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Get amazing cinematic video with a GoPro, iPhone, DSLR or RED. The most affordable, ultralight and versatile 48" slider ever.
Get amazing cinematic video with a GoPro, iPhone, DSLR or RED. The most affordable, ultralight and versatile 48" slider ever.
579 backers pledged $261,858 to help bring this project to life.

We're funded in 18 hours!

This is amazing! The Rhino team just did a little dance. Thank you so much Kickstarter Backers. I'm so humbled and excited to see how far this will go. There's no way we could do this without you. Keep telling your friends and spreading the word. 

Now to address some of your questions :)

  • The only model that comes with the center mount plate is the PRO version. This is because in order to attach the plate we have to drill and tap the rails for the plate to screw into. The base model and the carbon version are hollow so they can't be drilled and tapped. 
  • The $25 discount is only good on the base model. We did this for the sake of simplicity so we wouldn't have too many rewards to navigate through. We already have a lot of options/accessories as it is. 
  • If you'd like to add accessories like the Slider Pulley Kit, Carrying case, or travel rails just pick the slider version you want and then raise your total pledge to add in the cost of the gear you want. 

Thanks again for your support. Let us know if you have any questions!



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    1. Missing avatar

      anton vidovic on

      Hy Kyle. I pledged 635$ for some items. I would also like to buy 4 Suction Cup Mount, but i can't plegde for them. I have to go to online store and buy. That's fine for me. I am asking you, when you ship Rhino, can you also ship me these 4 Suction cup mount?
      Thank you very much! ;)

    2. Victor Carrano on

      Cool. Make it simple! Easily programmable speed, reversibility, duration etc.

    3. Kyle Hart 7-time creator on

      Victor- we're working on it right now. We just need to develop how to control the motor :) It should be ready well within a year.

    4. Victor Carrano on

      Thanks, Kyle. Any idea of a timeframe for the motor?

    5. Kyle Hart 7-time creator on

      Tony- Yes, the PRO rails with center mount will be available for purchase through our site. So you can upgrade to them at a later date.

    6. Tony Frasher on

      Can the center mount be purchased at a later date?

    7. Kyle Hart 7-time creator on

      Victor, no it doesn't replace the hollow ones, it is an additional pair of rails.

    8. Kyle Hart 7-time creator on

      Paul, the solid rails put the weight of the PRO slider at 10lbs.

    9. Victor Carrano on

      Does adding $75 REPLACE the hollow steel rails with the carbon ones or is it an additional pair of rails??

    10. Lynne Pitts on

      okdey dokey, upgraded pledge to include the 2' travel carbon rails.

      Lynne Pitts

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on

      48" stainless steel tubular rails weight 5 lbs, right? how about the solid rails?

    12. DeltaLima

      For clarification, by "center mounting plate" you mean a single plate that is fixed to the middle of the slider unit as a whole so the entire thing can be attached to 1 tripod correct? all models include the actual camera mount plate that allows the camera to mount to the rails?