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Get amazing cinematic video with a GoPro, iPhone, DSLR or RED. The most affordable, ultralight and versatile 48" slider ever.
Get amazing cinematic video with a GoPro, iPhone, DSLR or RED. The most affordable, ultralight and versatile 48" slider ever.
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Win a trip to Iceland

You probably saw the recent update about our trip to Iceland with Peter McKinnon. Well, if you want to have your own epic trip we are giving away a fully paid trip for you and a friend plus a ton of photo/video gear.


Use the link above to enter. There are a ton of different ways to get more entries. Good luck!

Also, I wanted to let you know about some cool projects we're partnering with. Check out their products and campaigns below. Enjoy!

Kyle & Rhino Team

Feel free to also check out these other great campaigns. 

Unico™ smartbrush

The fastest patended Oral Hygiene Device! Brush your teeth in just 3 seconds! it works with iPhone / Android. For Adults and kids! CLICK HERE



Plankpad: Strong Back, Core & 6-Pack Abs while Playing Games

Plankpad helps with back pain, brings you in shape & you get a 6-pack by doing dynamic plank workouts & playing games on the smartphone! CLICK HERE



mVoice G2: World's First "Watch" with Voice & Full Display 

Martian, a smartwatch with analog hands & time markers Initiate Calls & Commands, access Siri, Google & Alexa. Smart Movement & Crown! CLICK HERE



Radishine: Wireless Smart Heated Comforter for Restful Sleep

Smart comforter that creates perfect sleep environment based on a smart heating algorithm with SFIM technology! CLICK HERE


Check out ROV in Iceland with Peter Mckinnon

If you haven't seen it yet, we recently launched ROV, a motorized camera slider for smartphones and DSLRs. The best thing about it is that it starts at only $229. Click here to check it out.


We recently went on a trip to Iceland with Peter Mckinnon and Matti from Travel Feels to push ROV and the iPhone 8 Plus to it's limits. Check out the videos below to see the highlights from the trip.



Also, check out some of these other cool campaigns our partners are working on below.

The Xeric Trappist-1 Moonphase Watch: Bending Time & Space  

NASA’s recent ground-breaking discovery of the Trappist-1 solar system inspired us to design this otherworldly timepiece! CLICK HERE



GoSun Go: Boil Water and Cook Meals with Solar Power  

Solar Cooking in clouds and cold? No problem. Breakthrough solar technology that's fast, reliable and portable. 2 lbs (.9kg)! CLICK HERE



GhostStryke Bluetooth All-In-One Hearing, Audio & Protection  

We have created an all-in-one solution that solves many of the problems with other audio and hearing equipment! CLICK HERE



SILENTMODE : Powernap mask with immersive, high end audio  

Ready to change your life? Learn to master the power of naps at work, home, or when travelling. Immersive, comforting, high end sound! CLICK HERE


Radian 2: Time Lapse, Motion, and Wireless Control for your V1 Rhino Slider

If you are interested in other cool photography gadgets on Kickstarter, check out Radian 2 by our friends at Alpine Labs. They are making a pan/tilt head for time lapse that is wirelessly programmed from your phone and is great for adding axes to your Rhino Slider. They're even making an optional adapter which motorizes your V1 Rhino Slider. The Radian 2 has some pretty cool features as well, like image preview on your phone and complete camera control (shutter speed, aperture, and ISO). You can check out their campaign here

Kyle & Rhino Team

Rhino Slider EVO + Rhino Motion Launched!


Hey Backers,  

We're excited to launch our latest product, Rhino Slider EVO + Rhino Motion. It's a brand new, extremely simple and intuitive motorized slider. Check it out here.

Rhino Rig Launched!

Hey Kickstarter Backers,

I wanted to share our newest creation with you: the Rhino Rig. 

It just launched on Kickstarter and I wanted to make sure you heard about it before anyone else.

Check it out here:

We'd appreciate your support by backing the project at any level and sharing it with your friends and community.  

We have some great rewards including an Early Bird discount of $150 off the full kit for the first 35 backers. Make sure to grab one of those before they are gone.

If you have any questions, please let me know either through here or by emailing Thanks!

Kyle & Rhino Team
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