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An interactive fashion collection. Turn photos into a custom made dress or shirt, made with digitally printed organic jersey fabric.
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Ideas: Art & Space

Probably the hardest thing about Constrvct is deciding what image to use. There's so many possibilities! So here are some ideas to get the creative juices going.

Wikimedia hosts a wonderful collection of high resolution files of artwork. You'll certainly look chic sporting a Renaissance fresco, Impressionist painting, or striking Japanese woodcut. Most of the images are creative commons, especially art that is older than 100 years. 

And, fitting for the summer olympics, here's a dress of London with a creative commons photo from photographer DAVID ILIFF.

Make sure you use the highest resolution file:

If you're more into science and space, check out NASA's JPL image library

Grab a high-resolution jpg to use like this:

Happy constrvcting!


    1. Creator Oliver B on August 2, 2012

      Thanks, will do...

    2. Creator Mary Huang & Jenna Fizel on August 1, 2012

      We've been figuring out the lowest acceptable resolution.

      Our benchmark is the highest size from the iPhone 4 camera: 2592 x 1936 (1.7MB image)
      We can scale this up and use some Photoshop filtering to get rid of the noise so it prints fine.

      We can do the image resizing, and show you a proof of an actual size area if you want to check that the resizing didn't do something you don't like.

      If you have an that's bigger than 3MB, you'll be fine. DSLR photos typically are 5 or 7 MB.

      We have also printed a smaller photo...The nyc dress in the example used an image that is 1600x1000px.
      It needed some more filtering to resize it up to printable resolution, but the end result still looked good. (Looks like a photo viewing as a dress, more watercolor-y if you examine the fabric.)

      The pixels in the height matter more than the width, since the dresses and shirts are taller than they are wide.
      If you want to do your own resizing in Photoshop, just get the height to 5400px.

    3. Creator Oliver B on August 1, 2012

      what would be the best resolution to use? I know "highest possible", but what would be the lowest usable one?

    4. Creator Vicky Harinski on July 30, 2012

      I love it

    5. Creator William Ismael on July 27, 2012

      This is revolutionizing life !