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Card Rogue is a challenging tabletop roguelike game. 1-4 players try to survive a randomly generated dungeon of monsters and mystery.
Card Rogue is a challenging tabletop roguelike game. 1-4 players try to survive a randomly generated dungeon of monsters and mystery.
1,573 backers pledged $44,806 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ryan Saunders 2-time creator on

      For those worried about people not receiving their games, I'm taking care of it on an individual basis. Please send me a private message. I'm only checking back on Card Rogue once every month or so, so please be patient.

    2. Michelle Godfrey on

      Awh no, I'm so sorry to hear some people haven't had the game yet.
      I'm in the UK too and we got our 2 copies of the game back in January, I even did a youtube vid about it, it's an awesome game (although a little lengthy to play, lol). I hope you guys get it sorted :(

    3. Missing avatar

      Shane Nowak on

      @Ryan I still haven't gotten my game yet

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason M. Batchelor on

      @Ryan - Oh, I know where that is, I was just looking to use something that fits a little better on the table, that's all.

    5. John Gardiner

      Ryan - Sent you a message via kickstarter 2 weeks back but not heard from you -
      I am in the UK and not seen any sign of the game here yet - waited since I saw the late May postings when people were still waiting too ?
      John Gardiner

    6. Ryan Saunders 2-time creator on

      @Andres - Feel free to send me a private message and we'll start a conversation to get things sorted out.

    7. Ryan Saunders 2-time creator on

      @Jason - You can find the score sheet (i.e. health tracking sheet) online at:

    8. Andres Rosales on

      @Ryan Saunders - I still haven't received my pledge reward, nor have I had any shipping updates :/ Not angry, just anxious to get my game and play it :)


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      Jason M. Batchelor on

      @Ryan Saunders - I think I got everything but the health-tracking sheet in here. I am considering using tokens or a HP counter of some sort. Nothing is really automated at this point, but the basic elements are all there. Might take a stab at learning some Lua and learning how to script out the solo adventure.

    10. Ryan Saunders 2-time creator on

      Only a 6-month shipping process... no biggy...
      I'm so sorry it took that long, I've never even heard of shipping stalled for 6 months.

      Glad you got it, though!

    11. Bruce Turney on

      Finally got my copy today after 6 months of waiting. Can't wait to give it a try.

    12. Jeremy Kasdorf

      For anybody still worried, I just received my copy today in the mail. Western Canada, looks like good condition from what I can tell.

      Sorry this has been tough from your end; I'm excited to play!

    13. Ryan Saunders 2-time creator on

      @Jason M. Batchelor - The high-rez images are available on the website, so feel free to mod away! :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Jason M. Batchelor on

      Hi, Ryan!
      First off, thanks for the game! I'm a little sorry this one won't be going retail, as it'd have been nice to share with some friends, but I understand your decision on that front.

      I have a question, however: would you object to someone putting together a mod for Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia to make the game available in those contexts? (I'm a relative noob to TTS and Tabletopia, but I'm interested in learning how to mod.)

    15. Ryan Saunders 2-time creator on

      @Keith - Woot woot. Yeah, I've been getting reports from several other backers that another wave of games got through customs this week.

    16. Ryan Saunders 2-time creator on

      @Ian - I sent you a personal message so that we can address this.

    17. Missing avatar

      Keith on

      Finally it came! Don't give up hope! Great thing to see show up as we are moving in a few weeks and I thought I would never see it!

    18. Missing avatar


      still waiting patiently

    19. Ryan Saunders 2-time creator on

      @Panagiotis Govotsos - yeah, it's required in the contract that the site remains up.

    20. Missing avatar

      Panagiotis Govotsos

      @Ryan Thanks for the update. Sorry this has been such a trying experience for you in some areas. FWIW the backer experience from my end has been excellent.

      One question about the Card Rogue website. With the publisher debacle and uncertainty about future expansions, do you plan to keep the website up?

    21. Missing avatar

      Keith on

      Still nothing here either, also western Canada.

    22. Ryan Saunders 2-time creator on

      @bruce - That all being said, I'm taking a look at each case individually in case something odd is happening. Feel free to private message me and I'll look into it when I get a free moment.

    23. Ryan Saunders 2-time creator on

      @bruce - Totally realize your frustration. I am still getting messages about every other day though that people who haven't received their package are getting them. I'm waiting until I have a full week of delivery silence before offering any type of financial options.

      If that sounds frustrating, please understand that this shipping problem is beyond my perception. For example, if I would have offered refunds to the Canadians who had yet to received their game a few weeks ago, it would have cost me thousands of dollars. That would have put me in net negative. Yet, I had no indicator that most of the games left customs and were on their way. I just had to hope.

      I'm a one-man team here just trying like you to ensure you get the game you backed, but still ensure things work out financially. For me, that means I'm asking for your patience. Games are coming. Just very. very. slowly.

    24. Bruce Turney on

      @Ryan Saunders At what point do we stop waiting and demand some answers? Our games have been stuck in limbo for almost 4 months now (original tracking shows mine left China Jan 19, 2017)
      and I , for one, would like to know what our options are? Gameless in Western Canada.

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      yeah im in b.c. and still nothing

    26. Missing avatar

      Keith on

      Central Alberta and still nothing. Ugh I had such high hopes when they started rolling in around the rest of Alberta.

    27. Missing avatar

      stephen shears on

      Calgary alberta just got mine. Have to say i was a little concerned that it was shipped in a bubble mailer but with those corner protectors there isnt an issue. That needs to be standard on any boardgame box

    28. Dave Higgins on

      UK - Still nothing here :(

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    30. Missing avatar

      Michael Evans

      I got my unboxing video up now.

    31. Mike Wikholm on

      Mine arrived today on Guelph, Ontario.

    32. Vincent Bouchard on

      Arrived yestarday near Quebec !!! ! ! ! 1 ! 1! 1 YAY

    33. Missing avatar

      Louis Tremblay on

      Arrived today in Quebec City.

    34. James Bruner on

      Showed up today, Edmonton Alberta.

    35. Kirk Brownridge

      So excited that I misspelled Alberta!

    36. Kirk Brownridge

      Just received mine in Edmonton, Aberta, Canada!

      So excited!

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael Evans

      Got my game in New Brunswick, Canada. Should have an unboxing video up soon.

    38. Missing avatar

      Keith on

      Still waiting...sigh. Some day I will get to play this darn game. Camrose is pretty small so maybe our postal service sucks. Either way, the door watch continues...

    39. Ryan Saunders 2-time creator on

      @John Rodriguez - Glad you're enjoying the game!

      Really REALLY glad that so many of you are finally getting your games.

    40. John R. on

      @Ryan. After my copy tasted freedom from the post office this week, I've finally had the chance to play the game. It was a blast! The first few turns got us scratching our heads with the enemies popping up, but got the hang of it after a few deaths. LolZ.

      I just want to say, the game is more than I expected. Loved the rouge like adventure. I'm looking forward to customizing my inserts, and hopefully hearing an expansion from you. More success!

    41. Dragonlord420 on

      Mine arrived today in Saskatoon Saskatchewan! Can't wait to get into and try it out!

    42. michael stokes on

      Arrived in Toronto. The plastic corner protectors wee a nice touch.

    43. Missing avatar

      Chris j Drader on

      Another happy Saskatonian here! Mine finally arrived out of customs purgatory!

    44. Jason Goertzen on

      Got my copy today. :) Saskatoon Sk, Canada

    45. Missing avatar

      Keith on

      Ugh the suspense is killing me. If that doesn't my wife might from all the "was there any packages today?" I keep throwing at her lol. Still waiting in Alberta...

    46. Missing avatar

      Silmael on

      Mine just arrived in Montreal :D

    47. Alexander Raymond Anderson on

      Southern Ontario had mine in the mail today! Hope to get it to table tonight

    48. Lance Perro

      Mine arrived in Edmonton yesterday. Looking forward to playing it soon.

    49. Missing avatar

      Travis M on

      Just arrived in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

    50. David Bowes

      Arrived in Central Alberta today :)

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