplies

Costumes & Props

Post Production

Marketing & Promotion

Special Effects make-up


Personnel costs

Meals and Craft Services


And there you have it. This is why we need your help! You guys will play a major intricate part in our creative process to push toward our goal of finishing 1 more comedy sketch to complete the entire footage that we need to produce our half hour comedy show pilot.

What happens if we make more than our goal?

If we go above and beyond our minimum goal, then we can make substantial upgrades to the set design, equipment, costumes and wardrobes, which can help tremendously to enhance
the show. With the extra money we would also be able to have some items custom-created exclusively for THIS set, (like a full closet prop that we need for our 4th skit) rather than relying
solely on "creative cutting costs shopping" - it can make a huge difference.

Extra money will also go toward food on set. Working 10-12 hour days continuously on set is draining, and have you ever tried to feed 10 to 20 people for 4 days on $150 - $200? From experience it’s not as easy as you think it is. So, we would be able to have something a little more different on set then your regular sandwiches and pizza take-out, and we could provide healthier snacks and energy drinks and protein bars to help keep us going, which can make a world of difference toward increasing our productivity and making the end product truly amazing!
Additionally, backers who contribute beyond the minimum goal will enable us to greatly improve the quality of our press and marketing materials, which, along with the completed pilot, will be used to pitch our series to various TV Networks & Production Houses.

What can I do to help if I can't contribute monetarily?

Share this video on your Facebook, Twitter or any other means you feel would get the word out!. Hey you can even be featured as an extra in one of our skits, now how cool is that! 

Thank you so much! We greatly appreciate your support and we can’t wait to meet you all at the "NYC PREMIERE PILOT SCREENING AND WRAP-UP PARTY" where we will have food, drinks and lots of giggles, laughs, hugs and kisses for you all!

On behalf of the entire cast & crew of The Rhyme Impersonator Show, WE Thank You In Advance For Your Support! - Shukriyah & Obrigado

Risks and challenges

One of the major risks and challenges after we are successfully funded would be:

1. The continuous effort of staying within our production budget without sacrificing the quality of the final end product.

2. Advertising, Marketing and Publicity at a low cost.

3. The hiring of experienced entertainment agents in our field to help us pitch our completed pilot to various TV Networks and Production Houses in an effort to get the show picked up.

4. To continue to recruit skilled professionals that are willing to be flexible with their rates.

5. SCHEDULING!, The problem with using a top notch experience and professional crew is that they tend to get a lot of paid work. Knowing that nothing is ever certain in show biz we must be flexible. So finding back-ups, back-up locations, back-up crew members, and even back-up actors are essential. Like with our past 3 skits, we will do everything we can to limit unpleasant surprises for the 4th comedy sketch, and to be as prepared as possible if and when they pop up. We are dotting our “i’s” and crossing our “t’s”.

How we plan to tackle the above challenges:

1. Building working business relationships with credible connections in the entertainment field to help move our project forward.

2. By continuing to build a solid production team that is skilled and multi-talented and at the same time can wear multiple hats if needed.

3. Creating low-cost, innovative and ingenious advertising, promotion and marketing ideas in order to attract more potential interest to our project.

4. Reducing our operating cost by utilizing our resources effectively.

5. Careful planning, budgeting and allocating of resources and services that will keep the production within its assigned cost, to not go over its projected budget.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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    At this pledge level just think of yourself now as an official key member of the Rhyme Impersonator Family!. You get all of the above PLUS an actual prop that was used in the making of 3 of our past film sketches. Possible items could be: The actual shopping cart prop used by Richard Oliver Jr. in our "Tyrone The Central Park Beggar" Skit. Or the actual "Chinese Traditional Fan" used on the set of our second skit "Mr. and Misses Chow". Or the "HOT" & "SEXY" heels, dress, top, handbag or accessory from yet another one of Richard's original Characters: ""AMANDA". PLUS you can also take a producer guided half-day tour through New York City with our Executive Producer and some members of the cast & crew and see all of the sites of New York City, including Times Square, the Empire State Building, Broadway, Harlem, Soho and the Ground Zero 911 Memorial! (Transportation to New York City and lodging not provided.)

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